Liver Treats

Liver Treats for Dogs – see our full range of Liver Treats for Dogs here. Premium Beef liver, Goat Liver, Lamb Liver and Kangaroo Liver.

Goats Liver is rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as folic acid and essential fatty acids that will ensure your dog stays healthy.

Goat meat is also rich in vitamin B, which will result in a healthy metabolism for your pooch. It is lean meat and is lower in calories than most meats. They also contain iron for blood health. The Goat Liver treats are also low allergen so they will be great for dogs with allergy issues.

Best quality Premium Beef Liver treats ever! Thin and easy to break.

Firstly, you can be sure that our Beef Liver dog treats contain only the highest quality 100% natural Australian beef. They are rich in protein, so your dog stays strong and fit. Like all of our treats, they contain no preservatives or added sugar, so you know your dog is eating high-quality meat.

Secondly, Beef liver is a favourite among dogs, and they will certainly benefit from the healthy fats and vitamin A that these treats are rich in. Plus, they contain iron, copper and zinc, all vital for healthy dogs. Cats love them too!

Kangaroo Liver dog treats are a fantastic low fat treat, highest in Omega 3 of all the meats.

Also a great quick treat for training. It’s also great for cats too!

Lamb liver dog treats are a reliable favourite for reward-based dog training or a quick snack. They are also a great little treat for cats.

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