Chicken Heart

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Chicken Heart Dog Treats

Our Chicken Heart Dog Treats are 100% Australian Chicken. All Natural, Single Ingredient treats – simply dehydrated.

Chicken Hearts are incredibly suitable for dogs as well as cats! They are a great natural source of vitamins and minerals essential for your pet’s diet.

Being an organ product it is very high in Vitamin A which is essential for a puppies healthy diet and growth. As well as zinc and iron. These treats are small, bite-sized crunchy treats. Which are perfect as a quick snack or training treat.

In addition, these are a fantastic value for money as you get plenty of Chicken Hearts per bag (600+ per 1kg bag!) So you know they will go a long way!

Please keep in mind that similar to liver treats, the heart does contain a large amount of Vitamin A. Too much vitamin A can cause issues so please keep dosage moderate and do not overfeed organ treats.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more lean heart treat – check out our Kangaroo Heart Treats. These are larger pieces than the chicken hearts but incredibly lean plus a great source of protein, iron and Omega-3.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

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100% Chicken Heart.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian chicken.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Our Chicken Hearts weigh between 0.01g and 0.03g each. Average weight is 0.02g. 50 chicken hearts weight 80g. Meaning there can be an average of 625 chicken hearts per 1kg bag.

The length varies between 2-4cm and width is between 2-3cm. Thickness average is 1.5cm.

Please note as the weight’s vary so much there can be between 550 and 650 per bag.

Come in a 1kg flat resealable bag.

Puppy Treats

Quick Snack Dog Treats

Training Dog treats

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 468

Minimum Protein % : 47

Maximum Fat % : 22

18 reviews for Chicken Heart

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    michesherwood (verified owner)

    I didn’t think my labradoodle would like these at all – he loves them! (They’re smelly).

  2. Add a review

    Val Somerville (verified owner)

    Sure there is a smell but it is a minor issue and my dogs, all four of them, love these treats. Haven’t had a problem handling these treats. Quick delivery also.

  3. Add a review

    Nad (verified owner)

    The smell is terrible, but my dog love it so much. They are just crazy about it.

  4. Add a review


    Stinks to high heaven so great for hiding in mind games.
    They are very very highly rated by my cattle dog and border collie.

  5. Add a review

    paige (verified owner)

    amazing treats, a staple in our house. our golden retriever loves these as a high reward quick snack treat at an affordable price. these treats STINK and are oily but thats a great thing, knowing there are no fillers or preservatives to cover the smell, why would anyone want to feed their dogs artificial flavours over a smelly product? the 400gram bag lasts us a long time as they are so small. we love love love these 😊

  6. Add a review

    Simon T (verified owner)

    These treats went into the bin, could have been a bad batch. The product was not totally dry and were oozing at the centre. Disgusting revolting smell and to be honest did not try to even give them to my dog as I did not want to risk getting her sick. I contacted customer care with my concern and they promptly sent through instructions how to wash my hands to get rid of the odour. I was also offered a refund if I posted them back, well not really viable for $8 is it.

    • Add a review


      Hi Simon, The chicken hearts can be extremely oily and smelly. Its one of those love them or hate them products. We are dealing with a natural product with no fillers or preservatives or additives to dilute the outcome. I recommend giving one to your dog to judge as many dogs go crazy for them.

  7. Add a review

    Diana (verified owner)

    Very smelly on your fingers, always have to wash hands after touching them. Dog likes them and the cat also if I cut them up into smaller pieces. Happy with them

  8. Add a review

    Lisa (verified owner)

    Super stinky- you will definitely want to wash your hands after handing these out! But the bag has a great seal and the smell stays inside when it’s closed. The product quality is great – my two dogs and two cats all absolutely love these and will come running when they hear the bag.

  9. Add a review

    Sheena (verified owner)

    A bit on the smelly side so the are usually outside treats when they a popped in a kong and sealed in with a biscuit. Keeps my rotties happy and busy .

  10. Add a review

    Mike Gunn (verified owner)

    Like everyone else, the smell is not very pleasant, but my dog loves them.

  11. Add a review

    Andrea (verified owner)

    My Kelpie pup loves these as a highly valued reward. I use them for a extra good treat or if I want to swap out another treat – like a pizzel or snout when she’s had enough.

  12. Add a review

    Sandie White (verified owner)

    I really hate touching these as they feel so greasy but our two dogs just love them. Although they eat them so quick we always end up giving them another one each 🙂

  13. Add a review

    Mary Hayes (verified owner)

    My two love these. Great size for a small treat.

  14. Add a review

    Lucy Murphy (verified owner)

    My dog can be a bit picky about treats but she would do anything for a chicken heart. They do have a pretty bad smell, but this works in our favour because as soon as she smells the chicken heart she races over to her bed because she knows that’s where she gets them.

  15. Add a review

    Sarah (verified owner)

    The two doggos in our household both go crazy for these. The smell is definitely not the best, but that’s easily overlooked given how much our dogs love them.

  16. Add a review

    Carina K

    My lab retriever pup absolutely loves these. We got these in our barkbox order and here I am having to buy these again for ourselves. Not only healthy but delicious for my pup of 6 months.

    • Add a review


      Thank you Bark Box! 🙂

  17. Add a review

    Jodie (verified owner)

    Sorry Clear Dog Team, but these were a big no from my animals and from me. I really thought my dog would love these, since he backflips for fresh chicken hearts! These have a very strong, unpleasant smell… indescribable really. Both the dog and cat gave them a wide berth, they wouldn’t even smell them up close. These are the first Clear Dog treat I’ve had to bin ☹

  18. Add a review

    Micky (verified owner)

    Woh! These are gold & platinum treats! I hate the smell but our 2 kelpies drool & drool over these treats.

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