Dog Treats Trial Pack


Total Value $144.55, selling for $129.95

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Dog Treats Trial Pack

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The pack contains 1 piece each of the following:

Mackerel Skin twist $3.95
Fish Twister $3.95
Gummy Twist $3.95
Shark Cartilage Tail $3.95
Fish Dental Stick $3.95
Shark tail $ 5.50
Shark cartilage $1.95

Beef Pizzle Standard $2.95
Beef pizzle Thick $5.95
Cow Hoove $3.25
Moo Tube $4.50
Beef Paddywack $4.50
Beef Jerky Strip $1.95
Beef Spare Rib  $1.95
Beef Chew Stick $2.95
Cow ear  $4.95

Kangaroo Tail – Split $3.75
Kangaroo Tail – whole $5.45
Kangaroo Breast Bone $3.95
Kangaroo Teeth Cleaner $4.95
Kangaroo Boomerang $4.95
Kangaroo Neck $4.95
Kangaroo Chop $ 4.95
Kangaroo Leg Bones $ 4.25
Kangaroo ear  $3.95
Kangaroo Knee Tendon  $1.95
Kangaroo Tail Tip  $3.95
Kangaroo jerky – Short  $2.50
Kangaroo Jerky Long  $2.75
Kangaroo Shoulder Wing  $3.95
Kangaroo Leg tendon  $3.95

Chicken Wing  $1.95
Chicken Foot $1.95
Chicken Neck  $0.95

Pigs Ear  $2.95
Pigs trotter  $2.50

Duck Wing  $1.95
Sheep Ear  $1.50
Turkey Neck $5.95
Goat Trotter $4.50

Total Value $144.55, selling for $129.95 that is 10% off!!

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All of our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

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