Hoki Fish Fillets


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Hoki Fish Fillets

Hoki Fish Fillets dog treats are made from all-natural 100% New Zealand caught Hoki Fish. Although they are manufactured in Australia. They contain no additives or preservatives, so you can be sure your dog is not ingesting any nasty ingredients. These Hoki fish treats are dehydrated slowly. This process ensures they contain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are incredibly high in protein!

Fish pet treats contain very little fat, and are rich in Omega 3, which ensures strong joints and improved cardiovascular health. Small to medium dogs will love these, and they have also been very popular with cats! They are an entertaining chew for smaller dogs or a great healthy snack for all sized dogs.

Hoki, otherwise known as the Blue Grenadier, can be found in plenty of places around the world. These Hoki Fish, in particular, come from off the coast of New Zealand.

Single-ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

Simply dehydrated to remove the water content and lock in the nutrients.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

An alternative healthy dog or cat treat is our Queenfish Jerky Fillets.

Please note these may come with or without the fish skin.

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100% Hoki fish fillets with skin on.

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Hoki caught in New Zealand waters.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

Simply dehydrated to remove the water content and lock in the nutrients.

Individual sizes do vary but typically tend to be around 10-15cm in length. and 15-20 grams each.

200g, 500g size comes in a convenient resealable stand up pouch.

1kg packs come in a resealable flat bag.

Great for cats and an entertaining chew for smaller dogs or a great healthy snack for all sized dogs.

14 reviews for Hoki Fish Fillets

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    Dawn Stubbs (verified owner)

    My fussy cavoodle loves these, he crunches away happily and finished every bit, I wanted too add more fish to his diet so these are perfect, also they don’t smell fishy very happy with this new nutritious snack.

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    Tami (verified owner)

    Murphy my Toy Poodle loves these but have to give no more than twice a week as too rich and faeces are gel..

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    Tracy Parker (verified owner)

    I have two medium dogs and two ageing small ones with teeth that have seen better days. As there are a variety of sizes in the pack they suit all four dogs. They easily snap into smaller pieces for the smallest dog to manage. All four love them and added bonus they don’t smell too bad either 🙂

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    Alex (verified owner)

    My dog loves the taste of them but they are a bit flaky so I find a bit of mess left behind. Would also prefer the pieces to be a more consistent size. Not a bad review will just try a jerky style product next time.

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    Melanie (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure at first I thought my dogs would turn their nose but such a hit theu loved them!!

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    Graham (verified owner)

    Our boy Harley (German Shepherd) loves these and gets excited when he sees the bag they come in getting opened up. Always great products from Clear Dog.

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    Lewis Winders (verified owner)

    I’ve given this a top review even though these items are not ideal for my dog (Border Collie X). He’s now 13, and can only chew on one side of his mouth, and these are just a bit too hard for him. That’s not a negative comment, he would have been right onto them a couple of years ago, and there are other products from this supplier which I will continue to order because Dog loves them (shark cartilage, sardines, etc), they are additive-free, and the price is right.

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    Ruthie (verified owner)

    Our Staffy LOVES these! Runs to his bed & sits after we’ve eaten dinner…awaiting his fav after dinner treat! Thanks for providing such great sources of treats for our lad…his eager eyes and grateful licks of his chops are heartwarming to us 🙂

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    Simone (verified owner)

    Dogs absolutely love these, they aren’t long lasting with our schnauzer and dingo cross but they are a fave.

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    Dani (verified owner)

    My small dog loves his hoki treats so much that he hides them for special occasions. When he decides its time they last him a good 10 minutes or so but he won’t leave it again til he’s finished.

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    Meme (verified owner)

    My two small cavoodles love these treats. They are occupied for ten minutes eating them, and they can be counted as part of their daily food intake as they are a substantial size treat for a small dog. They make dinner times more interesting, and a change from their usual daily food.

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    Lorraine (verified owner)

    My two dogs love these. They are a nutritious treat.

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    Helen (verified owner)

    These were a definite hit for our 3 small dogs – good size for them to enjoy for 5-10 mins & give their teeth a work out as well. Will definitely be buying more. Thank you Clear Dog for your fabulous range!

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    Anne Lewis (verified owner)

    I have now ordered these a couple of times. I have two large dogs and two small. As there is a variation in size of the chews in the pack this suits us really well. Not long lasting like the Shark skin but think they would give the teeth a good clean as well as being low fat and nutritious!

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