Christmas Treat Pack Special


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Australian customers only. Sorry, due to declaration requirements.

Normal Retail: $87+ Christmas special: $59.95! Over 30% off!

Limit 5 packs of each type per person.

Sorry, we can not individually customise these packs. If we run out of stock of any product in the pack, it will be replaced with a similar one.

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Christmas Dog Treat Pack

The Christmas Dog Treat Pack everyone is asking about! Our best deal of the year!

Don’t forget your 4 legged family members this Christmas.

Let all their Christmas come at once with this variety pack of 10+ different dog treats for the festive period.

Australian customers only. Sorry, due to custom declaration form requirements.

Get over 30% off the retail price of these Christmas variety packs.

1. Christmas Pack for Small to Medium Dog includes:

Beef Jerky Crunch 100g $7.95
Chicken Breast Jerky 100g  $11.95
Chicken Wing Tips 100g  $7.95
Goat Puff Crumble 70g  $5.95
Kangaroo Jerky Sheets 100g  $9.95
Kangaroo Tail Discs 100g  $7.95
Hardy Heads 100g  $9.95
Fish Jerky Strips 85g  $8.95
Pig Snouts 5pack  $9.95
Lamb Puff Cubes 75g $6.95

Normal Price if purchased separately at retail: $87.50 

Christmas special: $59.95!


2. Christmas Pack for Medium to Large Dog  include:

Kangaroo Riblets  200g  $14.25
Cow Hooves 3pack  $6.50
Pig Trotter 5pack  $10.95
Moo Chew Tubes  3pack $9.95
Duck Neck 1 piece
Beef Pizzle Thick 15cm 1 piece
Kangaroo Breast Bone 1 piece
Kangaroo Lumbar Whole 1 piece
Beef Paddywack 1 piece
Kangaroo Jerky Long 1 piece
Shark Tail 1 piece
Pig Ear 1 piece
Kangaroo Boomerang 1 piece
Mackerel Skin Twist 1 piece
Fish Twister 1 piece

Normal Price if purchased separately at retail: $87.65

Christmas special: $59.95!

That’s an amazing over 30% off! Only ever done at Christmas to say thanks to all our lovely customers.

Please note:

Single treats are packed together into a single bag

Limit 5 packs per person.

Sorry, we cannot make changes to this pack.

If we run out of stock of any product in the pack, it will be replaced with a similar one.

The picture is for illustrative purposes only. Actual contents will be different from those seen in the picture (see contents above).

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33 reviews for Christmas Treat Pack Special

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    Lorraine (verified owner)

    Christmas hamper

    Great pack with lots of variety.

  2. Add a review

    Maximus (verified owner)

    If you have an xtra large dog like our doberman boy,maximus then you can’t go wrong with this pack! He received a huge mixture with treats which occupied him during times where he needed to be preoccupied. He took his chew outside and spent time being on his own. I have ordered other treat boxes from other companies for “med-large” dogs and they did not suit my boy. If you have a dog who likes to chew and enjoy a treat for longer then this is the box for you.

  3. Add a review

    Gillian (verified owner)

    Great value and good variety. I was expecting everything in different packages but it was only in a couple so it was very waste conscious as well. Definitely recommend.

  4. Add a review

    Meredith (verified owner)

    Great variety of treats all of which are sure to be greatly appreciated by our miniature poodle. We normally get the kangaroo knee tendons (which he loves and which last him a little longer than the kangaroo tendons) but this selection will allow us to try some different treats. Clearly the odour is enticing because he keeps sniffing the box when the cupboard door is open. No treats yet …. but we will try them shortly.

  5. Add a review

    Lisa (verified owner)

    Both my Labradors love the variety of treats that they get in the Christmas box

  6. Add a review

    Gucci (verified owner)

    Loved this Christmas hamper. We got the small – medium size for our mini schnauzer. Great variety

  7. Add a review

    Megan (verified owner)

    Doggos absolutely love these treats! Great variety and value for money.

  8. Add a review

    Mary Gudgeon (verified owner)

    Great value. Very much enjoyed by our fur child

  9. Add a review

    Mary Gudgeon (verified owner)

    Great value in this box. Good variety of products. Arrived within a week of ordering. Definitely enjoyed by our blue heeler

  10. Add a review

    Tarnya Trezise (verified owner)

    Excellent product. My two loved them!

  11. Add a review

    Rich (verified owner)

    Good quality treats. My dog enjoyed all of them which made them great incentives for training sessions.

  12. Add a review

    Lauren (verified owner)

    This is such great value for your money. My dog absolutely loved them all to the point we had to hide them because he kept stealing the whole bag. Definitely recommend and have just purchased more. Keep up the great work team.

  13. Add a review

    David (verified owner)

    Great selection of treats and great value! An ideal Christmas pressie for the fur-babies.

  14. Add a review

    Oki Rose (verified owner)

    Clear Dog treats are always the best and this Christmas pack is no exception. There is the opportunity to try products that you may not have ordered previously and the reduced price is great. We were trying to wait until the big day but the temptation was too much and Mack has started on the selection. And he’s happy!

  15. Add a review

    Lois Shepherdson (verified owner)

    The pack this year is fantastic as the treats are all the correct size for my dogs. They love them all, but they ARE Cavaliers and anything spelt TREAT is always a hit with them. The 100% is a hit with me.

  16. Add a review

    Nikki (verified owner)

    These packs are great and allow the fur kids to try different products. Good value for the money!

  17. Add a review

    Aniya (verified owner)

    Great variety of treats, my border collie enjoys them all.

  18. Add a review

    Lynore Moffatt (verified owner)

    What a great variety of treats, my dog loves them.

  19. Add a review

    Annette (verified owner)

    Great selection! The fur babies dribble in anticipation.

  20. Add a review

    Marigold (verified owner)

    What a fabulous pack! We’ve been using Clear Dog Treats for a while now but this pack has so many things in it we hadn’t tried and it has been perfect to try new things with the doggos and get a feel for what they love (all of it lol).

  21. Add a review

    Mary (verified owner)

    Great way to try different products to see if my dog liked them

  22. Add a review

    Genevieve Wicks (verified owner)

    Your treats are loved by my dog and i love them too as they’re so hygienically packaged and presented.
    Thank you I’m so happy I found Clear dog treats.

  23. Add a review

    Anne Mason (verified owner)

    This is the best selection my 3 dogs loved it it gave them a taste of new treats which I will buy for them in the future
    highly recommended

  24. Add a review

    Lisa Williams (verified owner)

    Love that these treats are natural and not putting Nasties into my baby’s system! He loves them and I love to see him happy! Thank you!!

  25. Add a review

    Val (verified owner)

    Bear loved getting a great selection of treats for Xmas. Great to trial the ones he hasnt had before. Excellent.

  26. Add a review

    Helen (verified owner)

    What a terrific range of products for a bargain price! Our fur-kids love variety so Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas – they are in doggy paradise! Thank you Clear Dogs

  27. Add a review

    Marina (verified owner)

    BOOOOM what an amazing pack the Christmas Treat Pack Special is – seriously soooo much GREAT stuff in it

  28. Add a review

    Kelly (verified owner)

    Pawfect stocking stuffer for my dogs. With a little bit of everything for them to try. And everything they’ve had so far is a bit

  29. Add a review

    Jodie (verified owner)

    Very good value & the quality is excellent.

  30. Add a review

    Kylie (verified owner)

    This was great value. My dog adores the treats I buy from you. Knowing its 100% is great for me.

  31. Add a review

    Katherine (verified owner)

    This pack is fantastic. Great sampling selection. Lets you try a lot of different products to see what your dog likes. So far she loves everything.

  32. Add a review

    Denise Terry (verified owner)

    What a great box of treats. My boy always loves your product, so this was a great Xmas present.

  33. Add a review

    Louise Castelli (verified owner)

    Great gifts for my fur grandchildren

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