Rawhide Dog Treats

Does your dog love to chew? Give their jaw and mind a workout with our rawhide dog treats. These natural dog chews are free from chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colours, so your best friend gets all the flavour and chewing fun without the unwanted additives.

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Our rawhide dog treats are great for dogs of all sizes. Sure, they taste great, but did you know rawhide treats offer plenty of benefits on top of being a tasty snack and training reward?

Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

Dogs love to chew; it’s in their nature. Dog chews and chew sticks are a great way to entertain and stimulate your dog throughout the day, satisfying their urge to chew and minimising destructive chewing behaviour caused by boredom.

These long-lasting treats offer endless hours of enrichment, and can even help alleviate stress and anxiety. Put simply: they’re lots of fun for your best friend!

Strong and Healthy Mouth

Our rawhide dog treats act as a natural dental aid, helping remove tartar build-up and keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Not to mention, they help eliminate bad dog breath!

Dog chews help maintain a strong jaw, and they’re also a great way to relieve the aches and pains of puppy teething.

Fish Rawhide Knots

Our natural fish rawhide knots are the healthy way to keep your dog amused throughout the day. Whether you use them as a reward during training, a dental aid, or an entertaining chew, your dog will love the taste of our fish rawhide knots.

Low in fat and packed with omega 3, these rawhide dog treats can help support a healthy coat and skin. Omega 3 is also said to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, particularly in senior dogs and dogs on pain medication.

Our single-ingredient fish rawhide knots are made from 100% Australian-caught fish skins. These delicious treats are a great alternative to cattle rawhide, and are best suited to small dog breeds.

Satisfy your dog’s urge to chew and treat their tastebuds with our delicious rawhide dog treats. Offering hours of entertainment and encouraging good dental health, our rawhide dog treats are the healthy way to treat your pet.

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