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Kangaroo Tail Discs Dog Treats

Kangaroo Tail Discs come from high-quality Australian Kangaroo tail cut into smaller pieces. They make a great long-lasting chew that dogs of all sizes can enjoy though they are especially good for smaller dogs where a whole tail is too much.

These treats help promote healthy teeth and gums. They are high in protein and low in fat, therefore, making Roo Tail Discs a super healthy treat for dogs.

Rich in vitamin B12 and Omega 3 for healthy joints, bones and cell renewal. Great for your dog’s immune system.

If you’re looking for a larger treat see our whole Kangaroo Tails here. Whole Roo Tails are great for medium to large dogs as there is a bit more to chew on. They come as a whole tail or split (in half – long). These Kangaroo tails are around 20-25cm in length but some can vary outside of this. They are longer than most of the on the market which are generally described as large around 15cm so these are 30% – 60% bigger. Thickness can vary slightly depending on the size of roo and part of the tail but are generally within the 6-7cm range on average but some can be either side.

In addition, The Kangaroo used in our products are free-roaming, meaning they only eat grass and are incredibly healthy. Producing only the highest quality, lean meat. No chemicals, no preservatives and all produced in our Aussie Outback.

See more of our tasty Kangaroo Treats here.

100% Kangaroo back/tail bone

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Pieces average around 2-3cm thick. Approximately 30g each so 30-35 to a kilo.

Comes in a 1kg resealable bag.

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Low Fat Dog Treats (Under 10%)

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 311

Minimum Protein % : 42

Minimum Fat % : 7

32 reviews for Kangaroo Tail Discs

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    Stephen & Debra (verified owner)

    Brilliant product for one of our dogs who is affectionately known as jaws. One of the few things that slows him down and he obviously loves the taste.

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    Mick (verified owner)

    Great product. Treat for my mate after dinner. He has to search for them and can count to two.

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    Chrissy (verified owner)

    Great Australian product and dried with no preservatives. My guys love them and one is never enough

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    Sue (verified owner)

    Wonderful treats that keep my three small dogs occupied for a couple of hours, and they don’t make the dogs smelly. An added bonus is that my Shihtzu pup who has a food allergy can happily chew these without an allergic reaction.

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    Paul (verified owner)

    Little dog loves these

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    H Rose (verified owner)

    Various sizes and the bigger ones do keep my big chewing dog satisfied for a bit longer than the usual chew! A good post walk treat and very popular.

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    Michelle (verified owner)

    Great treat. Nice and crunchy. One of Larry and Sprocket’s favourites.

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    Cynthia Waters (verified owner)

    The dogs love these and have the best time ever with them. Definitely on the “must always have available: list”

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    Julie Semler (verified owner)

    Dog loves these. Good value

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    Angela Meehan (verified owner)

    All my dogs love these.

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    Sue (verified owner)

    Excellent product. A morning treat for my dog and also great for cleaning teeth. Will definitely buy again.

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    Robin (verified owner)

    All products tried have been excellent but Koko seems to enjoy these the best.

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    Ann (verified owner)

    My German shepherd loves these. She has several food allergies but these are perfect for her and she loves them. She hears the rustle of the bag and comes running. Good value also.

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    Jack (verified owner)

    Great treat, both dogs enjoy these!

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    Tess (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these roo vertebrae for some years as they are great for reducing plaque build up and keep my dogs’ teeth really clean. Two of my dogs have allergies but have no problem with roo and indeed my dogs love these discs. It’s a great Australian natural product.

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    Marlien (verified owner)

    My name is Crimson and I am a very much loved rescued Greyhound. My mommy and daddy spoils me with these tasty, crunchy treats. I manage to get two of these every time it comes out the pantry. You see, I’ve got them wrapped around my smallest toe. I might be able to convince them to give me a third treat if you have these on special more often 😉

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    Gitte Le Garde (verified owner)

    Just tried them for the first time and my 4 love them…will definitely purchase again

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    Michelle White (verified owner)

    My two dogs thoroughly enjoy these treats, they are the perfect size for a quick snack to much on when we head off to work each day, keeps them both busy for about 1/2 an hour, and is something that’s healthy too.

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    Natalie (verified owner)

    Good item. A bit stinky, so certainly an outside product. Disappointed by how quick my kelpies finish them. Doesn’t take more than a minute or two.

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    Deborah (verified owner)

    My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves these and because they are all natural I don’t have to worry about food dys.

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    simmetra (verified owner)

    Not very long lasting but my border collies love this.

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    Mary Simonian (verified owner)

    My Cavoodle loves these Kangaroo tail discs. He chews on them for ages and I’m sure they are keeping his teeth clean. Later on he plays with the bone tossing it in the air and chasing it. Keeps him busy.

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    mklraaz (verified owner)

    Great product, both my girls are fussy eaters but these kangaroo tails are an absolute favourite and they are keeping their teeth very clean. Highly recommend the product.

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    Kangaroo tail discs and spare ribs are a great size for small and medium dog. Postage was very quick (even to regional Queensland), great quality, and I assume they’re very tasty!

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    Linda Kerr (verified owner)

    Our dogs took ages to chew through them and really enjoyed them, a first time buy. Will definitely buy again.

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    Frank (verified owner)

    A brilliant chew, keeping even a large dog (Maremma) fully occupied. Our vet says our 9yo has excellent teeth for his age.

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    Dahl Drew (verified owner)

    My Minature Schnauzers love the taste of these and will gobble them up inside 10 mins. They do break apart quite easily so not the perfect dental chew to clean teeth and gums. That being said my guys do love them as a treat and its clearly a hit with them. Great product delivered in a speedy time frame. Thanks.

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    Julie Semler (verified owner)

    Nearly to big for our cavvie’s mouth but she spends ages chewing. Loves most things kangaroo but has to be small

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    June and Kippi (verified owner)

    My Bichonxmaltese Just loves the roo disc tails, apart from the added bonus that they keep his teeth clean, they are great for chewing on. I’ve given away samples to many people who we meet on our walks, together with your website name. I’ve had good feedback and hope it results in more orders for you.

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    Katy (verified owner)

    My dogs love these and they help to keep their teeth clean.

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    Annette (verified owner)

    My Chihuahua and Jack Russell/Mini Foxy Cross LOVE these! If I don’t have one for each of them I get an earful from both of them. Naughty and spoilt! Excellent quality treats.

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    julie jansen (verified owner)

    Our beaglier loves these kangaroo tail disks, and we find the size of these treats perfect for a medium sized dog. Keeps him busy for a while, a good little teeth cleaner but not too substantial so won’t lead to him gaining weight or eating more than he should.

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