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Kangaroo Necks Dog Treats

Kangaroo Necks treats are a healthy and natural dog treat. They contain no artificial preservatives or colours, just Australian kangaroo neck and backbone. They are thinner than tails but are still meaty, so they are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs but large dogs will still find them a nice entertaining treat. Full of Omega 3 to aid skin conditions and allergies.

They will help to keep your dog’s teeth and oral health in excellent condition, they are a fantastic dental dog chew! Kangaroo is also an incredibly lean protein, and the high levels of protein will help keep them fit. Additionally, they are high in zinc and have healthy amounts of necessary unsaturated fats. These treats will keep them happy and entertained, as well as healthy!

They come in bags of 5 and 10. As well as a box of 50!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

Similar Recommendations:

For large to medium dogs with strong/large jaws, they might be better suited to try the Roo Tails although they are a little shorter, they are thicker and meatier than the Kangaroo Necks. They are also an equally fantastic dental chew.

For older large to medium dogs try the Turkey Necks, they are super meaty to give them plenty of added nutrients and protein to their diet as well as the bones being softer and therefore more suitable for older jaws.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the little guys! Although Roo Necks aren’t very suitable for our smaller dogs and puppies, our chicken necks are the perfect treat! A nice chewy dental chew – all naturally dehydrated chicken necks that dogs love! They also make a great snack for our bigger dogs too!

Alternatively, we have Roo Tubes which are full of flavour and alow chewier – not containing any bone. The perfect chew for all dog types and sizes.

100% Kangaroo neck and back bone.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo

Single ingredient product with no additives or preservatives.

Simply dehydrated to remove the water content and lock in the nutrients.

As a natural product, sizes do vary but most are around 150g and 20cm on average (can generally be 15 – 25cm)

10 packs are provided in a resealable flat bag.

Bulk 50 packs come in 5 resealable bags containing 10 in each.

Entertaining nutritious dental chew for small to medium, medium and large dogs.

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 311

Minimum Protein % : 42

Minimum Fat % : 7

15 reviews for Kangaroo Necks

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    helen Graham (verified owner)

    While my dog thought they were delicious i found them a little dangerous once dried out as the vertebrae got stuck in his throat.
    He loves everything from Cleardog!

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    Jannette (verified owner)

    I have two German Shepherds who love these necks. We cut them in half and they last about 30 minutes which is much longer than any other snack we have found.

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    Esther (verified owner)

    I have a fussy Belgian Laekenois and she absolutely adores the roo necks! Longest record was two days for her to go through it, but the shortest is around 2-3 hours (just depends on how motivated she is I guess).

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    Kerrie (verified owner)

    My Bichons love them. We cut them into 3. They are the only treat that seems to last for ages and we get to enjoy some quiet time.

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    Peter Fuchs

    Gave them to my two Ridgebacks. They spent 24 hours vomiting back the small bones. Must be a problem for some dogs!

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    Hisako Boden (verified owner)

    I have a caboodle puppy and they were too big for him. I should check the customer service before I bought.

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    Amanda (verified owner)

    Good size for my boys (1 x mastiff 1x staffy bully) so serious jaw power, who chomped away for a quite a while, not a scrap left. Happy puppas happy me

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    Granne (verified owner)

    For our dogs , beagles, maybe be a bit too hard. Definitely need to be supervised

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    Kylie (verified owner)

    My order arrived today. Immediately gave one to my Schnoodle to try – that was 2 hours ago.. haven’t seen her in that time ??. Safe to say she loves it

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    Rebecca Harvey (verified owner)

    Our Cattle Dogs went nuts over them so much so we got the kangaroo tails this month.

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    Georgina (verified owner)

    I’ve learnt the there is nothing from Clear Dog Treats that our old dog doesn’t like but the Kangaroo Necks get her really hopping 🙂 We break them into smaller pieces to help with weight control and they’re great for dental health working gums and teeth together – no dog breath in this house!

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    While our male ridgie had no trouble our female ridgie could not digest the bone and threw up. Unfortunately not for us.

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    Sue (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have purchased the Kangaroo Necks and my dogs loved them,I thought they where good value for money

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    Sandra Baudach (verified owner)

    My dog loves them!

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    Denholm_4 (verified owner)

    Not very meaty as described, more bone than anything else.

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