Kangaroo Forearms

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Kangaroo Forearms

Our Kangaroo Forearms are 100% Australian Kangaroo. All of our products are all-natural, single-ingredient treats.

They are the perfect-sized treats for small to medium sized dogs being quite thin. In addition, they are very appealing treats with meat still visible on the bones.

They are low in fat and high in protein (win, win!).

Of course, they are an excellent dental chew that will remove any plaque or tartar off their teeth and keep their mouth in top condition. Also, they are long-lasting and are sure to be a hit with your pooch!

High in antioxidants, the highest level of Omega 3 versus, lamb, beef & pork treats. They also contain a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

Alternatively, try our Kangaroo Tail Discs –  they are also the perfect treat for small to medium sized dogs, have excellent health benefits, and make a fantastic teeth cleaner too!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

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100% Kangaroo forearm bone

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Most pieces are about 16 cm in length and vary between 12 – 20cm. Weight between 50-150g each piece.

The small pack size comes in resealable plastic pouch bag. 1k pack size comes in resealable plastic flat bag.

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Low Fat Dog Treats (Under 10%)

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 431

Minimum Protein % : 42

Minimum Fat % : 7

15 reviews for Kangaroo Forearms

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    sandi (verified owner)

    I have 2 12.5 year old rescue x breed boys, and they luuvv their treats, no matter what clear dog treats i give them they devour them. These kangaroo treats are great they last a bit longer and my dogs teeth get a great workout.

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    Connie (verified owner)

    My fur baby (a kelpie/fox terrier) loves these kangaroo forearms. I mainly use them when I need to keep her occupied while I go out. I usually “hide” it in a box or wrapped in a hand towel so she finds the surprise when I leave her alone. The size variety is great because I can use the larger ones for keeping her happy for an hour or more. Great product.I highly recommend.

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    Amber (verified owner)

    Love these, my puppy(8kg JRT cross) loves to chew ,these help him not to chew the wrong things, and they have his teeth looking fantastic. I also gave some to a friend who’s dog was recovering from knee surgery, and was sad and depressed, she said they kept him happy for hours
    Highly recommended

  4. Add a review

    Vicki (verified owner)

    Great teeth cleaners my babies look forward to this treat daily

  5. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    These are a fabulous treat. We have a game first, I have to chase my Cobberdog around the room, he with the bone in his mouth. I will be purchasing these on a regular basis & love that they vary in size.

  6. Add a review

    Jacquii (verified owner)

    My cocker spaniel loves these, but the bones do splinter a bit once he has eaten all the meat off, so I do have to keep an eye on him until he has finished. I do like that they are on the smaller side, as it makes them perfect for smaller dogs.

  7. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    The kangaroo forearms are a good size for my two toy poodles. Our Adelaide supplier finished having them on their menu, so I’ve sourced them from Clear Dog, with success. My Boys love them and chew on one each for breakfast under my watch, whilst getting my breakfast. I remove them when I leave the living space, for safety. They’re a great product, freeze dried = no blood 🩸 on the lid carpet, or the tiles, no flies or European wasps which we have here in Adelaide. Pests around fresh meat on bbqs.

  8. Add a review

    Jenelle crowther (verified owner)

    My cavalier loves them. Low in fat and what amazed me was the price. You can’t get that anywhere else. I will be purchasing again

  9. Add a review

    Paula Marchant

    My dogs love this product, after spending time chewing up the meat they are then entertained by playing and crunching up the bones.

  10. Add a review

    Heather (verified owner)

    Very happy with product. There not big for my small poodle

  11. Add a review

    Sally M (verified owner)

    Good mix of meat and bone, which my girl loves. Keep her entertained for a while.

  12. Add a review

    Annette (verified owner)

    Rhu plays with these for hours, once she devours the smokey meat, the bones become a toy. Will be purchasing again without hesitation.

  13. Add a review

    Jasmine Choe (verified owner)

    I have two medium to large size dogs and they are occupied with them for some time! Absolutely love it

  14. Add a review

    Ilana Hotz (verified owner)

    Love this product …keeps the doggies busy and they are so excited to get this delicious treat . I own a dog sitting business and have yet to give a dog this treat without them getting super excited

  15. Add a review

    Annette (verified owner)

    Good variety of sizes to suit a broad range of needs. The Kelpies like crunching on these. Good value and will order again.

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