Chicken Wings


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Chicken Wings Dog Treats

Chicken Wings Dog Treats are becoming a really popular treat here at CLEAR.

100% Australian Chicken Wings, with no added preservatives, additives and no added sugar. Just great taste, dogs love!

They smell particularly tasty, so we always have to remember its not a treat for us!

Great sized entertaining dental aid for small dogs and a great crunchy snack for larger ones.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

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100% chicken wing.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Chicken.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the Chicken. The following is an indication on average only.

As a rough guide, each wing weighs about 30g, giving 13-14 in a 400g pack and 32 to a kilo pack.

400g pack comes in a convenient resealable stand up pouches. 1kg bulk packs comes in a resealable flat bag.

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 458

Minimum Protein % : 37

Minimum Fat % : 26

17 reviews for Chicken Wings

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    Matt (verified owner)

    My border collies love these – the bigger one gives me some side eye as it’s handed to him: “yes, thank you – you can go now”.

    They get smaller treats on a regular basis, but these will last that little bit longer. You can tell they appreciate it as they try to rub the smell back up their snout when they’re done.

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    Deb Henderson (verified owner)

    A tasty treat, but too tough for small dogs, can only use the tip for toy poodle. GSD demolishes the rest.

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    Rosalie Cooper (verified owner)

    My little Maltese cross poodle was not keen.

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    James Thom (verified owner)

    Well packed and the dawgs seem to be very fond of them

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    Georgina Skene (verified owner)

    My two Basenji’s loved the first one and then tentatively took the second and really struggled to get them to eat from then on. Unfortunatley I can’t buy again.

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    kris (verified owner)

    my staffies (English) love them – inhale them – and clean up the crumbs – sadly they last seconds

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    Pat Ashover (verified owner)

    I regret buying two packs of these without first trying a smaller pack. My cocker spaniel was not very interested with the first one I gave her, but eventually ate it, then vomited it back. Have not offered again. Perhaps better for larger dogs

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    Toni Bull

    Anything slightly larger than a small treat tends to be buried – I break these in half and solved the problem – loves them

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    Lea Wilding (verified owner)

    These look god enough for us humans to devour. Id have to wrestle it off the dog though. She loves these.

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    Jane (verified owner)

    My two westies.. are not impressed.. sorry but they love everything else.

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    Valerie Williams (verified owner)

    I have cavaliers who love food. The wings are big enough they have to spend sometime to eat and finish them

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    Paul (verified owner)

    My little dog did not like them. She sniffs and walks away. They can stay on her food mat for days and not be touched. I ended up giving them to my son for his dogs. No feedback yet, but they are bigger dogs and would probably wolf them down. Sorry but I wont buy these again.

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    Anne (verified owner)

    My dog is similar to Marcia’s review – likes to keep going back to it over the course of the day (hides it too!). Not the greatest smell, but keep it well sealed in the laundry as my dog loves them.

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    Marcia DeVincentis (verified owner)

    My dogs take them away and eat them slowly, going back to them on and off for a whole day – great doggy treat.

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    DIANE (verified owner)

    Great prodact,which is what I expect from clear dog treats. Vixen knows what treats mean she runs to the cupboard and sits to receive her treat. The chicken wings are new for her and loves them. These will definitely be on the order list from now on.

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    Pam Drummond (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my Bichoodle did not like them, she ate the first one, the second with a bit of encouragement but now turns her head away. sorry

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    Karen (verified owner)

    Our cavoodle enjoys these. They last her much longer than the dried chicken we used to buy from the supermarket. Our toy poodle has more difficulty with them, so we chop off the tip of the wing for him and give the toughest bit to the cavoodle.

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