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Tuna Fish Dog Treats

Tuna Fish dog treats are healthy and natural, single-ingredient product that is made from only Australian tuna. There are no preservatives or additives in these treats. They are naturally filled with omega 3 fatty acids, which have plenty of health benefits for your dog, such as joint, skin, and cardiovascular improvements.

They are a small pet treat that is best suited to small to medium dogs. These treats can be used as a quick snack or as a high-value reward for all-sized dogs when training. Cats love these treats as well.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

100% tuna meat

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian tuna

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product and cut up by hand so the sizes of piece vary but they are generally between 2 – 3cm long give or take

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Training Dog treats

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11 reviews for Tuna Fish

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    Gladys Lau (verified owner)

    My furry baby love it. But always out of stock ….Cry~

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    TESSA LEUNG (verified owner)

    My little furry babies loves this tuna so much, Rich in Omega 3 and hope it will help their skin and coat . Will re order again once it ‘s consumed . If price can be lower it could be much better to keep ordering from time to time.

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    Visca (verified owner)

    My boys love them! I wish no burnt one in the package; I just can not give it to them, so a bit of waste.

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      Hi Visca, thanks for your review. the product is not burnt as its not cooked. We just remove the moisture. The darker colour is generally different cuts of the tuna or different ages/season which result in different oil content etc so you can see lighter or darker pieces.

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    Ruthie (verified owner)

    Our 5yo Staffy LOVES these! Great portion sizes for treats, can def receommend!

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    Nigel Tisdale (verified owner)

    Bit hard for smaller dogs but both 6mth and 3 year old bordoodles love them ” as treats”. Will reorder when run out

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    Sabrina (verified owner)

    Great treat. Not too smelly for indoor treat.

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    Barbara C. (verified owner)


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    Barbara C. (verified owner)

    Both my little ShihTzu’s LOVE these tuna treats. They also LOVE the freeze dry Green Lipped Mussel which are so good for them! I try to keep them ‘in stock’ for them, so have reverted to buying the 1kg bag – I wish I could get the tuna in larger bags too. Thank you for your quick delivery and splendid packaging.

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    Hazel (verified owner)

    Love these Tuna treats. They are small and perfect for a small treat for my JRx. He absolutely loves them.

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    Ross (verified owner)

    Excellent our Boxer dogs love it!!!!!

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    Ruth Manning (verified owner)

    Along with those Lamb Puff Cubes and Beef Puff Cubes…our doggies also LOVE their tuna treat. Can’t buy them too often for them tho……too expensive.

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