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Sorry while we absolutely love this product and have used them for many years, we are discontinuing this item to concentrate on our core treats business. We are now running out stock so many sizes will not appear in the pull down menu.


Mars Coat King

Mars Coat Kings are quite simply amazing! Not only does it remove the thick undercoat giving much relief to your dog while keep its lovely light outer coat, it also seriously decreases the amount of hair loss which is deposited around your home!

The Mars Coat King deshedding tools are in our opinion the best deshedding tool on the market. We use these tools ourselves for our deshedding grooming customers with fantastic results, much quicker than other deshedders on the market. We find them especially good for medium to long haired breeds such as Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Spitz etc… They are very high quality and are built to last. Very much worth the investment! You can also purchase blade replacements though they do last for years.

The Mars Coat King has uniquely ground teeth which makes the removal of dead hair, undercoat and knots quick and easy.  Place the tool on a dry coat and with light pressure, comb out in the direction of hair growth. As you do this, the straight hair passes through the teeth and the fluffy undercoat is removed.

31 reviews for Mars Coat King Deshedding Tools

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    Skye (verified owner)

    This brush is amazing it literally gets rid of all the loose fur I can grab a chunk of their fur and I have no loose furs unlike the previous brush I used to use I would be brushing them for 30mins and still get chunks of fur out of them.

    Will definately recommened this brush to anyone who wants a good brush that actually gets rid of the loose fur

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    Simone (verified owner)

    Having two schnauzers, grooming in winter is a pain. I have bought every brand of shedding tool and having had this a week my dogs coats look and feel amazing and no troublesome arguments with you dog in pain.
    It was quick and pain free for them
    I will definitely use only this tool from now on.

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    Oh wow! I could’ve made a doona out of the hair that came off doggy. Absolutely amazing. So glad I purchased it. Dog (Choc Lab) is in love with it too! He loves a good scratch and it was delivered! Well done on a fantastic product. I will be recommending this to all dog owners. It is also so easy to use. Our new best friend!

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    Marion Rattray (verified owner)

    A chance meeting at the local park with another owner of a Border Collie has made me and my aging dog very happy. The owner recommended the Mars Coat King as her Border Collie tolerated it better than any other grooming tool. I too am impressed that the on-line purchase was so easy.More importantly that the tool does what it’s claimed to do – removes mats and dead hair efficiently and painlessly. I tried unsuccessfully to find a Face Book page to promote this exceptional tool. I wish I had found this tool years ago – it would have saved so much pain, frustration and time. Thank you 🙂

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      Hi Marion, We too were stunned by this tool. When we used to have our grooming business each time we were amazed by it that we felt compelled to show the customer what had come off their dogs! Often they were shocked and thought we were joking that it had all come from their dog and we hadn’t pulled it all out of the bin! It really is an amazing tool which we wish more people knew about. Thanks for sharing.

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    lynne thompson (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the 12 blade original is unsuitable for my dogs coat. The company that makes this product suggested this blade for my malamute cross but it just scrapes the guard hairs off. I’ve used the plastic home line 10 blade before with success and should’ve stuck with that one as a replacement

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      Hi Lynne, that’s unfortunate, its the first time we have had one not work for a customer in 6 years of selling them so they have a good record. Please send it back and we we can replace for a different size or refund it. The guide is based on a typical dog in that breed category for their hair thickness, its possible your dogs hair is thinner or thicker since its a cross.

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    dgalvin (verified owner)

    We have a Rottweiler and got the recommended 30 Double Width. Like nearly everyone else we are amazed about the amount of hair that is removed. The dog likes it too and my daughter loves grooming our dog with it. Highly recommended!

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    Veronica Gilson (verified owner)

    Hi have tried a variety of combs for our long hair border collie with no sucess he now is starting to enjoy being groomed which is something until now was near on impossible really loving this mars tool! Highly recommended!!!!!

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    Gillian Brown

    Great product we have a chocolate lab removing her undercoat with this tool is amazing.
    Highly recommended.

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    With an indoor golden retriever we use to have to vacuum daily. The mars coat king brush is brilliant. I wish I purchased it earlier. Hardly any fur in the house. And, as a bonus the dog loves being groomed with it even on his tail. Thanks for the easy transaction cleardog 🙂

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    Simon (verified owner)

    A great product to take the stress out of the springtime moult! Easy to use and my doggo doesn’t mind it at all.

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    Melissa (verified owner)

    Delighted with this groomer, why aren’t all the long haired breed owners using it and particularly professional groomers who are cutting the top coat on their clients dogs? We weren’t sure if we would be able to work out how to use it but it’s straightforward and the border collie cross who was fed up with her hair being pulled by regular brushes is fine to be done. We think she knows it is cooling her down as her thick undercoat disappears and it doesn’t hurt her. Just make sure you get the right size tool for your dog and you will be happy (I rang Clear Dog to find out the right size for ours).

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    Donna Cranwell (verified owner)

    Great brush for my Border Collie & Saint Bernard, works an absolute treat.

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    Pete (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this brush 18 double width. Our Swiss shepherd loves it & she looks great. Used to have to vacuum every day, not anymore, hardly any fur like before. Would highly recommend.

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    Gail (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, works really well.

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    Rosemary (verified owner)

    Excellent product for grooming my cavalier King Charles spaniel. Removes so much excess hair from her coat without discomfort.

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    Marie McNamara

    We’ve recently welcomed into our home an adorable, adult female miniature schnauzer called Pearl. My husband declared he would save us money and clip her himself, which he has successfully done but we have struggled with the matted fur in her arm pits and on her belly. A colleague with Airedales suggested looking for specialized grooming tools on MARS. I ordered some products and yesterday a Coat King brush and detangling spray arrived. Pearl and I sat on the floor last night and I started work on her tangles using the Coat King. I didn’t need to use the detangling spray, the Coat King was magnificent. Pearl went to sleep and snored through a 30 minute grooming job and I am amazed at how all brushes are not equal. Brilliant! Thank you for an excellent product.

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    John Kumm (verified owner)

    This is a great product, which has been very good at removing the undercoat on my golden retriever. The Mars Coat King certainly allows me to improve my dog’s overall appearance, as well as giving him the ability to prepare for the hot dry summers that we have in this part of Australia.

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    Bruno (verified owner)

    Felt stupid using our normal brush until we tried this coat stripper!

    It works remarkably on our labradors!

    We’ve been doing it once every couple of weeks and it’s just magical!

    Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to minimise clouds of fur in your house!

    There are brushes for various purposes obviously but this one would ultimately assist with removing dead hair and thin under coat (especially for double coated dogs).

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    Owen (verified owner)

    Best ever brush for my Border Collie, 18 tooth is perfect, very quick and easy to use and my dog doesn’t mind it too much either

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    Jo (verified owner)

    Seriously the best brush for shedding my malamutes coat. Got all the undercoat out in a flash and he didn’t mind a bit.

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    Paula (verified owner)

    Perfect for our blue heeler

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    Ray (verified owner)

    Bonnie is our fourth Border Collie and we have tried a lot of different combs and brushes over the year but nothing comes close to this tool for efficiency in removing loose hair. Bonnie also enjoys the experience of being combed, which very important. Recommend it without hesitation

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    Cheryl Tapp (verified owner)

    I have a Border Collie and I was using a slicker brush, pin brush and comb for regular grooming. A local mobile dog wash owner showed me his Mars Coat King that he uses on his own border collie. Wow, the best thing I have used for removing undercoat and dead hair. My dogs coat looks great. Thankyou Cleardog for an easy and prompt transaction.

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    James (verified owner)

    Amazed at how easy and well this works. Went from having lots of dog hair in the house to next to none. Really, really good product.

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    Tracey Simpson (verified owner)

    Great brush for my border terrier. I use it every 3 weeks to keep him non-shaggy. He doesn’t mind it at all.

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    Angela2 (verified owner)

    This is the best deshedding tool I have purchased, wish I had one for our previous Border Collies. No other combs I’ve used have matched the efficiency of this tool, amazed how much hair it removes. Last year I took our Border Collie cross to a groomers who uses this comb and recommended it if I could find one online, said most groomers use them. Have recommended it to other family and friends. Thanks

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      Thanks Angela, We used to run a grooming business and the Mars Coat Kings were used daily with amazing results which is why we still sell them 10 years on 🙂

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    Elaine Kitchner (verified owner)

    We have a sheltie and she is very thick coated. Quite difficult to thin her coat. This tool is amazing. The first use was excellent and the dog semmed quite hapoy too. No trying to get away she just lay there and enjoyed. Miracle.

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    Sharon (verified owner)

    Fabulous tool. I bought this one as gift for relative with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
    Best deshedding tool available
    Postage was good delivered quickly.
    All good.
    Thank you

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    Ray (verified owner)

    Does a fantastic job on my cairn, and she loves it. Very efficient tool and efficient service also. Thanks Cleardog!

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    M.,C. Smith (verified owner)

    I have a 10 month old Irish Terrier,and I just purchased a 16 blade coat king.
    I was amazed at how much under hair came out ,and my baby girl did not
    mind at all . Thank you Clear Dog Treats. great service

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    Susan Parker (verified owner)

    This dog brush is incredible. I was using a well known brand on my medium haired dog. Brushing each day, getting what I thought was loads of hair out, but he was still scratching and uncomfortable. I was washing him almost weekly. After buying your brush, I wa amazed at the amount of hair that came out. My dog just layed down and let me brush it out.. Now he is not scratching, very comfortable and hasn’t needed a bath in almost a month. THANK YOU….FANTASTIC product….🐾🐾🐾🐾

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