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Sardines Dog Treats

Sardines dog treats are made using only Australian fish. Sustainably farmed, and are completely natural. Containing no additives or preservatives – only naturally-occurring nutrients. Our fish pet treats are high in protein and particularly rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which will aid in lowering inflammation, and weight control (as they are low in fat).

They are ideal for medium to larger dogs, with smaller dogs being more suited to our Pilchards dog treats. They are not particularly oily and will hold their form, making them easy to handle – easy for you, healthy for them!

Sardines tend to be around 15cm long and around 3cm tall.

Overall these are a fantastic way of giving your dog all the excellent nutrients from fish.

They are also perfect for the medium to larger dogs out there that suffer from allergies. Made from Australian, sustainably farmed sardines with no preservatives, sugar or colours. This is important for dogs with allergies, as unnatural additives may cause allergy flare-ups.

These hypoallergenic dog treats are high in Omega 3s for joint and coat health. As well as weight control as they are a low-fat treat. Fish is meat that experts say is low risk for allergies and so could be your dog’s golden ticket for avoiding allergies.

100% Sardines

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Fish.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the Fish. The following is an indication on average only.

Sardine dog treats weigh on average around 10g – 15g. This gives an average of around 75 per kilo.

They tend to be around 15cm long.

100g, 400g sizes come in a convenient resealable stand up pouch. 1kg bulk bags come in a resealable flat bag.

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Quick Snack Dog Treats

Skin and Coat Dog Treats

22 reviews for Sardines

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    Anne Lewis (verified owner)

    The sardines which stay intact in the packet are great. The second half of the pack is a crumble of smaller bits. I have resorted to using this on top of their dinner.

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      Thanks for the Feedback Anne. We have been working hard to find a breed and a dehydration process which keeps these firm so I am surprised to hear this. While they are fragile they should be reasonably firm and tests have gone well. I look forward to more feedback as we have already put a few hundred kilos out there and have sold out they are so popular.

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    Helen (verified owner)

    Our 3 German Spitz just love the Sardines! The only issue was that they wanted more as soon as they finished!
    I really liked that they were fully intact in our delivery pack as our dogs tend to choke on the smaller pieces.
    We will definitely be buying more in the future.

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    Michele (verified owner)

    My JRTx loved these, they have a satisfying crunch to them and he can chomp one down in a matter of seconds. Almost all the sardines came intact with just a few at the bottom that got a bit crumbly, but that’s only to be expected.

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    Helen Case (verified owner)

    A little bit messy / crumbly but that is to be expected. The main thing is that the dogs loved them.

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    Maree Wanke (verified owner)

    these sardines are great for my senior Boxer only problem is they are so soft she wants more after gobbling them up to quick.

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    Teegan Tui (verified owner)

    My two staffies absolutely love the sardines! For the most part the sardines hold their shape and don’t crumble too much which is great! Both my boys just love to munch them down another staple I would have in each order I make! Such a big bag that lasts a long time as well great price for how much product! Highly recommend

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    Constanze (verified owner)

    I absolutely love them. Our GSP approves as well goes crazy over them. I like to use the broken fish as a topping on his normal food.

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    Jennifer (verified owner)

    Fabulous – Holly adores these. Nice size too as a Golddn Retriever

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    Jeanette (verified owner)

    Our Dogs love them Initially,.I purchased them because larger pilchards were out of stock.
    Happy with the sardines, but prefer the larger pilchards for our breed.

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    Tracey Rehberg (verified owner)

    These are Murphies absolute favorites, she loves them.

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    Pauline (verified owner)

    I have 2 big girls and they LOVE there sardines – one of them is a little choosy about what she will eat but these are so delicious she always wants more..
    will definitely be ordering these again & again.. thank you

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    Jan (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these. Fantastic product

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    Susan Browbank (verified owner)

    My Boxers didn’t like these at all …. they would literally walk away and leave them. I ended up giving them away to a friend for their dogs. Their dogs loved them as a treat

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    Michelle (verified owner)

    Every product I have bought through GDT has been great and my dogs have loved them. Always well packaged, well presented and, clearly, tasty – according to the fur kids.

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    I buy these for my old 17yrold Border Collie to help with her arthritis, She loves them. My 3 dogs tend to eat these treats too fast so I have to make sure these treats are placed in water to help them go down.

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    Jo George (verified owner)

    These sardines are great, they are strong odour wise so will be an outdoor treat in future (probably). Both dogs loved them once they worked out what to do with them. They then spent the next 5 minutes trying to hoover up any crumbs they had left behind. A real winner in their eyes.

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    Marion Fenton (verified owner)

    I bought these for a Pomeranian who has a alergy to all proteins except fish. He adores the sardines as an alternative to raw fish for dinner., Its funny because he hates tin sardines but loved Clear Dog Sardines.

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    Matthew Haldane (verified owner)

    My cavoodle loves these. They can make a crumbly mess so a great outside treat.

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    Nada Grbin (verified owner)

    The Sardines are crispy and crunchy , my dog goes berserk when she sees the Sardine. I love watching my dog enjoy then so much.

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    Nicki (verified owner)

    My dog loves these, great as a quick treat (don’t last long as a very easy to chew treat) or to add with their meal. Can be a bit crumbly so wouldn’t go for these if that bothers you.

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    Jacki (verified owner)

    My pup absolutely loves these, great as a treat and l know they are good for him

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    Annie (verified owner)

    We bought a 1kg bag of Sardines for our fur Grandchild for her gotcha day and she loves them. We also purchased a bag of lamb liver and chicken wings, she also loves them. It’s great that she is able to to open her own box of goodies. Oh yes the cats also love the Sardines.

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