About Clear Dog Treats

CLEAR Dog Treats is a continuation of the CLEAR Dog brand and the link between two family run businesses; CLEAR Dog Training, established in 2001 by Oliver Beverly and a well recognised brand by both the community and industry professionals, and CLEAR Dog Grooming which was established by his daughter Karen in 2008 and fast became a fully booked business year round. The CLEAR Dog brand has many long established clients and you can be sure that you are dealing with people whose passion is dogs. Customer service is extremely important to us, so please know that when you order from us, we really want to ensure you are happy with the experience.

Over the years, CLEAR Dog Treats has grown exponentially and is one of the biggest natural treat businesses in Australia. We service domestic and international retail and wholesale markets. There are a lot of raw suppliers and businesses drying treats out there, and a huge amount of imported low quality treats. We have developed a fantastic supply chain of high quality and consistent products over the years. We do not limit ourselves to one manufacturer, and in fact deal with over 10 as we want to pick the best of the bunch and also bring new novel treats to the market while ensuring we keep a consistent value balance.

As dog owners, we found that most stores around us sold sugar filled or preservative, additive and colour ridden 'treats'. The range was poor and we thought… we don't want to feed our dogs sugar or any of the low cost fillers, preservatives, colours and additives found in so many dog treats. We researched and started selling a small range of natural treats to our grooming and training customers. A few grooming or past training customers asked us if they could pre order online and in larger bags, and that's where Karen's husband Peter came in, as business owner running a Digital Electronics consultancy and with some coding and website experience Peter added a shop to the CLEAR Dog Grooming website. What started as a hobby around his Electronics business has become his heart and soul and the electronics business is now the hobby.

CLEAR dog treats packs

The best quality dog treats at the best overall value

We believe the reason for our growth is we provide a huge range of the best quality treats at the best overall value, with subsidised shipping all wrapped up with fast dispatch times and real customer service you only get with a small business. We value all feedback, good or bad as its the only way we know when we do something right or can improve.

With one historic exception we only sell ANZ products. There is generally no need to import treats, we have the highest quality raw material and quality control and humane practices here and keeping it local means we know whats in it, we visit our suppliers and we have much more transparency in the process that delivers treats to our door. With few exceptions, the ONLY reason our competitors import is to have a higher margin and make more money. They deal with importers and treats can change many hands. Often little is known of the source and even less of the manufacturing process.

CLEAR's gentle, reward-based training and grooming techniques are designed to ensure that dogs are treated well, and learn willingly and quickly through its philosophy:


rather than compulsion


rather than subservience


rather than stress


rather than domination


rather than fear

You can also visit our specific websites for grooming and training services at www.cleardoggrooming.com.au and www.cleardogtraining.com.au

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any products or services.

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