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Unfortunately the raw price of this product has increased 3 fold and would result in $120kg+. We feel this is not a sustainable price so have discontinued this product. We will price check from time to time but currently, there is no plan to restock this item. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Buffalo Jerky Dog Treats

Keep your furry friend healthy with our delicious Buffalo Jerky dog treats. Made from 100% Australian, all natural dehydrated buffalo meat. A leaner alternative to beef, these treats will keep your dog chewing and entertained for longer. They will also aid in improving their dental health as they work to reduce tartar on the teeth. In addition, Buffalo is extremely low in fat with only 2% fat! The jerky comes in lots of small sheets which are incredibly easy to break up into smaller pieces. In addition, they are incredibly crunchy so your dog will find them irresistible! They can be used as a training treat as well, especially being so low in fat they serve valuable for training sessions.

Buffalo meat has a similar level of protein like chicken, but is higher in iron, and contains less cholesterol and 66% less saturated fat, so you know you are feeding your dog the best. They love the taste and you will love the health benefits of the extra zinc and omega 3 fatty acids.

This treat is the only Buffalo product we have and are incredibly popular for dogs of all sizes and ages.

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100% Buffalo meat.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Buffalo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

100g and 400 gram packs come in a convenient stand up resealable pouch.

1kg bulk packs are provided in a resealable flat bag.


Quick Snack

Low Fat

Minimum Fat % : 2

20 reviews for Buffalo Jerky

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    Rhondda (verified owner)

    I am doggy sitting a Dalmatian and he just loves this stuff….

    I do find it hard to cut into small pieces for my mini schnauzer, but that’s ok because she loves the kangaroo jerky sheets which is great for her as she has pancreatitis…

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    Rebecca (verified owner)

    My guys love this. It’s fairly easy to break into smaller pieces for the little dogs and they can’t get enough.

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    Connie Chan (verified owner)

    My dog love this

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    Kirsty Vogel

    Beautiful. Smells like dried people steak.

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    Kay Martyn (verified owner)

    We tried this for the first time and my dogs loved it. The pieces range from medium to small so they are suitable for a range of dog sizes. Each piece is thick and chunky. The larger pieces can be broken in two but the smaller ones cannot be easily broken due to the thickness of the product. They may not be suitable for very small dogs for this reason, but mid to larger dogs will find them very enjoyable.

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    Kimmz (verified owner)

    My corgi loves this treat. It doesn’t smell bad and the meat is not too thin. It’s easy to break them apart too.

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    Julie (verified owner)

    My King Charles Cavelier / Shitzu absolutely loves this Buffalo. Various sizes. Easy to break. Will definitely buy again.

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    Elaine McTaggart (verified owner)

    Very, very popular with my Cairn. Not particularly chewy – he demolishes a large piece very quickly – and I have to ration him as buffalo seems to be quite rich for him, but he certainly enjoys these treats!

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    wendyfinch (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t buy these again, as what I got was more fat than buffalo, too rich for my dogs!

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    Lindy (verified owner)

    My English Cocker Spaniel loves it! I bought him both the goat liver and the buffalo jerky, laid it both in front of them and he definitely goes after the buffalo jerky – without second thoughts! It’s easy to break but not very lasting though. Will definitely get more!

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    Lynn (verified owner)

    Alfie loves the beef jerky. In fact he really loves all the treats I buy him from Clear dog treats. I would recommend the Beef jerky to anyone. Great from small or large dogs.

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    Bron (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves this!! It is something bit different, healthy and all the dogs enjoy it. It is hard to break into small pieces to put in her treat pouch but that is a minor issue as she loves it!!!

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    simmetra (verified owner)

    My dog loves this! It doesn’t have a strong odour (unlike anything kangaroo) and doesn’t last very long. However, it’s great for hiding in his sandpit for him to find while I’m at work.

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    kristy kim (verified owner)

    my dog ( 3yo labrador) loves this!
    good size and taste good ( may be) !

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    Gay (verified owner)

    These tear roughly and aren’t ideal for breaking into small pieces, but the dogs love them, whatever the size.

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    Kathy (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! My dog does back flips (practically) for these.

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    Rita (verified owner)

    My dog has love this. Good size for her and has not caused any issues with her allergies which is a bonus.

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    Geoff (verified owner)

    Brings out the proper dog in the dog, a favourite

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    Ron (verified owner)

    Since I found Clear Dog Treats, i never looked back. My dogs Love IT. It’s all natural with no nasties and that is important for my dogs. Thank you Clear Dog for making this heathy for everyone..

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    My 3 border collies LOVE these. I love the fact CLEAR treats are all 100% Australian made & sourced ingredients with no additives. Hope your company is around for many generations!

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