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There are two things dogs are great at – being loyal friends for life, and getting hair everywhere. All dog owners know that good grooming practices are important for keeping coats clean and healthy. When it comes to choosing dog grooming tools, we can help you find the right one for your pet.

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Product Overview

From high-tech dog deshedding tools to simple brushes and combs, we stock everything you need to pamper your pet. Not sure which grooming tool to invest in? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s break each tool down.

A dog deshedding tool is most effective for removing hair from your dog’s undercoat, allowing them to keep cool more easily during the warmer months while significantly decreasing the amount of hair they deposit around the house. Your basic dog deshedder comes in the following configurations:

  • 10 Blade Original
  • 12 Blade Original
  • 16 Blade Original
  • 18 Blade Original
  • 20 Blade Original.
  • 12 Blade Double Width
  • 23 Blade Double Width
  • 30 Blade Double Width.

As a general rule, the thicker your dog’s hair the more spacing you will need between blades and the less baldes you will need. The double width blades are simply bigger deshedding tools allowing you to comb more of the dogs body per stroke, so good for bigger dogs to get the job done faster.

Take a look at our Mars Coat Kinf breed guide to choose the correct coat kinf for your dog. If in doubt, please just ask us!

Benefits of proper grooming

Grooming your dog is essential to their overall health. Matted hair will clumb and knot against the skin and not allow it to breath which will cause it to sweat and lead to skin rashes or worse. Using a dog brush stimulates the skin and blood flow and helps spread out the natural oils in your dog’s fur, keeping their coat nice and healthy. A thorough going-over with a deshedder can also help remove excess fur, enabling you to better check for fleas or ticks.

Why buy from Clear Dog

As a pet owner, obviously you want the best for your beloved pup to ensure they’re always comfortable. That’s why at Clear Dog, we work hard to source the highest quality dog grooming supplies – we only sell the kind of products we’d be happy to use on our own dogs. With a background as a professional grooming business, we have used the mars coat king on hundreds of dogs and thoroughly recommend them.

Our extensive range of dog deshedders and brushes can help your dog live a long, healthy and happy life. Pick out a tool from our range today!

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