Moo Chew Tubes

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Moo Chew Tubes Dog Treats

Make treat time even more fun with our Moo Chew Tubes dog treats. Long-lasting and perfect for all sized dogs.

All Natural Dog Treats made from 100% Australian beef.

With no preservatives, additives, colours or added sugar, they are ideal for keeping your dog healthy, as well as improving their dental health.

Wind pipes are perfect for filling with other treats your furry friend will love, such as ground raw meat, cottage cheese, or vegetables. They contain nutrients that will ensure your dog has healthy joints, so they are especially beneficial for older dogs.

Your dog will love the crunch and the taste!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

See more of our delicious Beef Treats here.

100% Cow Trachea (wind pipe)

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

Moo tubes come in a 1kg pack in a resealable bag and are approximately 15-17cm long. Approx 17-20 pieces in a kg bag.

Also comes as a 3 pack in a stand up resealable pouch

Can be an entertaining crunchy chew by itself but most often this is bought to add a filler inside. Give it a go!

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 633

Minimum Protein % : 24

Minimum Fat % : 48

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65 reviews for Moo Chew Tubes

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    Carol Tan (verified owner)

    My dog gobbles these up as he loves them so much!

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    Simon Leal (verified owner)

    My 4 month old Black Lab pup loves these and they last her a long time so they are great to satisfy that teething chew.

  3. Add a review

    Gavin (verified owner)

    Top stuff these Moo Chew Tubes as certified by my Jack Russell Terrier and his good pal, a Beagle & if anybody should know about sniffing out good food, it’s a beagle & JRT

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    Brigid (verified owner)

    I have two dogs. 1 x Great Dane/Mastiff and 1 x Staffie. They both LOVE these chews. Sure, the big dog gets through these fairly quickly, but the smaller dog isn’t far behind. When I say “treat”, their ears pop up and the big dog starts drooling. They love them.

  5. Add a review

    Wendy (verified owner)

    Great for medium/large dogs. My Border Collies love them but they are too large for the smaller dogs to manage.

  6. Add a review

    Jax (verified owner)

    Very large for my small poodle, a bit greasy and you can’t cut them smaller. Should be advertised for Medium to Large dogs Also it says can be filled but would take a lot to fill them

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    Lana Duff (verified owner)

    My giant breed pup loves these. They only last him a few minutes to chew tho.

  8. Add a review

    Liz Burri (verified owner)

    I’m a professional dog walker and bought them to give them to the dogs of various sizes and breeds. While they may be a very nice change, I find them too big and are very hard to cut them into smaller pieces. I probably won’t buy them again and look for smaller healthy treats to keep them happy and excited when I drop them home.

  9. Add a review

    House of rescues (verified owner)

    Like all treats that soften down when chewed, we ensure we keep a close eye on our guys when they have these. Though we are of a firm belief that all treats should be supervised when given. Our fur babes do like these, they are quite fatty but with no additives, preservatives, fillers or any other yukkies, and 100% natural and Aussie..We are more than happy for them to have as a occasional treat.

  10. Add a review

    Nicole Penfold

    These things are huge, kind of greasy, and there’s no easy way to cut them into smaller pieces. My medium-size dog didn’t even come close to finishing one. If you have a medium-size dog, I recommend getting a different chew such as roo tendons.

  11. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    Our 11 year old lab loved it. It was gone in minutes!

  12. Add a review

    Leanne (verified owner)

    My 21 year old red setter was not sure at first and carried them round like his baby. Finally he worked out they were for eating and is constantly sitting in front of the pantry requesting he be given one.

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      21yrs old! Wow, that’s a good innings and still going strong. Excellent!

  13. Add a review

    Moira Craig (verified owner)

    My labs LOVE these ! They’re tasty & a challenge to eat so occupies them for a while . Especially when stuffed with rehydrated dog kibble or polony for a meal – our 4 month old pup is focused for up to an hour 👌 highly recommended

  14. Add a review

    Janet Finch (verified owner)

    These look yummy, but unfortunately they are a little bit awkward and hard for our baby girl, she has had teeth issues and she is only small being a Maltese.

  15. Add a review

    Tess Tsindos (verified owner)

    A good treat, but my greyhound isn’t always into them. They’re quite hard, so maybe they hurt his mouth a bit. When he’s excited about them, he really goes for it.

  16. Add a review

    Geraldine (verified owner)

    These are great for stuffing and freezing. I use mashed sweet potato and / or pumpkin. Great and safe to leave out for a treat to find when I can’t be home to supervise. My 10 month old choc lab approves!

  17. Add a review

    Susie (verified owner)

    These were a mistake for us. I thought they’d be like some others (obviously treated/preserved differently) we’d bought in the past from a pet shop, which were chewy and easy to break up into small pieces. Lolha is a little dog so they were too big and hard for her. I am sure they’d be great for bigger dogs. In fact, our neighbours dog has enjoyed the ‘gift’ from Lolha!!

  18. Add a review

    Majella Ryan (verified owner)

    My little dog loves these Good to smear inside with peanut butter or stuff with frozen veggies to last longer

  19. Add a review

    Keltie (verified owner)

    Bought 5 packs of these for my three dogs. One 9kg female Border Collie X Koolie X Cattle Dog, one 20kg male Koolie and one 30kg male Samoyed.
    These take my biggest boy maybe 3-5 minutes to eat. He’s a chewer and suffers from dirty teeth. These have done wonders. I’m totally sold.
    The other two take longer and sometimes the chews are a bit too big for my girl as she’s quite old. Having the Beau (Koolie) snap one of the thinner ones in half works for them.
    All 3 enjoy these immensely.
    And giving them ‘frozen’ is also a pretty good way to help keep everyone a bit cooler in summer.

  20. Add a review

    Mary (verified owner)

    These are a great dental chew which are also good for joint health. My greyhounds love them, and I can relax, knowing there are no sharp bones involved. I’d give 4.5 stars if I could – deducting half a star because I occasionally get a very fatty batch. On the whole, I’d recommend these treats and will be buying them again.

  21. Add a review

    V (verified owner)

    My boy loves them but they only last about 10 minutes. I haven’t tried stuffing them yet.

  22. Add a review

    Kelly Forrest (verified owner)

    My dogs love these. I usually stuff them with mince, veggies and kibble. Freeze them and then they’re a longer lasting treat

  23. Add a review

    Meryl (verified owner)

    My small dogs adore this treat. I chop them in pieces and they love to chew on them for as long as it takes to finish – about half an hour per third of tube, so they are great value and very good for their teeth.

  24. Add a review

    Clare (verified owner)

    Great chew to keep our 6 month old Finnish Lapphund pup busy for about half and hour! Sometimes we stuff her dinner in there to make it last just a wee bit longer. She would definitely devour these everyday if she could. Great buy!

  25. Add a review

    Angela (verified owner)

    My Italian Greyhounds love these. It’s the one treat that keeps my bigger boy occupied for a long time.

  26. Add a review

    YJ (verified owner)

    Great product. My boy loves it

  27. Add a review

    Tam (verified owner)

    Great quality dog treats at a reasonable price! I have 2 medium sized dogs who absolutely LOVE these moo tubes. Perfect on their own or can be filled for a more substantial treat/meal.

  28. Add a review

    Nicki (verified owner)

    My dog loves these. They can be a bit smelly but they last longer than other treats and can be stuffed to extend chew time.

  29. Add a review

    Sue Campbell (verified owner)

    Our staffy girls loved the Moo Chews. Wpuld definately buy them again

  30. Add a review

    Ruth (verified owner)

    These are great for stuffing and freezing. Keeps my Amstaffs quiet for a while.

  31. Add a review

    Iris mo (verified owner)

    Good quality and reasonable price!! Highly recommend!

  32. Add a review

    Elizabeth Dunstan (verified owner)

    My dog, Flynn, will chomp through a pig’s ear in about 10 minutes. These moo chew tubes, stuffed with some peanut butter will take him over 30 minutes to enjoy. Often he hasn’t finished after 30 minutes, and will go back to it later in the day. Great treat for dogs that destroy treats quickly.

  33. Add a review

    WD (verified owner)

    These are great cut in half for your pups…….

  34. Add a review

    Alicia (verified owner)

    My two dogs (bullmastiffs) love the moo chews! I also stuff them – sometimes banana and peanut butter – and freeze them so they last a bit longer & they have to work a bit harder.

  35. Add a review

    Sonia (verified owner)

    These are way too big for small to medium dogs.

  36. Add a review

    Marie (verified owner)

    I stuffed these ‘moo chews’ with the boys (2 Labradors) breakfast (soaked dry food) and then freezed them the night before I need them. Great way to feed breakfast and keeps them busy while I’m at work, and they love them! Great way to feed them. I don’t feed them from their bowls anymore, and this is one product I would use again!

  37. Add a review

    Fiona (verified owner)

    My bigger dogs love these and I love them because they aren’t devoured in 2 seconds.

  38. Add a review

    Coco (verified owner)

    Awesome products that are a great treat to give to both smaller and larger pets that may last you a little longer than many other treats

  39. Add a review

    pgray93 (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Good size for stuffing or feeding on their own. My Beagle x and Golden Retriever love them

  40. Add a review

    Yvette (verified owner)

    Vera loves these tubes, she really goes for the crunch and will happily settle down to enjoy each bite. I like it too cos it is better than giving highly processed glucosomim supplements when these tubes already have them.

  41. Add a review

    Desna Potbury (verified owner)

    I am feeding 5 Husky fur-babies! These are by far their most favourite treat!
    We do chop them up to slightly smaller sizes because we are feeding so many mouths – but the chewing is really good and natural for their teeth! They go crazy when they see the container come out with Moo Chews!
    Value for money and a natural product that our dogs love to crunch and chew on.

  42. Add a review

    Teya (verified owner)

    Moo Tubes are a huge hit with the kids! Very crunchy and slobber worthy. Great for stuffing their meal into or even a big smear of PB to keep things interesting
    As an hardcore, complete raw feeder for many years I am very particular about what ‘lollies’ I give the kids. Being that they’re all large breed dogs of various ages I’m absolutely chuffed with the size & quality of these tubes Will be back for mooore 🙂 Well done Clear Dog and Thanks from the kids @Blaqveil? ?

  43. Add a review

    Naomi (verified owner)

    My dog has tried moo tubes before which she has enjoyed. It is my first time buying from this particular brand and unfortunately I found that they were fattier than previous tubes I’ve bought, smellier and did not last as long. However, I do appreciate that they are difficult to source which is why I value the variety that Clear Dog Treats has to offer.

  44. Add a review

    Kimmz (verified owner)

    We simply love to give our dog this treat! We find innovative ways like putting yogurt or peanut butter or any other ingredients to stuff it inside the tube. Our dog loves it!
    On the other hand, it might be a little big for a small dog so always watch our pets when feeding!

  45. Add a review

    Brittany Kummer (verified owner)

    Really good, fun treat. Lasts a long time for my dogs but not so tough that they can’t finish it in one sitting.

  46. Add a review

    SB (verified owner)

    My pug and Chihuahua absolutely love these. They are super long lasting and terrific value for money. A great distraction treat. Definitely will repurchase

  47. Add a review

    Heather Harrison (verified owner)

    I stuff these with raw grated carrot, raw sweet grated pumpkin and beef mince, freeze, and they are a fabulous treat for the bigger rescue dogs. It can replace a part of their meal too, if you give them a whole one. I also cut them in half, depends on the size of the dog. These are a huge hit , a delicious dog ice block!

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      I love your instagram pictures of what you do with the tubes! I wish I could be so creative with my stuffing!

  48. Add a review

    CT (verified owner)

    It took a little while for the dogs to decide to nibble on them, but now they love them!

  49. Add a review

    Charlene Kwan (verified owner)

    Good treat and these last Bailey about 20mins. I will try stuffing them with her canned food and freezing them to make them last longer.

  50. Add a review

    Pam (verified owner)

    I stuff these with a variety of raw mince (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, roo) and freeze it. My pup absolutely loves it!

  51. Add a review

    Sylvia Kowarski (verified owner)

    Our dog loves these! Great value and will buy again. Thanks ?

  52. Add a review

    Lea Wilding

    These are great and take longer to chow down on than the smaller quick treat.

  53. Add a review

    Theresa (verified owner)

    Neither of my dogs would touch it, one of the only things that both of them refused to eat 🙁

  54. Add a review

    Megs (verified owner)

    Fantastic!! My staffy likes to take his time with them, and it keeps him going for a couple of hours! The moochew is longer than my chihuahua, and he takes it to bed for midnight munchies!

  55. Add a review

    colleen (verified owner)

    I really love moo tubes, the quality from clear dog treats is exceptional. They look fresh and my dogs take a while to chew through these, cleaning their teeth as they go. They are definitely a hit!

  56. Add a review

    Wendy Toomey (verified owner)

    My dog loves the Moo Chew Tubes – I will try stuffing them with some peanut butter, great idea. All products are great!! Thanks.

  57. Add a review

    Jenny Pike (verified owner)

    I have an Irish Wolfhound who really loves these treats, but still it doesn’t last him long to eat them I will actually try stuffing them with something see if that keeps him occupied for a little longer.
    I also have a Red Heeler now she thinks these are excellent as it takes her awhile to finished them. Great treats.

  58. Add a review

    Ann Marie (verified owner)

    My dog loves these. It takes him a while to chew through them so they keep him occupied for a while. I hadn’t thought about stuffing the chews until I read other reviews but it’s a great idea! Clear dog are great – really fast service and much better products than another natural dog food provider I used to buy with.

  59. Add a review

    Jill Campain (verified owner)

    These are an excellent product. My dogs love them. They are easy to stuff with all sorts of dog food and small treats. I vary what I put in them and also freeze the moo tube and contents to make a great chew during summer. I will continue to buy them. Thanks for great products and fast excellent service.

  60. Add a review

    David (verified owner)

    Both dogs love them – au natural AND stuffed with other food. Will purchase again.

  61. Add a review

    Peta (verified owner)

    My dog loves these, they are great for stuffing!!

  62. Add a review

    Kerrin (verified owner)

    Dogs love these – chew them quickly though – I must try the peanut butter 🙂

  63. Add a review

    Michelle (verified owner)

    These have kept my visiting puppies happy for a long time. I never even thought about stuffing them – will from now on and that will keep those little demons busier for longer

  64. Add a review

    Helen (verified owner)

    Great for stuffing with other treats or mince to make them last a bit longer as they get crunched up quite quickly!

  65. Add a review

    Donna (verified owner)

    I stuff these with dog food and freeze or stuff peanut butter in the middle and freeze them. Mia loves them!

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