Kangaroo Teeth Cleaners

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Kangaroo Teeth Cleaners

Our Kangaroo Teeth Cleaners are 100% Australian Kangaroo. All of our products are all natural, single ingredient treats.

The Roo Teeth Cleaner is a mix of medium sized kangaroo bones, generally the Arm Bone of the Kangaroo. As the Roo’s used in our products are free roaming, their diet consists only of grass so all of our Roo products contain no chemicals, no antibiotics or feed. Only the highest quality and natural lean meat possible.

They are the perfect sized treats for medium and large sized dogs, or more adventurous smaller dogs. In addition, they are very appealing treats with meat still visible on the bones.

They are low in fat and high in protein (win, win!).

Of course, they are an excellent dental chew that will remove any plaque or tartar off their teeth and keep their mouth in top condition. Also, they are long-lasting and are sure to be a hit with your pooch!

High in antioxidants, the highest level of Omega 3 versus, lamb, beef & pork treats. They also contain a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

Alternatively, try our Kangaroo Tail Discs –  they are the perfect treat for our smaller friends, excellent health benefits and make a fantastic teeth cleaner too!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

See more Kangaroo Treats here.

100% Kangaroo bones

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Most pieces are 15 – 20cm in length and 3-4cm thick. There are around 8 – 12 pieces in a kilo.

Only available in a 1kg resealable flat bags.

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Low Fat Dog Treats (Under 10%)

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 431

Minimum Protein % : 42

Minimum Fat % : 7

93 reviews for Kangaroo Teeth Cleaners

  1. Add a review

    raelenehoward63 (verified owner)

    Maizey loved these but didn’t finish it

  2. Add a review

    power4.id (verified owner)

    These are great treats that my staffy loves! They don’t last quite as long as the shark skin chews, but still keep her busy for a bit.

  3. Add a review

    Kimmy Brooks (verified owner)

    The kangaroo teeth cleaners have become my dogs favourite treat
    They keep him entertained for ages, I supervise him when he has these

  4. Add a review

    sandi (verified owner)

    These kangaroo teeth cleaners are exactly what they say they are. Fantastic for any size dog that loves to chew.

  5. Add a review

    Deb (verified owner)

    First time I’ve ordered these for my two large dogs (45kg/31kg) and they loved them. Might be great teeth cleaners, but didn’t last as long as I’d hoped.😏

  6. Add a review

    Kim & Louise Suckling, Perth WA (verified owner)

    Both my basset hounds love these Kangaroo teeth cleaners and I must say they really do work well. My wife and I have a six year old and a one & half year old Basset. When we started the boys on these our oldest one would hardly ever chew on a bone as all he wanted to do was hide them but since the younger one has started on them our older one just loves them in fact they are swapping them over all the time. I can’t believe how much whiter the older ones teeth are now to what they were before he started eating these treats. The down side for me is that they love them so much as they have one each every morning after breakfast and they are costing me a fortune. LOL.

  7. Add a review

    Donna (verified owner)

    I bought the kangaroo teeth cleaners for for dogs and found they splintered into lots of pieces on the ground that we had to pick up and one splinter got caught across top jaw inside teeth so I won’t be buying those particular chews again

    • Add a review


      Our bone products are dehydrated and not cooked so have not calcified so they wont go brittle and break into nuggets which is why cooked bones present such chocking risks. They are however, bone, and just liek an uncooked bone they will crunch up – which is what makes them great dental chews. We have never had a customer give feedback these bones products have caused a major issue to a dog in all our years. Just keep an eye on them of course, as sometimes bits get stuck in teeth and just like things get stuck between ours. Most often they remove things themselves but occasionally need a little help.

  8. Add a review

    Wendy (verified owner)

    These are great, always have a bag on hand my dogs love them and they really are teeth cleaners.

  9. Add a review

    freyjaed (verified owner)

    My dog loved it, usually she gets through chews in minutes but she was working on this one for a while, very smelly too 🙂

  10. Add a review

    SUE (verified owner)

    My 35 kg groodle loves these and they give her a good workout. Well, she loves all your products and comes running when she hears me getting them out of the pantry.. They are ideal if you want something a little smaller than the lumbar bones which she also loves.

  11. Add a review

    Aygun (verified owner)

    We have four whippets and they all love these, usually purchase pig snouts and beef liver treats when I place an order, which they also love. As soon as I receive a delivery I place another order so we don’t run out of any these treats as we live in regional Victoria and it takes a while for the delivery to arrive..Five stars all round for all products I’ve purchased!

  12. Add a review

    Basia (verified owner)

    Saxon, our English Staffy loves these teeth cleaners. Some of the pieces are so large that my hubby chops them in half, with an axe ha ha. Saxon often goes back out into the garden to find what he has left and happily sits in the sun whilst entertaining himself by chewing away. I love to watch him as he looks happy and content with his bone. We just love Clear Dog Treats.

  13. Add a review

    Gabby (verified owner)

    My labrador LOVES the kangaroo teeth cleaners! However you really MUST supervise your dog closely when giving this treat. Once, my dog bit into the bone and it shattered into some very sharp pieces. I know the treats are dehydrated and this is not supposed to happen,, but it did. I know now to keep an eye on my dog when he chews on these teeth cleaners. I will keep purchasing them because they do a great job getting rid of dental plaque & my dog seems to think they taste great.

    • Add a review


      Thanks for the feedback Gabby. Our treats are dehydrated at low temperatures and not cooked. Cooking them at higher temperatures causes the bone to calcify and this is how it becomes brittle and can break into hard and sharp nuggets. Dehydrated bone however is still bone and will crunch up and give sharp edges however the dogs deal with these extremely well and its what gets into the teeth and gums and makes a great dental aid. Certainly monitor your dog as accidents may happen (though extremely rare, just like chocking for humans). We certainly would not be selling any treats which were giving feedback that they were harming dogs.

  14. Add a review

    Brett (verified owner)

    All products here that my dog has tried perform as advertised. I now have a happy rottie on a kangaroo single protein diet and her ear infections have gone and her teeth look amazing. Out performs anything from a supermarket or department store.

  15. Add a review

    JennyPercy (verified owner)

    Excellent. My lab retriever Wilbur loves them and they last a while too.

  16. Add a review

    Angela (verified owner)

    2 dogs over 35kgs. Must have for teeth, and mental health! Value for money.

  17. Add a review

    barnesy321 (verified owner)

    Keeps my American staffy entertained for at least 30 minutes, she is a picky eater with a lot of allergies but loves these

  18. Add a review

    Wendy (verified owner)

    My Japanese spitz loves the smaller ones of these. She buries it and then likes to re eat.

  19. Add a review

    Lee-Ann (verified owner)

    My staffie x Buster just adores these kangaroo treats. His teeth are in such good shape for a 9 year old. The vet has commented on his teeth too and after telling him what he gets as a treat his reply was “that’s why dingos have such good teeth, keep it up”. Will keep puchasing these for as long as buster is around.

  20. Add a review

    Jennepher Hooper

    My maltese cross adores these and asks for one very day! The bones have enough meat to make him take a long time time to chew it. Highly recommended.

  21. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    Our girl Nancy, standard poodle, loved these special Chews, they lasted at lot longer than most of the treats she has had and over a couple of daysshe was able to devour almost every single morsel! I certainly will buy these again ****

  22. Add a review

    Cheryl OMeagher (verified owner)

    Great for teeth cleaning as my puppy Bichon Frise loves them. The arm bone is great

  23. Add a review

    Mary C (verified owner)

    I get these and Turkey necks for my GSD and he loves ‘em! It definitely saved my furniture from the teething stage!

  24. Add a review

    Belinda (verified owner)

    Great product. My two collies love them.,

  25. Add a review

    Big Bear (verified owner)

    Our nine year old poodle isn’t normally a fan of bones, but he was very happy to chew these for an hour or so.

  26. Add a review

    Gucci (verified owner)

    Bit smelly but our mini schnauzer loves these! Keeps him busy for a while and he finishes it clean every time!

  27. Add a review

    Coco (verified owner)

    My two westies love these. Takes them 40 to 60 minutes too chew off all the meat. They will then “hide” the bones around the house and return to chew on them as long as I leave them out. Which isn’t too long as they do stink quite bad. Will definitely buy again. Way cheaper than bully sticks and liked just as much.

  28. Add a review

    Jenni Woolland (verified owner)

    I bought these for my cockerspaniel because they are low fat, and she needs to get here teeth cleaned. She loves them, and her teeth are much better now. One negative that bothers my husband. She leaves some of the cartilege behind when she has removed all the tasty bits, and we noticed the cartilege sometimes looks a bit pointed at the end. We are worried that if she swallowed this it might perforate something inside her? I know you state it won’t splinter like a bone does, but just the same the cartilege definitely looked pointed at one end and a bit dangerous.

    • Add a review


      Hi Jenni, cooking a bones causes it to calcify which in turn make it very brittle and its this that can make them shard into nuggets and hard sharps. Its why we recommend not feeding cooked bones. dehydrated bones on the other hand have not calcified and are a lot softer and wont do this. That said, they will still crunch up and you may still have pointed bits but generally the dog will deal with this just fine and it acts as an awesome dental aid. Just like humans chocking, nothing is 100% safe but I can assure you its extremely unusual to hear of an issue with an uncooked bone and we certainly would not sell anything that was getting such feedback.

  29. Add a review

    Phillipa (verified owner)

    Our miniature schnauzer loves these, He gets so excited when we bring one out, He gets all the meat off in an hour or so but is happy to keep gnawing them as long as he is allowed to.

  30. Add a review

    Carol (verified owner)

    These are great for the dogs teeth! Maybe a bit too long lasting and would be more suitable to larger dogs, not my two older spoodles!

  31. Add a review

    Terri (verified owner)

    My 7 month cavoodle adores these. He’d have one every day if I let him. He’s been having kangaroo ribs since he was very little but these ones are lasting at least 45mins which is awesome.

  32. Add a review

    Matt (verified owner)

    Great item. My dog with many allergies (Hypoallergenic & Dermatitis/ : Seborrhea) it was hard to find him treats to enjoy without his allergies kicking it. Luckily this item and other kangaroo treats bought from here were perfect. Thank you! He loves them and I’ll definitely be buying more once restocked.

  33. Add a review

    Sharad (verified owner)

    I have bought these Teeth Cleaners twice. First time around, my dog appeared to be enjoying the product. However, the second order has not gone the same way. He avoids the teeth cleaners and only occasionally has a chew on it. Wont be buying this product again.. .

  34. Add a review

    Louise Castelli (verified owner)

    Great product , great service 🌟Poppy (mini schnauzer) love them

  35. Add a review

    Christine Hart (verified owner)

    My Cavalier cross has a very sensitive mouth yet he can really chew on these bones. His teeth have never been cleaner. What I like most of all is that he actually cannot “get into ” the bone. he just chews and chews trying to get the dried meat. This is the only product that hasn’t caused any tummy problems. I am extremely happy to have found this product

  36. Add a review

    Claire (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect for my two Huskies! They absolutely love them.

  37. Add a review

    Frances Baily (verified owner)

    Great product!
    My 3 dogs – a greyhound, a dachshund and a chihuahuaX all love them – spend at least 1/2 hour stripping them bare.

  38. Add a review

    Julia Bell (verified owner)

    My Jack Russel loves them but I felt were too large for here having previously purchased them on another site I thought they would be much smaller. Do you sell a smaller size?

    • Add a review


      Hi Julia, they can vary in size depending on the roo and sometimes can be smaller. This time of season they tend to be bigger roos. The roo spare ribs or the roo tail tips might be the smaller bone products for roo

  39. Add a review

    Jaimee (verified owner)

    My two greyhounds love these. Usually takes at least 30mins to work on one, sometimes over an hour. In a 1kg bag, there are usually about 12 bones. They do a pretty good job of cleaning the teeth too.

  40. Add a review

    Faye Whiffin (verified owner)

    These are great for the dogs’ teeth. Our dogs eat them with gusto

  41. Add a review

    Theresa (verified owner)

    My maltilier absolutely loves these and they clean his teeth so well.
    But is nobody going to mention the smell ??!! OMG….the smell !!!!!!
    None of the other kangaroo treats smell this bad .
    I love what these have done for my boy’s teeth but I don’t know if I can handle the smell.
    Will stick to other kangaroo treats like the ribs and boomerangs.

    • Add a review


      Hi Theresa, thanks for the feedback. I am glad your dog is enjoying the treats. As a natural product the smell can vary based on the age and breed and even the geography can make a difference as the feed they have access to can be different. Some batches can sometimes smell stronger but as your dog knows, this isn’t an indication of any issues, just how a nature turns out when the water is removed. An outside treat perhaps! 🙂

  42. Add a review

    Andrea (verified owner)

    Bought these as a “settling” chew for my hyper-aroused dog. Great for post-walk calming down. My dog is super fussy… Doesn’t even like bully sticks. These keep him entertained for at least an hour at a time. Almost finished a 1kg bag in just over 1 month and about to order another pack. I had read some reviews about it being “too big” but I didn’t find this for my 10kg dog. It’s about the length of a corn cob.

  43. Add a review

    HH (verified owner)

    These are just such good value – our dogs keep chewing on them until they are totally exhausted & then they have a drink & go for round 2! They are such a big hit with our young & old dogs alike. Plus they are great for their teeth & low fat as well. They tick all the boxes!

  44. Add a review

    Wendy Jones (verified owner)

    I have Standard Poodles and they love, love, love these. Aptly named they are great teeth cleaners.

  45. Add a review

    Pamela Metcalf (verified owner)

    My dog is a small dog Maltese and manages the bones well – he looks forward to having the treat.

  46. Add a review


    I have two Labradoodles – one a hulking 21kg lad and the other a small sized 4 month old pup. Both boys devour these and the boomerangs. The roo shoulder pieces only last 10-15 minutes tops, and the beef sticks disappear in even shorter time. I buy these because they’re longer lasting and both dogs love them, unlike many other treats that they enjoy once then reject. We’re a confirmed clear dog family!

  47. Add a review

    Deb Parker (verified owner)

    Advertised for small dogs but they are too big for my Pomeranian Jack Russell cross. If there were smaller ones available I would purchase again.

  48. Add a review

    Melissa Smith (verified owner)

    Great long lasting chew for my bullmastiff puppies and adolescents! So hard to get something suitable for giant breeds but these are great. The dogs love them!

  49. Add a review

    Lesley (verified owner)

    excellent product. my dog loves them as his afternoon treat and they are brilliant for his teeth health.

  50. Add a review

    Marian Dyson (verified owner)

    Great sized healthy treat for our Vizsla fur grand baby. They lasted longer than other similar sized treats and he just loved them! Happy to give natural treats rather than cheaper versions available with questionable fillers and additives.
    Recommend these Kangaroo Dog Treats!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  51. Add a review

    Yvonne Hedges (verified owner)

    my two Tenterfield Terriers love these. Vet very happy with their teeth.

  52. Add a review

    Susan (verified owner)

    These kangaroo teeth cleaners are the best thing for my 2 mini schnauzers. They keep them occupied for hours. Both of them have perfectly clean teeth after chiewing on these. The breeder I bought one of my schnauzers off recommended them. Would highly recommend his product, low fat etc so good for schnauzers tummies

  53. Add a review

    Emma Blackman (verified owner)

    We have been giving these to our Golden Retriever, Bella for about 6 months now and we recently took her to the Vet for her annual check up. The Vet said that her teeth were “absolutely perfect” and even asked us what we feed her to keep her teeth so sparkling clean! Hands down these treats are the best, Bella loves them and they really do make a huge difference to their teeth. Keep up the great work, guys and a huge thank you! 🙂

  54. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Highly recomend to even little dogs these are a wonderful treat

  55. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    My 3 small dogs loves these bones they are a great size ,do not splinter into small peices , great to help clean the dogs teeth i highly recommend them .

  56. Add a review

    Meredith (verified owner)

    My four cavaliers love these! Finding something that keeps them happy and engaged for an hour is a real achievement and these fit the bill perfectly. Keeps their teeth looking great and excellent value!

  57. Add a review

    Esther (verified owner)

    My frenchie loves it! He chews on them for hours and they kept him very entertained.

  58. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    I have a whippet that is prone to bad teeth. These kangaroo bones are really tough to chew. So a tooth cleaner lime these keeps the doctor away!?

  59. Add a review

    Vanessa (verified owner)

    Great for a big dog, very long lasting even for my bullarab. They are super big and he chewed it for an hour and a half and it still wasn’t finished.
    I’d recommend taking the treat away after a half an hour as we had 2 middle of the night vomits , due to all the air he was sucking down whilst chewing.!
    A real favourite of his and we are big fans.

  60. Add a review

    June (verified owner)

    Great product and service was excellent. It was the first time buying the teeth cleaners, and my dog loved them. She certainly gave the postie a good Sniff when the parcel arrived!

  61. Add a review

    Pauline Coote (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. A tad too big for my miniature dachshund but great for the standard one. Certainly plenty of chewing done. Clean teeth & fresh breath. No chemicals involved a win win situation for the health of my dogs.

  62. Add a review

    Michelle K (verified owner)

    These are fantastic … my boy LOVES them even more than raw bones… great value & just one lasts my cavalier for a few days… keeps him happy while I’m working at home… thank you …

  63. Add a review

    Monika Smith (verified owner)

    I find these are the best for cleaning my dogs teeth as they keep working at getting all the little bits off the bone
    My Dogs teeth are now Pearly White
    I have a Corgi & Terrier Cross

  64. Add a review

    Kate (verified owner)

    Our Japanese Spitz loves these Kangaroo teeth cleaners, and we’ve seen a real improvement in his teeth since we started giving them to him. Plus, they keep him entertained for hours!

  65. Add a review


    My whippet loves this “treat”. and so do I.! She was rescued about 9 months ago and at the first vet vhevk up I was told to watch my dogs teeth as apparently they are renowned for tartar build up

    We got onto the kangaroo teeth cleaners and we got an elephant stamp last week for her check up. ?

    I do get a bit worried when she finally chips a bit of bone off so it house straight to the bin. I was giving her a new one once a day but now her teeth are clean it’s about once a week. She has a very strong bite.

    I also give her a kangaroo knee every morning after our walk.

    I’m very very happy with clear dog products and service. I’ve been a fan for around 5 years with my last dog and now my new model!?

  66. Add a review

    Esther (verified owner)

    Was a tad worried about the size as I have a 4kg pocdle x and 5kg maltese x but I was surprised they actually enjoyed. Lasted for awhile. Would be nice to have a medium size for small dogs. A few of the kangaroo teeth cleaners were massive ended up giving to my sisters 12kg dog.

  67. Add a review

    Robyn (verified owner)

    Yummy! Striped every bit of meat off the bones. However a little large for my small dogs to tackle once the meat was gone. Probably too well fed @ too lazy to chew.

  68. Add a review

    Clive Rowlands

    I have a large Labrador,RetrieverX who absolutely loves these.VETcommented on how good his teeth were.

  69. Add a review

    redvet (verified owner)

    I have a 10kg terrier (about the size of a small Beagle) who is a strong chewer, and decided to take a punt on these despite several reviewers saying they were too big for small dogs.
    They work really well for my girl. I gave her a smaller one from the pack to start, which she devoured completely in one sitting with no ill effects. The larger one I have just given her has kept her occupied for about an hour and is still good enough to offer again later for another session.
    So, if you have a smaller dog with strong teeth and jaws that likes to chew, give these a go.

  70. Add a review

    Suzy MacDonald (verified owner)

    My 15kg beaglier absolutely inhales his food. These teeth cleaners (and also the roo necks cut in half) keep him busy for hours. I’m very happy to find a product that is low in fat and keeps him entertained for so long. Really good product

  71. Add a review

    sarah (verified owner)

    I have two greyhounds and they both love these bones. I have been amazed at how well they have cleaned their teeth (even though they are called teeth cleaners – duh)… I have only given them 3 each so far and nearly all the plaque and tartar has come clean off showing pearly whites… very happy!

  72. Add a review

    Viana Stevens (verified owner)

    I have two miniature dachshunds who love these bones. The bones keep them occupied for hours
    while I am out & stops them barking at every noise.

  73. Add a review

    Oz Pet Care Contracting (verified owner)

    I forgot to mention in my last review that Abbi was always hard to get to chew her fresh bones and always just buried them and brought them back to eat at time I couldn’t stand the smell and her teeth were getting plague. Since getting these bones from clear dog, her teeth are really good now and on smelly bones to deal with anymore. She finishes these right to the end in a couple of days.
    Great product

  74. Add a review

    opcwelfare (verified owner)

    I have a dalmatian and these were perfect for Abbi. They have just the right amount of dried meat on them that keeps her entertained for ages and goes back to it all the time. Lasts her two to three days and always devours the lot. Recommend for all medium to large dogs. Thanks Clear Dogs x

  75. Add a review

    Danielle Keoller (verified owner)

    My dogs love these, especially my old staffy, who loves to chew

  76. Add a review

    Emily (verified owner)

    I was a bit concerned with these for my Jack Russell, he finds kangaroo upsets his tummy. The kangaroo teeth cleaners are low in fat so I gave them a try and he has not had any problems. I give one a fortnight, mix it up with fish and pizzle options which are also good for teeth. Very happy and he enjoys them.

  77. Add a review

    Matt (verified owner)

    We have 2 medium size Labradoodles they love them but they are to big, I cut them in half and now they are manageable. Maybe a cut in half version for smaller dogs would be good.

  78. Add a review

    MAREE WANKE (verified owner)

    these are great for dogs that need to be kept busy, my daughters staffy just loved them.

  79. Add a review

    Michele (verified owner)

    Fantastic chew for my 10kg JRTx who can demolish cow ears and smaller bones in a matter of minutes. These keep him busy for hours and there are still usually leftovers by the time I get home from work.

  80. Add a review

    Mandy (verified owner)

    My Border Collie and medium sized Spitz love these.

  81. Add a review

    Florence Margan (verified owner)

    Good product my dog loves them

  82. Add a review

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    My cava-tzu loves them

  83. Add a review

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    Absolutely adored by my cavalier and Maltese. They really love them.
    Thank you for another great product.

  84. Add a review

    Jeanette (verified owner)

    These roo teeth cleaners are very large. They are advertised for small to medium dogs but while my small dogs loved the taste of the treats ,there was no way they could carry them or really eat them. I gave them to my daughter for her medium dog who loves them.

  85. Add a review

    Donna Harris (verified owner)

    8 month old fox terrier puppy had such fun with these. He was so relaxed and chewed for ages. I must admit that Fox Terriers are small- medium dogs but, they have a big set of choppers and often chews last only a short time. This was much longer lasting and held his interest.

  86. Add a review

    craigandchars (verified owner)

    On the advice of our Vet, I replaced my Staffy’s weekly bones with expensive daily dental chews. Within months, his previously beautiful white pearlies were covered in calculus and you guessed it, said Vet then wanted upwards of $700 to anaesthetise him in order to clean his teeth. Not only that, our Pet Insurance wouldn’t cover the cost because teeth cleaning is not considered an illness.

    So before committing to anything with the Vet, I thought I would give these Kangaroo Teeth Cleaners a go. Not only does my Staffy love them, they keep him busy for a couple of hours and best of all, after giving him about 5 of them over a couple of weeks, his teeth are almost back to pearly white again and I’ve saved $700+. I don’t normally do reviews but felt compelled in this case to endorse this awesome product. PS: He also gets the RAW 4 Paws meat every day and I constantly get comments on how healthy and shiny his coat is.

  87. Add a review

    Ronda Skinner (verified owner)

    My Koolie Sally loves these teeth cleaners. They are great for her teeth. She loves them. Keeps her busy chewing for ages. Highly recommend them.

  88. Add a review

    Bea (verified owner)

    Fantastic for my 20 week border collie puppy. I let him chew for 30 minutes per day (supervises), then take the bone away, and get 4 or so sessions out of one bone before he loses interest in it. He absolutely loves “chewing time”.

  89. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    I have large dogs and these keep them busy for ages

  90. Add a review

    Michelle White (verified owner)

    My Staffy and Heeler both love this product, they spend hours munching away and love dragging these bones with them…
    My only complaint is that you don’t seem to get many in bag, I always buy 1kg bags of any/all clear dog products, and this one just didn’t seem to go very far..
    Still I would definitely purchase again.

  91. Add a review

    Tracy (verified owner)

    Not suitable for small dogs in my opinion. We have a Cavalier and she struggled to hold it and we really don’t want her to have food that large anyway. Perfect for our Beagle but definitely not as stated, suitable for small dogs. Suggest you have something about half that size. Have bought your kangaroo tendons in the past too and most of those are too big for our Cavalier. Would be ideal to have different sizes to sell and have it accurately described. Product quality great – just the size is not right.

    • Add a review


      Hi Tracey, thanks for the valuable feedback. The problem we have is we also have a lot of smaller dogs who love this product – while some find it to much. I have updated the wording on the product page to say medium dogs and smaller dogs who like a challenge.

  92. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    I had to give these away to someone with really big dogs. My medium sized dogs did not like them

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    Birgit Bade (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I bought these thinking they would be suitable for our two miniature schnauzers but they were just too big, These were great for medium size dogs I ended up giving them to a friend with a beagle and cattle dog and they loved them

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