Beef Puff Cubes

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Beef Puff Cubes Dog Treats

Beef Puff Cubes are a great quick snack or reward style of dog treat. Made from 100% Australian Beef Lung. These small bite sized cubes are good for all dog sizes.

Being a beef product it’s low in allergens and your dog shouldn’t experience any reactions. Alternatively, we also supply the Puff Cube in Pork, Kangaroo, and Lamb. So we stock plenty of variety for all dogs needs and tummies.

The lung is very light, and so are not very dense which makes them a great low fat treat by volume.

These are not rich on the stomach in comparison to some heavier and richer liver treats.

Great for use as a quick crunchy snack or for training most sized dogs. Full of taste and flavour, they are perfectly suited for training – make that tail wag!

Puff cubes, while light, are hard cubes which can’t be easily broken therefore these are better given as a treat whole. Our 500g Bag contains plenty of Cubes to go around.

Although, if you’re looking to break up treats into even smaller sizes consider purchasing the Lamb Puff Crumble instead.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

See more of our yummy Beef Dog Treats here.

100% Cow lung.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian beef.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary. The following is an indication on average only.

Pieces average 2-4cm but can be outside of this, and while they are generally cubes they do come in all shapes.

Available in 50g, 250g and 500g pack sizes in the convenient resealable bag.

Quick Snack Dog treats

Training Dog treats

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 373

Minimum Protein: 78%

Minimum fat: 3%

Crude Fibre : 1.0% Max

85 reviews for Beef Puff Cubes

  1. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    My greyhound thoroughly enjoys this product as a bedtime treat. As soon as she knows it’s time to get ready for bed she heads straight to the treat cupboard. great to know that these products are reliable and safe.

  2. Add a review

    kimandcarlos (verified owner)

    My very fussy dog absolutely loves these treats.

  3. Add a review

    kimsanto999 (verified owner)

    Always satisfy purchase treats from this store. Thank you

  4. Add a review

    thackwood74 (verified owner)

    Another top notch product from the Clear team. My doggos say thanks very much!

  5. Add a review

    Connie (verified owner)

    My dog (a kelpie/fox terrier) loves these. I break them into smaller bits to use as training treats. Great product. Highly recommend.

  6. Add a review

    Greg Meek (verified owner)

    Dog loves them and healthy

  7. Add a review

    Jennie Morgan (verified owner)

    My dog does a little dance when he sees me pick up his Puff cubes, he loves all the treats from this company.

  8. Add a review

    Allan Caplice (verified owner)

    We have been buying the Beef Puffs for a couple of years and our 2 dogs love getting them as treats – highly recommended by Peppi and Maxi!

  9. Add a review

    paige (verified owner)

    awesome high value quick crunchy snack for buddy the golden. he loves these beef puffs with no artificial nasties or preservatives

  10. Add a review

    Bella (verified owner)

    Our Dog is a Beef PUFF Adict.
    Absolutely loves them. Is thinking about them right now.

  11. Add a review

    Nella Booth (verified owner)

    Maxi the 28th old Cavoodle loves these treats. I put a few in with her kibble every evening and they are the first things to be eaten.

  12. Add a review

    Rhianna Blackthorn (verified owner)

    Buffy the 3 year old Bull Terrier approves of these puffy cubes. Her human chops them up a bit to make them great walking/training size treats. These ones did have a fair amount of fat on them, so they can leave the fingers greasy, but Buffy doesn’t seem to mind licking them clean!

  13. Add a review


    Great product, the dogs love them, easy to order and quick dispatch and delivery.

  14. Add a review

    Sandy (verified owner)

    My Border Collie loves these.

  15. Add a review

    Toula Pseftoudis (verified owner)

    So disappointed, my 3yo Cavoodle loves these treats and they were purchased because they are supposed to be low fat but they give her really bad reflux (licking & gulping)
    and smelly farts within 5-10 mins of having them which normally happens when she has something high in fat . Same symptoms with the venison puffs too.

    • Add a review


      Hi Toula, it might be worth persevering as it might just be them getting use to the offal product. Venison can be quite rich like the roo which can cause some loose stools in some dogs. If this is the case its best to persevere with small occasional serves and see if it improves over a few weeks.

  16. Add a review

    Greg Sutherland (verified owner)

    These were purchased for our little ones with very few toofies they are easy to munch

  17. Add a review

    Jasmine Choe (verified owner)

    Healthy snacks after a walk! Doggies love it

  18. Add a review

    Tony (verified owner)

    Larger than anticipated but perfect as “hide and seek” treats. Daisy loves these and finds them in no time at all.

  19. Add a review

    Ruth (verified owner)

    My Standard Schnauzer and Labradoodle have really enjoyed these treats. Will definitely be buying these again.

  20. Add a review

    JodieT (verified owner)

    The hounds would eat these all day every day if they were allowed!

  21. Add a review

    Sandyc (verified owner)

    Great treats that actually smell good! Like puffed up dried beef biltong!

  22. Add a review

    Isabella O’Connor (verified owner)

    My pup absolutely loves these! Such a great after dinner treat xx Definitely recommend!

  23. Add a review

    Barbara Duckworth (verified owner)

    My spoilt rotten dog just loves the beef cubes. She looks for them as a “digestive” after her evening meal”

  24. Add a review

    Sue Kruzenga (verified owner)

    Beef puffs are great for training. Easy to handle and dry in your pocket. Dogs eagerly waiting for them.

  25. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    Very handy treat. My goldies love them.

  26. Add a review

    Majella Ryan (verified owner)

    My little dog loves these Crunchy and light – less worry about weight gain from treats

  27. Add a review


    These are great, my dogs just love them!

  28. Add a review

    Christine Webb

    The girls a Border Collie and Jack Russel love love love these, and so does the cat, !

  29. Add a review

    Jane (verified owner)

    Both the lamb and beef puffs are loved by my very fussy poodles. I’m a huge fan due to them being natural, organic and free of nasties. I totally recommend these treats.

  30. Add a review

    Micky (verified owner)

    BBQ Beef smell – our 2 kelpies could crunch on these all day, and I’m tempted to taste! Good kind price to please our 4-legged family members.

  31. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    My Mini Schnauzer ‘sings’ for these – first choice from a choice of snacks.

  32. Add a review

    Ron B

    I only buy treats from Clear dog, as they are as natural as nature can provider. These are the best and healthiest treats that a dog can have. The information provided in this review is from a professional animal biologist and a person that has had over 40 years of experience with dogs dietary requirements.

  33. Add a review

    Hchie (verified owner)

    The puffs are a nice light snack I can give to my big girl, and not worry about to many calories. Nice and crunchy. I can leave a couple in her crate if I’m out, without fear of choking. They’re good value also.

  34. Add a review

    Emily Garnett (verified owner)

    These were perfect to put into a kong and my lappie pup spends ages chewing them out. They were harder than I expected as I was going to break up into smaller bits but couldn’t without them crumbling but found another enrichment use for them and they were actually really useful for hiding places for her to find.

  35. Add a review

    Stephen Browne (verified owner)

    Stella, my Border Collie, just loves these. And they are a good size for a treat. I have bought them from other sources but they are a lesser quality and have a lot more scrappy bits in the bag to make up the weight. Cleardog Beef Puff Cubes are consistent in size and quality and virtually no scrappy bits in the bag. Luv ’em.

  36. Add a review

    Mr. Peter Hansen (verified owner)

    My dog loves these BUT even the small sized cubes are too big for training treats and need to be broken up. The ideal size would be 1cm cubes….

  37. Add a review

    Juanita Flew (verified owner)

    My girl is a 9 year old miniature poodle, fairly fussy, she enjoys the beef puffs as her morning treat.

  38. Add a review

    Melanie (verified owner)

    Great for a little snack.. my pups live them and better for them to crunch munch..

  39. Add a review

    Tanith Pty Ltd (verified owner)

    These Beff Puffs are an absolute hit!! They are very much a favourite – and I love the fact that they are all Australian sourced and made 🙂

  40. Add a review

    Jan watson (verified owner)

    These are a great natural treat for my 1 year old cavoodle. He enjoys them very much,they have become his regular good night treat.

  41. Add a review

    L (verified owner)

    We love these natural treats!

  42. Add a review

    Cathy (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these and I use them for training treats. So easy to carry.

  43. Add a review

    Carmen Harris (verified owner)

    Another favourite of our dogs. We are so glad we found you!

  44. Add a review

    Christine Bowers (verified owner)

    The small size is perfect for our Westies as a training size treat. They absolutely love them

  45. Add a review

    Maggie Butcher (verified owner)

    All products are terrific, my dog has loved everything I have ordered. All products are packaged to retain the freshness of the goods, and orders arrive punctually.

  46. Add a review

    Tracey (verified owner)

    The beef cubes are definitely a favourite after dinner treat.

  47. Add a review

    hardman (verified owner)

    A tasty change from chicken and fish. Just the right size for my Cavachon to chew rather than gulp down.

  48. Add a review

    William van de Weerd (verified owner)

    Scuba has a new discovery. We have been buying goods from Clear dog for some 4 years but not the Beef Cubes. We use them as treats on occasions and Scuba loves them.

  49. Add a review

    Mary (verified owner)

    Our two year old blue healer starts to dribble when I offer him a beef puff. He loves them

  50. Add a review

    Gloria (verified owner)

    These beef cubes are great for wedging in a Kong ball, my dog loves the challenge of prying them out. I’m a repeat purchaser and forever will be.

  51. Add a review

    Denise (verified owner)

    I purchase these for the Chihuahua group I run and the little fellas love these treats.

  52. Add a review

    Siobhan O’Beirne (verified owner)

    Cushla says they’re very yummy treats

  53. Add a review

    Marg Stewart (verified owner)

    Our dogs absolutely love these, they almost inhale them so that they can have some more.

  54. Add a review

    C (verified owner)

    Great snacks for our dogs-they love them!

  55. Add a review

    Helen (verified owner)

    Our three fur kids just love the Beef Puff Cubes & they cater for all needs – safe for our puppy with its baby teeth, good for our older dogs with less teeth! The cubes are a light snack so it does not spoil their appetite. I am trying the Puffed Out Variety Pack next!

  56. Add a review

    Bec (verified owner)

    We buy the monthly specials for our 1 year old Cattle Dogs. Last month we got the beef cubes. Complete hit.

  57. Add a review

    Kathi (verified owner)

    All 3 of my dogs love them. Great for training the puppy !

  58. Add a review

    Meryl (verified owner)

    These are my little dogs favourite training treats, they will do anything for one. And I mean anything!

  59. Add a review

    Meryl (verified owner)

    These are my small dogs favourite traing treats. They will do anthing for one, and I mean anything!

  60. Add a review

    Meryl (verified owner)

    Tthese ar my small dogs favourite traing treats. They will do anthing for one, and I mean anththing!

  61. Add a review

    Sonja (verified owner)

    My Bichon Rosie loves all of the ‘puffs’ (Beef, Kangaroo & Pork). I have only one suggestion and that is, to make them smaller in size for the smaller dogs, that would be awesome…

    • Add a review


      Hi Sonja, thanks for the feedback. The NZ Lamb cubes are much smaller and best for the smaller dogs. This supplier uses a special and expensive machine to achieve the smaller size where as the Oz made ones are all hand cut and bigger.

  62. Add a review

    Ina (verified owner)

    They are stinky but my dogs love them… i have to crush them and sprinkle these in my dog’s food as he won’t eat his food unless he gets a sprinkle of crushed beef puffs in his meals!

  63. Add a review

    bec (verified owner)

    great treat for all sized dogs

  64. Add a review

    Deirdre Hunter (verified owner)

    Always receive an immediate response to my requests when a beef cube is the reward

  65. Add a review

    SB (verified owner)

    My chihuahua and pug absolutely love these beef puff cubes. Great chunky treat size which can be easily broken down to smaller pieces if desired. I like to vary there treats and Cleardog offer the best range of products

  66. Add a review

    Kerry H (verified owner)

    Cheeky loves the beef cubes, but because she is a guts, would like to see them in thin strips or flat, so I could snap them in half.

    • Add a review


      We did use to sell a Beef Crumble but the supplier stopped them. we will keep digging!

  67. Add a review

    leisal Mac Donald (verified owner)

    The dogs follow you any where when you have these. Another great Australian product.

  68. Add a review

    Jules N (verified owner)

    Our two small dogs get mad at us if we let our supply of beef puffs run out, seriously! They love them and they’re fussy eaters. They’re a great teeth cleaning breakfast. We’d never be without them now!

  69. Add a review

    Toni Bull

    My fussbucket loves these treats – as they are light, they are helping with weight control and I would think are very good for a dog with allergies as they have no preservatives, salt or sugar in them.

  70. Add a review

    rebecca (verified owner)

    great product and my dogs can’t get enough of them.

  71. Add a review

    Lea Wilding

    I purchased these for a friends nearly toothless dog. Honey just loves them. She is usually a very fussy eater so these are brilliant for her.

  72. Add a review

    Anna Grey (verified owner)

    Great company, great product. But for a Pug the cubes are too chunky and hard to break up, which turned into a choking potential for us.

  73. Add a review

    Lynette Wiebenga (verified owner)

    This time I have purchased both Lamb & Beef Cubes regular. they love their treats.
    I try to vary their menu & have tried many products from Clear Dog Treats, all have been great

  74. Add a review

    Jill Campain (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Fabulous product. My picky eater loves them.

  75. Add a review

    mal gooch (verified owner)

    our dogs realy love these cubes

  76. Add a review

    Dana (verified owner)

    I bought these as part of the Puffed Out pack… My OES just LOVES all these natural treats, and thinks he is getting something bigger than what it is 😉

  77. Add a review

    Jacquelyn (verified owner)

    Amazing product, our dogs absolutely love them. I have a British and French Bulldog. The Frenchie is limited to what he can digest, these are perfect as they come in small and large pieces…….a terrific natural treat.

  78. Add a review

    GE (verified owner)

    Another awesome treat product, both dogs love them and I am glad that they are not too big.

  79. Add a review

    Daneill (verified owner)

    I call beef puffs and my dogs come running. They love these. My German shepherd refuses to go outside, when she knows I’m going out, and beef puffs are the only thing she will move for.

  80. Add a review

    Carla (verified owner)

    Terrific product. I have been very happy with everything I have purchased from this company. Keep up the great work and products.

  81. Add a review

    Anne Lewis (verified owner)

    The dogs are all on a grain free diet so these are perfect and also not fatty. We use them to hide around the yard for them to find and I also use them for training. They all love them!

  82. Add a review

    Sue Oates (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these, they can be broken fairly easily with strong fingers, but it would be nice if they were a bit smaller to start with for the little dogs!

  83. Add a review

    jacqui showell (verified owner)

    These are a real hit – our dog loves them and they are good value for money.

  84. Add a review

    Marilyn (verified owner)

    I am always looking for healthy treats for my dogs, 2 liver Flat Coated Retriever and now a Golden Retriever. Bit hard to give these while we are training, but a great jackpot treat to end our training on. I can have them in my pocket with no mess left in there. They just love them.

  85. Add a review

    Ruth Manning (verified owner)

    Our doggies love these!! Won’t eat any other snacks. Fussy buggers…they’re costing me a heap! :o)

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