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Mackerel Jerky Slivers Dog Treats

Made from simply all-natural Australian Grey Mackerel, the Mackerel Jerky Slivers dog treats are the perfect, healthy treat for your best friend. As with all of our pet treats, they contain no additives, such as sugar, preservatives, or colours.

These treats can generally be broken up to be used for training or eaten whole for a delicious snack for small to medium dogs.

Fish dog treats are a perfect alternative for dogs with allergies. Plus, they contain omega 3 which has countless health benefits.
Reduced inflammation, healthy joints, and a healthy coat are just some!

As with any fish product they can also be a fantastic treat for your cat too

The Mackerel Jerky Slivers are a fantastic alternative for dogs that are sensitive to some allergens. They are a quick and easy snack for small to medium-sized dogs. As with all of our pet treats, they contain no additives such as preservatives or added sugar – the fewer the ingredients, the lower the risk that your pooch might have a reaction.

They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which comes with it a range of benefits. Such as reduced inflammation, a healthy coat, and improved cardiovascular function. Fish treats are a great alternative for dogs suffering from allergies and should keep their reactions at bay.

100% mackerel meat.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian mackerel.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

100g and 500g sizes come in a convenient resealable stand up pouch

1kg comes in a resealable flat bag.

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9 reviews for Mackerel Jerky Slivers

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    Monty (verified owner)

    So happy I purchased these small easy to deliver treats for my little dogs who find them really yummy. They smell just enough to excite the dogs, but not enough to offend me. Will add these to my regular treat purchase for sure.

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    Sarah (verified owner)

    Purchased these as I thought I would be able to break into smaller pieces for training. This is not the case as they are stringy and impossible to break. However my dog loves the taste, and they are quite oily so they work a treat for healthy snacks.

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    Michele (verified owner)

    A great quick treat for dogs who love fish, can be used as training treats depending on the size of your dog but they’re not the easiest thing to break up.

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    Kate (verified owner)

    Stinky as a good fishy product should be. Dogs love them. Would be 5 stars but they’re clumped together so you have to tear them apart in stripy clumps, makes portion control challenging. Plus your fingers stink. But seriously, dogs inhale them, one of their faves.

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    Marion Fenton (verified owner)

    Great alternative for dogs allergic to chicken and beef, both my dogs love them and their coats are looking so shiny not to mention their teeth. Delivery super quick to Sydney, havnt found a fish treat they don’t like.

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    Emily Garnett (verified owner)

    These were perfect for chopping smaller and using as a high-value treat! My lappie pup would do anything when she smelt I had these in the treat pouch. They do smell very fishy but this was useful as I had a very well behaved dog.

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    Alana (verified owner)

    I bought these for my cats in hopes for a tasty treat that wasn’t too hard as some other dried treats i have tried in the past (they wont chew things that are too hard). These are perfect! One of my cats usually inhales food instead of chewing – she loves to munch on these and gets a good teeth clean from it. Some of the thicker pieces i give to my greyhound who also loves them though they are quite small so probably better for smaller dogs.

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    Rachel (verified owner)

    I bought these for my dog but my cat loves them. Mackerel is his favourite – he’s an older gentleman and I suspect his tastebuds aren’t what they used to be so the strong mackerel scent drives him wil). The added bonus is that I can give the dog the larger pieces and they both get the same treat and are happy.

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    Constanze (verified owner)

    We have two very active GSP’s . We like to add a few stripes to their dinner along with the whole sardine treats from Clear Dog Treats. They love the taste, it is healty and it helps with their daily calories intake. Fast deliver and great customer service!

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