Dog Treats

Show your best friend some love with our healthy dog treats. We provide single ingredient dog treats that are all-natural, with no artificial colouring, preservatives, or additives in sight!

Your pooch will love our extensive range of delicious meats. With Australia’s biggest selection of dog treats online, you’re sure to find a taste they’ll love.

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From beef and chicken to kangaroo and pork, we cater to the taste buds of every dog! Check out our yummy varieties of meats below.

Beef Dog Treats

Our huge range of beef dog treats are sure to leave your dog satisfied. Whether they’re tucking into our nutritious beef jerky strips (great for your dog’s oral health) or taking their time on our weighty cow hooves (one of our longest-lasting dog treats), your best friend will love our beef dog treats.

Chicken Dog Treats

Treat your pooch to our tasty chicken dog treats. Chicken wing tips make the perfect healthy, quick snack, while our chicken necks are always a big hit! Our chicken breast is one of the only glycerine free products available in the country!

Fish Dog Treats

Keep your best friend’s skin healthy and coat shiny with Australia’s widest range of fish treats. From Queenfish tail to shark cartilage, our healthy fish dog treats are a great source of omega-3, protein, fish oil, and calcium.

Goat Dog Treats

Delicious and entertaining, our goat horn treats are great for pooches who love to chew. Another favourite is our low-fat, hypoallergenic goats liver treats – perfect for training!

Kangaroo Dog Treats

Low in fat and high in protein, vitamins and minerals, our kangaroo dog treats are a great natural option. Surprise your dog with our yummy kangaroo jerky or crunchy roo tubes.

Lamb Dog Treats

Our lamb treats contain vital nutrients for your dog. Keep them busy and happy with our delicious Sheep Ears or spoil them with our Lamb Puff Crumble – perfect for training.

Pork Dog Treats

A common favourite, you can’t go past our delicious Australian pigs’ ears and pig snouts (these work like a natural toothbrush to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy!).

Other Natural Dog Treats

Dogs love variety! Keep their tastebuds satisfied with our tasty range of other natural dog treats. From fish rawhide knots to goat pizzle tendons, these tasty natural dog treats will keep your pooch satisfied.

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