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Kangaroo Knee Tendons Cartilage Dog Treat Chews

The Kangaroo Knee Tendons dog treats are natural, healthy, and delicious, as well as one of our top sellers! They are made only from Australian kangaroo kneecap tendons and contain no artificial additives, such as colour, sugar, or preservatives. They are very low in fat and are rich in protein. Kangaroo meat will help your dog’s immune system and is high in zinc and Omega 3.

They are an excellent dental chew for small to medium dogs. The tendons are a tough treat that will keep them entertained. They last nearly as well as kangaroo bulb tendons but cost less, so they are an economical treat that you will love, and your dog will love even more!

Our mini schnauzers take about 10 -15 minutes to get through one of these and are a staple in our household!

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Packed with protein and omega-3, kangaroo dog treats are an excellent low-fat alternative to other types of dog food. From boosting your dog’s immune system to improving their bone density, kangaroo meat offers a range of benefits. It’s great for canines of all shapes and sizes, especially those that require a lean diet for their health.

100% Kangaroo Kneecap tendon

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the kangaroo. The following is an indication on average only.

Pieces are around 8-12cm long and 8-10cm wide.

They weigh on average about 25g so you get about 10 to a 250g bag, and around 40 (depending on the varying sizes this can be less or more) per 1kg.

Weights vary between 15g and 45g.

250g and 500g packs come in a convenient resealable stand up pouch. 1kg Bulk bags come in a resealable flat bag.

Low Fat Dog Treats

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Metabolisable Energy(Kcal/100g):350

Minimum Protein 80.0%

Minimum fat 2.5%

Moisture (Max) 12%

99 reviews for Kangaroo Knee Tendons

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    Noemi Selmeczki (verified owner)

    These are great, chelsea can’t get enough of them, buying for sure more of this treat

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    moochnhowzn68 (verified owner)

    By far the best roo pruduct for keeping teeth cleen.I have toy poodles and they are fussy and very sensative to any products that contain any chemicals .No problems with these and even my fussiest little boy loves them ! and i mean he realy loves them . He is small even for a toy poodle so these are a teeth cleening treat that he can chew on for an hour or so .Will definately be buying more so please keep up the great service and quality.

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    Shareen Chouffot

    My 3 dogs absolutely love these. I’ve fed them the roo ribs and an assortment of other treats. These take them twice as long and they’re quick eaters so i’m impressed.

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    Katie (verified owner)

    These are awesome – perfect size for my two cocker spaniel x poodles. One of my dogs has never really been interested in bigger chewy treats like pig’s ears, but these are a great small size that still takes a decent amount of time for the dogs to eat.

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    Karen Rogers (verified owner)

    My little poodle really enjoys these. Usually she buries treats to savour at her leisure but these never seem to last that long. They are a nice compact size for her little mouth to crunch up. I would expect they are good for her teeth as well – she’s 12 now and has perfect teeth. Much cheaper than a vet bill and much nicer for her.

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    Michelle (verified owner)

    My guys new fave! The differing sizes make it so adaptable. They can have a larger one for a boredom buster and a smaller one for a bedtime chew

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    Veronica (verified owner)

    My dogs are fussy with treats but these were a hit instantly – grabbed one and ran off to chew for ages – they take a while to eat too which is great – I have small dogs and these are perfect and a real hit – I will definitely buy them again.

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    Jeannette Wallace (verified owner)

    The girls really enjoyed them. I love the fact that they take so long to chew – kept them chewing for ages.

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    Jeannette Wallace (verified owner)

    The girls loved them – chewed them for ages. Good value.

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    Susan Heath (verified owner)

    My big boy has severe intestinal issues that have precluded him having treats….until he was given one of these. First time eating anything but fish and potatoes in 4 1/2 years that didn’t cause serious issues. Great for his teeth and for his well being….treats like everyone else = happy dog

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    Susan Heath (verified owner)

    My big boy has severe intestinal issues that have precluded him having treats….until he was given one of these. First time eating anything but fish and potatoes in 4 1/2 years that didn’t cause serious issues. Great for his teeth and for his well being….treats like everyone else = happy dog

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    Gemma (verified owner)

    Great for our weim, she devours them quite quickly though. But definitely more challenging given the hardness, great for her jaw development

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    Belinda (verified owner)

    My 13 year old Whippet thinks these are the best thing ever. In fact she whines and whimpers each evening now until I give her one before she goes to bed. I think she is addicted. They are much better than a lot of the dried meat things we’ve tried, as they are nice and tough, but not too big. And apparently they taste amazing. They don’t smell awful and are not fatty. Perfect.

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    My dog loves them and she is a fussy mini poodle

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    Anne Barillaro (verified owner)

    Dogs love these and they keep them busy for ages

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    Fiona (verified owner)

    My dogs love these, they’re the perfect treat to give them as I run off to work.

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    JudithC (verified owner)

    At last, something really good for tiny dogs. My 2 just love these, other treats sometimes got left but not these. Very happy as are my dogs. Great service

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    Robyn Davis (verified owner)

    My dog thought they were delicious but she devours them quite quickly. Great snack for a change.

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    Erika Klepp (verified owner)

    A little hard for my little dog, but they are easy to cut/carve do I make them smaller she really sends to enjoy them… Thank-you

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    Pat Ashover (verified owner)

    A great favourite and good for teeth cleaning.

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    Lorraine (verified owner)

    My Cavalier and Maltese adore these treats and they are long lasting. Love that no rubbish is in them either. Well done.

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    Lisa (verified owner)

    Our boy loves them! Such good value for good quality & lasting treat.

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    Rebecca (verified owner)

    My Cairn Terriers love these chews. They are a good size, not too big or too small and gives them a decent chew.

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    Carol Jack (verified owner)

    My whippets love them. They take them a good while to chew, and no mess. Great daily treats, and good for their teeth, as well.

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    Andrea Carolan (verified owner)

    Great treat and I have strong chewers. My mini Bull Terrier is a gulper and has previously choked on other treats but these seem to keep her chewing (still supervised just in case)

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    Helga Collins (verified owner)

    Both my girls (mini poodles) love their daily treat. I love them because they are the right size, no mess and I know they are healthy.

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    Robert Fletcher (verified owner)

    We recently purchased these instead of the kangaroo and tendons and our Cavoodle took to them immediately. She takes longer to chew them which is better for her teeth. Highly recommend them for smaller dogs.

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    Anita (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. My labradors love these treats. Great for their teeth and a healthy treat.

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    Denise Glover (verified owner)

    My Frankie just loves these treats. He has them for lunch most days which keeps him busy while I have my lunch in peace. They don’t upset his tummy and are not too fattening so that’s a bonus!

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    Heather Harrison (verified owner)

    So good for big and small dogs, as there’s often a variety of sizes, and they take quite some time to get through. We always order many bags of these, huge hit here!!

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    Teresa D’Astoli (verified owner)

    My Min Poodle and Terrier love these, good for their teeth and not messy like bones 😀

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    Carol (verified owner)

    The dogs love these and they are a treat long enough to keep them busy! Highly recommend!

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    Sue (verified owner)

    Accidentally left these out after they arrived. My naughty lab/shepherd cross ate the whole pack! Obviously a great product. Also helpful in cleaning teeth. Definitely buying more and putting them away!!

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    Gail (verified owner)

    A favorite with my dogs, it takes the dogs longer to chew them. Highly recommended!

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    Wendy (verified owner)

    These have become a favourite with my dogs. Great treat, keeps them busy and its keeping their teeth nice and white. Will be ordering these again for sure

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    Tania (verified owner)

    Milo my caboodle loves these treats. As he has digestive issues and has a very limited diet he can actually tolerate these once a week as his treat. He loves them. Thanks Cleardog.

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    Karen (verified owner)

    One of these doesn’t last our dog quite as long as a goat pizzle but they still last ok and she loves them.

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    adeline_khng (verified owner)

    My westie love it so much! it helps to keep her teeth clean and she cant stop chewing it!

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    Carole (verified owner)

    I have only recently discovered these, but my Lilly (a sheltie) loves them. Keeps her happy for quite a while as well as cleaning her teeth.

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    kelly.sanders (verified owner)

    My dogs liked tge first one then turned up their noses the next time i gave them one. The treats have a very strong smell that attaches to your dog once they eat them. I think I’ll stick with the kangaroo jerky my cavoodles love that and has no scent to it.

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    Christine Hirchfield (verified owner)

    My two aged Jack Russells absolutey love these and it takes them approximately 14 minutes to eat one each which is fabulous. I like that they are all natural and preservative free. Very happy with this product.

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    David Mackwell (verified owner)

    My Moodles love these, and they last longer than normal dog treats. and they are natural no added extras as they have food sensitivity.

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    Siegfried Clever (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats, and all the treats from “Clear Dog Treats”, the srevice is super and the quality is unbeatable.

  44. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    Great treat for my two small dogs. They last quite some time for my Maltese x but not as long for my Shitzu who is food obsessed & devours treats at a rapid rate.

  45. Add a review

    Matt (verified owner)

    I bought these for our Border Collie – he loves them, but tends to get through them a little too quickly. If I’m out for a quick coffee, one is plenty – if I’m sitting down for breakfast / lunch, I find it’ll take two to keep him occupied.

    Great product, but I’ll probably get the longer bulb tendons next time.

  46. Add a review

    Michelle (verified owner)

    These are a favourite!!

    I love Clear Dog products. And so does my dog!! It’s fabulous to have a company providing dog treats that are really healthy and safe, and exactly what it says on the label. I also love that the products are Aus/NZ sourced, this is really important to me.

  47. Add a review

    Han (verified owner)

    My staffy loves these. The may b too small for her as the are gone in under 5 min.

  48. Add a review

    Georgina Strang (verified owner)

    Our two puppies really love them, great quick snack

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    Helps keep our girls’ teeth clean. They love them. Don’t last long – the minute they arrive, they are out of the box and in their mouths

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    Heather Mankelow (verified owner)

    My 2 dogs really love crunching up these kangaroo treats and good value.

  51. Add a review

    Kimmz (verified owner)

    Tried this for the first time and we weren’t sure if our corgis would like it. Fortunately they loved it! The size was just right – not too big and not too small. This can keep them busy for about 20mins.

  52. Add a review

    Fiona (verified owner)

    Perfect treat for my moodle and absolutely fabulous service – thank you. We’ll be back 🙂

  53. Add a review

    andrew1 (verified owner)

    Hold your breath when you open the bag – probably why the dogs LOVE them!
    They do get through them reasonably quickly however (Border Collies) 🙂

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    Adrian (verified owner)

    Dogs love them. Good size and bang for buck.

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    Kim (verified owner)

    Keeps my Cavalier entertained if he is still hungry at the end of the day. Takes him a while to get through one and they are a good size for him.

  56. Add a review

    Jane B (verified owner)

    Terrific size for a smallish size dog. Takes him about 20 minutes or so to work his way through it, and he just loves them, wagging his tail happily. Love the high quality of your treats.

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    cranehayley (verified owner)

    Fussy cavalier enjoys them. Will order again thanks

  58. Add a review

    Jane (verified owner)

    Very disappointed in how quickly they are gone- only last a couple of minutes. Not avlong chew at all.

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      Hi Jane – it will depend on the strength of your dogs jaw. They tend to last 5-15 mins for our mini schnauzers but they can be a fast snack for a strong jaw. Definitely try another treat of your after really long lasting treats. email us if you want some support in choosing based on your breed and needs.

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    Sussen (verified owner)

    My whippets are hard to please when it comes to snacks but they love these…great tasting snack for them and great price…

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    Shauna (verified owner)

    A favourite with our dog. Great way to clean his teeth. Tried these out when the roo tendons always went out of stock and they are now on the regular order.

  61. Add a review

    Maree Wanke (verified owner)

    my female Boxer loves these and they help keep her teeth clean.

  62. Add a review

    MerryPuppins (verified owner)

    Great product! All my Merry Puppins clients have loved them!

  63. Add a review

    Tammy (verified owner)

    My dogs love these! Much more cost effective than other types of room tendons – and I love the resealable packaging they come in!

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    Bev (verified owner)

    A great healthy way for my three Lagotti to start their day. They absolutely love their morning treats.. So pleased to have found some treats that not only taste good (so my dogs say!) but are healthy and good for their teeth..

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    Marilyn Seeto (verified owner)

    I have 2 King Charles Cavaliers who are both on low fat diets so these are absolutely perfect! Without doubt these would have to be the best treats I’ve ever bought for them & they both love them!! 🐾❤️🐶

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    Myra (verified owner)

    My border collies love these! Doesn’t take them long but they happily sit there and chew away (like chewing gum) for 5 to 10 minutes. Not smelly at all compared to other kangaroo products.

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    Pamela Dalley (verified owner)

    My little Chihuahua likes them but finds them a bit too tough. Much prefers Roo Tubes. However my Koolie really loves them and gnaws away contentedly. If the Chihuahua has one also my Koolie awaits patiently til the Chihuahua finally gives up so she can devour the rest.

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    LouiseW (verified owner)

    Good solid chewable treat that takes a dog a bit of effort to get through. My 2 dogs – Jack Russell and Westie loved them so much they began to ‘request ‘ more than 1!
    The bag lasted nearly 3 weeks so pretty good value as gas a a good quality chewable goes!

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    Sam (verified owner)

    Great quality and lasts longer than other similar by competitors I’ve bought previously. My Goldens thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

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    shashanna kocinski (verified owner)

    Our pug doesn’t like these.

  71. Add a review

    Sonya (verified owner)

    These chews are very popular at my place. I have a 3 month old puppy and an older terrier, so 2 small dogs under 10kg.
    The chews last well (probably 5minutes or so), and seem to be easily digested. I will definitely be buying them again.

  72. Add a review

    Bron (verified owner)

    My fussy Cavoodle adores these Kangaroo knee tendons. They are also doing a great job of keeping her teeth clean. She gets glowing Vet check reports at 11 yeas old. Thank you for a great product.

  73. Add a review

    william alexander (verified owner)

    Buddy very happy with them and certainly recc for pets with diabetiies

  74. Add a review

    Sandi (verified owner)

    Perfect for my girl with pancreatitis

  75. Add a review

    Linda (verified owner)

    Our two girls love these, they last for ages and help to keep their teeth clean

  76. Add a review

    Alison Kennedy (verified owner)

    I think this treat would be my spaniels favorite along with the pilchards!
    At least it lasted longer than the pilchards.
    Any treat to help clean there teeth is a winner.

  77. Add a review

    Bart (verified owner)

    First time I’ve tried these & they are a winner!!

  78. Add a review

    Alba (verified owner)

    Dogs love them and they chew for ages so another bonus

  79. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    New rescue dog, not as fussy as previous whippet. She is really a Labrador in whippet coat but the first time I saw a serious tail wag and a jump for joy was over a kangaroo knee Treat from my true and trusty doggie treat supplier – clear dog. I bought $200 of treats but I think this is the best one for us. The kangaroo teeth cleaners are a close second. Very happy customers😁

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    Sharon Walters (verified owner)

    My Westies love these. I am always surprised how fast they get through them though but thats terriers for you!

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    Lisa (verified owner)

    My mini schnauzer loves these.. the lid comes off and he smells them and comes running!!

  82. Add a review

    Mel (verified owner)

    My small dogs loved these … I cut them in half
    Will be purchasing again

  83. Add a review

    Sonia (verified owner)

    These are great for small to medium dogs. Great for chewing and helping to keep teeth clean.

  84. Add a review

    Nerina Rizzo

    My dogs love these and it keeps them busy ,aswell as cleaning their teeth

  85. Add a review

    Louise (verified owner)

    Bandit simply loves these kangaroo knee tendons. He is a seasoned eater of them so sometimes he woofs it down way too soon. If that happens, I just change up with another treat so he forgets how to eat them. All natural and a great treat for him as he suffers badly from allergies (wheat, poultry, lamb, beef etc)

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    Jen (verified owner)

    These are excellent for good oral health for your dog. My vet was so impressed with the condition of my dog’s teeth, she took down the details to buy some for her own dog.

  87. Add a review

    Momof3 (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love these knee tendons. They become excited the moment I take them out from the pack.
    However, I was very disappointed with the courier Fastway. It was unreliable & unprofessional.

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      Hi Momoof3. I am sorry to hear you had an issue with the courier. Please contact us direct with your order ID and the issue and we will investigate for you.

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    Meryl (verified owner)

    My Cavoodles love these treats and they are kept busy for a good twenty minutes. Something to be aware of – the small round bone in the centre may not be digestible or be able to be passed through the small gut. By small dogs. Both my dogs vomit them up eventually.

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      Hi Meryl, there is no bone in the Kangaroo knee tendon, its all cartilage and fully digestible. Perhaps a different product? It is possible of course that your dog finds it a little rich but its extremely unusual for a dog to vomit these treats back up again.

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    Kay Hobson (verified owner)

    These are so great for cleaning your dogs teeth and keeps them amused they love em

  90. Add a review

    ANNE Treloar (verified owner)

    These last a good while, are great for their teeth and are my dogs favourite treat. Small enough to not be too expensive per treat.

  91. Add a review

    Jill (verified owner)

    Our little chihuahua only has 2 back teeth but absolutely loves these and gets through them with no trouble. Any that are too big we chop up easily with tin snips. Only issue isn’t with the product, just with the courier Fastway who we consistently have issues with deliveries and their poor service.

  92. Add a review

    viann26092004 (verified owner)

    I bought three different kangaroos treats for my dog. This one has a strange smell (Like some dead fish smell). I’m not sure if the package is broken that causes the food spoilage. The other two treats are in nice condition with great smell. And my dog vomit and had diarrhoea for three days. I was so disappointed!

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      Hi Viannie. Sorry to hear the knee tendons didn’t go down so well. Some of the meatier cartilage based roo can be a little rich for some dogs which cause diarrhoea. It’s unusual but it happens from time to time. We feed our two mini schnauzers a raw diet and one vomits with roo for example. The other dog is fine! Don’t worry about the packaging, sometimes freight, especially to Honk Kong causes a few small holes due to the treats being hard. They are dehydrated and will be absolutely fine though we do recommend decanting into an airtight container for longer shelflives as over many months they can reabsorb moisture. We have definitely had customers who have found their dogs bellies have got used to the different proteins over time with occasional and smaller serves to build them up.

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    Margaret Wilson (verified owner)

    My dogs enjoy them. Hope they’re helping to keep teeth clean.

  94. Add a review

    Julie (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love these. Great for their teeth!

  95. Add a review

    Jennifer Moffatt (verified owner)

    These are my dogs absolute favourites will be getting more

  96. Add a review

    Katelyn Bourke (verified owner)

    I have a Kelpie and Pomeranian who go crazy when I get these out. They absolutely love them! They are priced much more reasonably than the pet store kangaroo tendons and these last longer as they are chunkier. I will definitely be ordering these again.

  97. Add a review

    Gaynor (verified owner)

    Kangaroo knee tendons are a favourite with my two Bichons, just one keeps them occupied for quite a while.

  98. Add a review

    Laura Hamilton (verified owner)

    My GSD puppy (three months old) chewed these up faster than I was expecting, in a couple of minutes. However, I love that they’re made of lean kangaroo and contain so much healthy cartilage. Excellent little snack, but not as long-lasting as I would have thought.

  99. Add a review

    Amanda (verified owner)

    My girl loves these. She has one every evening after dinner.

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