Frequently asked questions

Common Treat Questions

Where do your treats come from?

With 1-2 Exceptions, all of our treats are manufactured locally in Australia using 100% Australian products. This is one of our main differentiators. Be wary of cheaper (or more expensive!) products elsewhere saying they are Australian. We have seen it all.

Our only exception to the rule is some fish products might be caught outside Australian waters – such as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, or Hoki. Here, the raw product is landed in Australia which we still process and dehydrate locally.

What is the expiration date of your dog treats?

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and out of direct sunlight, and stored in a cool location like a kitchen or laundry cupboard where the temperature is generally under 30C.

Though they can deal with higher temperatures, its just we would not want them sat at a constant 40C for 12 months.

Keeping them sealed keeps away the humidity. Humidity can cause the treat to absorb moisture over time which can reduce the shelf life by way of mould. leaving them in direct sunlight can cause the treat to sweat and speed up the above!

What is the nutritional analysis of your products?

the vast majority of our products have been sent for analysis and this information can be found on each individual product page in the pull down tabs.

Some products might be on trial, new, or seasonal and data might not yet be available.

How much should I feed my dog with your treats?

Its important to feed your dog a balanced diet. That said, these ‘treats’ are real foods and high quality proteins. they are not your commercial low quality brands containing dozens of low nutrient dense ingredients and preservatives, additives and fillers.

For humans we associate the word ‘treats’ with highly processed high fat/sugar products. Many commercial dog treats are similar as to keep the costs down and margins up they use very low cost fillers and preservatives etc.

Our dog ‘treats’ however are nothing like this! They are mainly single ingredient, preservative, additive, sugar free with no added salt, colours, flavorings. simply the water is removed and you are left with a condensed set of high quality nutrients.

So we dont have specific limits on how much of our products you feed your dog, but just make sure they are rotated as part of a balanced diet with a good food over time which contain a mix of proteins and nutrients your dog needs to thrive. If you feed 100g of our treats to your dog a day, make sure this is considered in their overall intake.

These treats are dehydrated so water should always be available to your pet.


Can I feed these products to our Cat / Pony / Pet Dragon?

They are high quality meat proteins and are safe for any meat eating animal.

Cats are MUCH fussier than dogs. If we were a cat treat business and everyone had a cat like ours, we would be out of business!

Still she does like a few softer products like the chicken hearts, puff crumble and organ products. We have a Cat Genre you can click on from the Shop menu.

What is the best long lasting treat for my Dog?

This is such a hard question to answer because every dog is different. even same breed dogs can vary in what they like and what they will take on.

You can now filter down our products by their use and category using our ‘Treat Selector Tool’:

This allows you to select certain uses such as ‘long lasting dog treats’ or ‘low fat dog treats’ and also allows you to select certain meat proteins.

Ultimately our recommendations work with what is typical, but are no guarantee to what your dog may like. Please take it as a guideline to help you but remember we do not know your dog as well as you.

Long lasting treats are compared to other treats within our natural product range and can not only vary depending on your dogs size, but also their jaw strength, determination and spirit!


Help Ordering

Can you let me know when a product is back in stock?

If you have an account, you can click to receive an email the moment a product comes back in to stock on our website.

This is done on the individual product pages and click in the notify me box next to the out of stock product.

Can you put a product aside for me when it comes in?

Unfortunately we cannot put products aside for individual customers as it becomes very difficult to manage with thousands of customers especially when its a very popular item which is hard to source and we do not know how much or when we will receive.

We highly recommend using the notify me option on the out of stock products page and in the case of hard to source products, making your way to the website as soon as you receive the back in stock notification.

Can I have a coupon please?

The main use of the coupon codes are to give customers a one off credit. This could be due to:

  • Someone makes a mistake with their order which results in a credit
  • An incorrect shipping option selected which results in a credit
  • We made an unusual mistake with an order
  • A return for an incorrect selection.

We also use coupon codes for promotions from time to time. The main place you will find one of these is via our Facebook page, Instagram (#cleardogtreats), or via our newsletters which you can sign up for.

Other than this, we keep our prices as low as possible, and give discounts to loyal customers through our loyalty program and repeat subscriptions.

How do I use a store credit or coupon?

Both store credits and coupons can be used in the checkout stage by simply entering the coupon in the coupon box and clicking apply or clicking to apply a store credit.

The option to use a store credit will only be seen if you are logged in to your account and have a store credit greater than zero.

Store credits can only be used on one time purchases and not auto-ships which repeat.

What payment options do you have?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, ApplePay and Bank Transfer payments.

Unfortunately at this time we do not accept Afterpay due to the large fees (6%) which would require a substantial increase in our product price to cover. At this time we feel this is not in the interest of the majority of our customers.

How to choose the right size treat and categorise your dog size

Often we will categorise treats as small to medium, medium to large etc. But this does not necessarily mean their actual size, but more so their jaw!

Some breeds of dog are small but have a much stronger jaw size than, say a Shih Tzu. We also see massive variations of what treats some breeds of dogs can handle. For example, our mini Schnauzer go to treat is the kangaroo knee tendons, but we have seen feedback where some say they are too much for theirs.

So, its important to use your own judgement. when we state a long lasting treat for Medium dogs,  this means typically for your medium chewer with a medium strong jaw, typically. Consider your own dog, its size combined with its jaw strength and then add in its ‘X’ factor as some small dogs give massive treats a good go where some large dogs want instant gratification!



What is an Autoshipment?

Our Auto-ship feature allows our retail customers to create an order which automatically repeats at a certain frequency which you set.

This saves you time going through the same process and ensures you do not run out of treats.

You have the flexibility to change the renewal frequency, change the renewal date, put it on hold and to add and remove products. You can also add one off products to your autoship and can cancel anytime.

We prioritise stock for our auto-shipments and hold an inventory dedicated to fulfilling auto-ship orders.

Lets be honest, a loyal customer is worth a lot, so in return for your loyalty we offer a 10% discount on all on-going auto-ship orders. That’s a lot on our already cheap prices!

Please note the discount does not apply to our weekly and monthly specials which already have a 10-15% discount which you will receive, if your auto-ship has any sales products at the time of renewal.

Auto-ship orders do not qualify for loyalty points.

Can I change the contents of my active Auto-Shipment?

Yes! Make sure you are logged in and follow the steps below:

Adding products to an active autoship:

  • Go to the product page and click ‘Subscribe and save’.
  • Choose the size and quantity
  • Click the ‘Add to existing auto-ship’ radio
  • Choose to add as a one off with your next shipment or permanently



Removing Products to an active autoship:

  • Click on the ‘My Account’ icon, top right


  • Select the ‘Auto-shipments’ tab button
  • Click ‘x’  on the left of the product you wish to remove.


Can I change the frequency and or the date of my Autoship or even renew it now?

Yes, this can be done from the Auto-shipments tab in the ‘My Account’ area.

  • Go to the Auto-Shipments tab.
  • Click ‘Renew now’ to instantly renew your order.
  • To Change the frequency or the renewal date click ‘Change Interval’
  • Make the desired change and click ‘Update’


Is my price locked in?

No. Auto-ships are simply a convenience trigger to create ongoing orders for you, saving you time and ensuring you dont run out of dog treats with a great discount for your loyalty.

The price you pay is the price of the product at the moment the auto-ship triggers, minus your autoship discount for non sale products.

This means the price may be higher or lower or the same as your previous shipment, depending on if there has been a price rise/fall or an item is on sale.

If an item is on sale you will receive the sale price but no further discount.

Can I cancel or suspend my Auto-Ship order?

Yes, this can be done from the Auto-shipments tab in the ‘My Account’ area.

Make sure you are logged in and click the my account icon in the top right corner next to the cart icon.

Click to cancel your order, or put it on hold (Suspend) to reactivate at a later date.


Please note if your autoship has been cancelled or suspended for longer than 12 months it may be deleted. In this case simply create a new autoship.

I can’t select some items to add to my Auto-Ship

Some product we sell are extremely hard to source, maybe be seasonal, or one off products.

Where we feel its not possible to satisfy auto-shipments on a regular basis due to irregular availability, we will disable the product from our auto-ship feature.


What if an item is out of stock

Another advantage of using Auto-ship is we monitor the stock required for auto-ships and ensure we have inventory to cover them.

For example, if we need 150kg of Beef liver for this months auto-ships, we have automatic out of stock triggers to put the product out of stock on our website if the inventory drops to this level.

We cant guarantee we will have stock, as some products can take longer than expected to source. However you are much more likely to receive your order in full when on an auto-ship.

Auto-ships will trigger regardless of stock levels and we will endevour to ship your order ASAP. If we happen to be out of an item in an auto-ship, we will contact you with options.

When I try to create a new Autoship, the frequency is greyed out

To avoid confusion, we limit an Auto-ship order to contain a single frequency per checkout with the exception of being able to add one off products to the shipment.

So, when you choose your first Aut0-ship product and select a frequency and add it to the cart, this is the frequency that will be selected for any more Auto-Ship products and hence all the other frequencies are greyed out.


How to update the frequency once selected

You can still update the frequency globally in the cart/checkout as can be seen below. This will update all auto-ship products while leaving the one off products unaffected.




I do not get any loyalty points for my autoship

We have increased the discount on auto-ship orders to 10% from 5% on the introduction of our loyalty scheme to cover this.

Store credits cannot be applied to auto-shipments due to the way repeat payments are done, which makes it difficult for subscription customers to redeem credits unless they make separate one off orders.

So instead we increased our subscription discount to give an instant reduction on orders for our loyal repeat customers.

Loyalty Program

What is your loyalty program and how do I join?

Our Loyalty program rewards our retail customers with points which can be converted to store credits.

Each $1 spent on products earns 1 loyalty point.

20 loyalty points can be redeemed for a $1 store credit.

This equates to getting 5% back on your purchases!

Points will expire after 1 year of inactivity. Simply put, if you are a loyal customer who orders from us at least once per year, then your points will never expire should you choose to accumulate them.

To join, simply create an account with us and make sure you are logged in to the account when you place an order. Any points earnt will instantly be added to your account after payment.

How do I redeem my points towards my order?

In the checkout simply click on the ‘Click here to exchange for store credits‘ green box as seen below:

The box will expand and you can choose how many points to redeem from 1 to a maximum of 100% of the order.

Click redeem and it will convert the points to a store credit and reduce the total by the relevant amount.



How many points and store credit do I have?

Log in to your account and click the ‘My Account’ icon in the top right corner next to the cart  icon.



Here you will see your dashboard which will show your points balance and and store credit you have.

You can also click in the  ‘Rewards/Credits’ button for specific details.



Is there free shipping in my area?

For our retail customers we offer a free shipping option on Australian addresses with a few conditions.

We categorise our shipping into metro and rural areas as defined by our couriers zones:

Rural: Rural SA, WA, NT, TAS. Free over $250* else at cost

Metro: Everywhere else. Free over $99*, else $9.95 cap

You may specify either Australia Post or Aramex however some locations may incur a small fee to cover the addition cost if they are reasonably more expensive.

Free shipping is not available for orders which include frozen food products. In these cases a capped rate applies.

Can I choose my courier? Such as Australia Post to use a PO Box?

You may specify either Australia Post or Aramex, however some locations may incur a small fee to cover the addition cost if they are reasonably more expensive.


When will I receive my order?

Delivery time from order = Dispatch time + Shipping time.

We dispatch the vast majority of orders same or next day but please allow 2-3 days during busy times.

Shipping times from Brisbane can vary on your location. but tends to be the following (in working days):

Australia Post:

Brisbane: 1-3 days

Gold and Sunshine Coast: 2-3 days

Sydney: 2-4 days

Canberra: 2-4 days

Melbourne: 2-5 days

Adelaide: 4 – 7 days

Perth: 5 – 8 days

Generally we see typically times on the left side of the scale above but in busy times it move


Brisbane: 1-2 days

Gold and Sunshine Coast: 1-2 days

Sydney: 1-2 days

Canberra: 2-3 days

Melbourne: 2-3 days

Adelaide: 3-4 days

Perth: 7 – 8 days

These are typical times given by the couriers and are not guaranteed. If you are outside of metro areas, a rule of thumb is to add 50% on to your closest city above.

How can I track my order?

Automated emails are sent at various stages of your order cycle. this will include order confirmation with your order number and receipt, and dispatch emails which include tracking numbers and the courier used.

Please ensure our domain is in your whitelist so we dont go to spam or junk folders.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes! Just select ‘Pick Up’ from the ship options in the checkout

We aim to have orders ready within 2 working hours. You will receive an email when its ready for pickup.

Our address is Unit 5, 14-16 Cairns Street, Loganholme, QLD 4129.

Our pickup hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm

Please note: Pick Ups are from our warehouse. we do not cater for drop in customers. Orders need to be placed on our website and collection is available after 2 working hours.

We do not have a shop front and cannot permit customers to browse the pallet isles with or without their dog and we cannot bring out selections of treats for you or your dogs perusal.

Do you ship frozen dog food to my area?

We currently ship our Frozen orders to the Gold coast and Brisbane suburbs.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to Hong Kong. Shipping rates are at cost and rates can be found in the checkout when you select your address.

After Sales Issues

Can I change the order contents/address/courier etc?

If an order has not been dispatched then in most cases we can allow changes to the contents and address updates. Just contact our support team to do this if you have not received a dispatch email.

If it has been dispatched and picked up by the courier then we are unable to make changes. Depending on the courier we may be able to change the delivery address or as a worst case, can arrange for it to be returned to sender for a fee.

Generally you can make changes to the delivery address direct with the courier once its in their hands. Go to their website with the tracking ID and follow their process.

If you have any issues please contact our support team who will be happy to help you.

I have not recieved an order confirmation email or tracking information

Our system sends automated update emails to the email address used in the checkout. This includes an order confirmation email with your order number and also an email when we dispatch your order with tracking.

If you have not received this email its generally because you made a typo in the email given in the checkout or your email client has filtered us out into another folder such as your spam or junk folder. Please check these folders.

We highly recommend adding the domain to your email clients whitelist to avoid future communication being missed.

Where is my order?

When we dispatch an order, an automated dispatch email is sent to the email address used in the checkout. This contains your tracking information and order number, along with which courier it has shipped with.

Click the tracking link to go to the couriers website to see its current status.

If you have an issue we recommend contacting the courier first who often will solve your problem direct. However if you are having issues please get in contact with us and we can assist you.

Shipping times from Brisbane can vary on your location. but tends to be the following (in working days):

Australia Post:

Brisbane: 1-3 days

Gold and Sunshine Coast: 2-3 days

Sydney: 2-4 days

Canberra: 2-4 days

Melbourne: 2-5 days

Adelaide: 4 – 7 days

Perth: 5 – 8 days

Generally we see typically times on the left side of the scale above but in busy times it move


Brisbane: 1-2 days

Gold and Sunshine Coast: 1-2 days

Sydney: 1-2 days

Canberra: 2-3 days

Melbourne: 2-3 days

Adelaide: 3-4 days

Perth: 7 – 8 days

These are typical times given by the couriers and are not guaranteed. If you are outside of metro areas, a rule of thumb is to add 50% on to your closest city above.

Tracking says its delivered but its not

Please check the tracking information in detail. Sometimes it says where its been left. Look around your property for safe places the courier might have left it. Speak with a neighbour or family member as its often the case they have already brought it inside.

Please firstly contact the courier who will investigate direct.

Couriers will take photos when they leave packages along with having GPS mapping. This allows us to confirm if it was left on your property and when, or if they have made a mistake. Often they are quickly able to go back and correct it.

If you have any issues dealing with the courier or solving the issue, please then contact us and we can work with you. We will cover the cost of any issues caused due to a fault by us or the courier.

Please note we do not cover lost parcels when left at the correct property when permission to leave is granted in the checkout.

Something is missing from my order or I have the wrong item

On a positive note, you are 1 in 4000! Thats about our current accuracy but we wont rest until its 1 in a million!

Did you know just as common is a family member taking something out of the box to feed the dog without you knowing! Its actually the most common reason after a mistake by is so please do double check the box and other areas where someone could of left them and check with your household members.

If you come up with nothing or we have sent the wrong item then please contact us and we will sort it out very quickly for you.

I recieved an email saying I have items left in the cart but I have already ordered

Apologies, our cart reminder tool can occasionally get confused, often when multiple windows are open on different browsers. For example you were browsing on your phone and ordered on your work PC.

If you have already ordered and have received your order confirmation email you can ignore this.

Why are you not replying to my support requests?

We always reply to emails and try to so within a few hours but please allow 1-2 days for non urgent enquiries at busy times.

Its likely your email has not been received or we have somehow missed it.

We use a Customer Support Tool which automatically lodges support tickets from the various mediums we use such as emails, contact forms, our instant chat service on our website, or via Facebook, messenger or Instagram.

When we receive contact through these mediums the tool will create a ticket, and if its via email it will reply to confirm your support request has been received and give you a ticket number. If you have emailed and not received this within a few minutes it means we have not received your email.

Often this is due to the ISP filtering your email – we see this often on free email services such as Hotmail. Otherwise its likely you have a typo in our support email address.

If you cannot overcome this, please choose to contact us via one of our other methods. such as the live message window on our website which is generally online during 8am-3pm weekdays. Messages received when we are offline will be lodged and a ticket sent to the email address given. else, go to our Facebook page and message us there.

Product Concerns

The product smells really bad

Natural dehydrated single ingredient meat protein dog treats will smell. The smell will vary on batches, and yes sometimes to us humans it can be quite intense. For some its too intense.

In the human consumption world, many commercial and processed products are made to appeal to humans. Fillers may be added, preservatives, additives, colours and flavours are added. Everything is done for it to look and smell perfect at the best price with good margins so we buy it.

Its temping for us to follow the same formula. And commercial brand certainly do. They use about 15-25% meat and meat by products, add cheap fillers to dilute the smell and make it cheaper and throw in additives to make it look and smell nice. Preservatives like glycerine allow for a higher water content which further dilutes the smell and makes the treat even cheaper since you are paying for water.

However, at CLEAR Dog Treats we are on Team dog! It certainly can be frustrating as we know we have to appeal to the Pawrents who pay the bills!

Firstly its important to understand that animals vary on breed, and on top of this we also have different feeds, from grains to grass and many things in between. These two factors have a huge variation of the final outcome. Why?

Remember the water content of raw product is generally between 60-80% So, 1kg of raw chicken for example will become about 250g of finished dehydrated product. The water dilutes the smell. What we are left with is very dense nutrients which can smell much stronger than the raw product. A fattier breed of cow for example will mean a little higher oil content in the end product – and this will mean it smells more.

Grass fed cows tend to have a creamer texture than grain fed which we notice more in the liver products.

  • We do not use glycerine in our products to allow a higher water content which dilutes the smell and allows us to use less raw product per kilo of end product to lower our costs.
  • We do not add low cost fillers to our products to further dilute the smell of the meat protein and reduce our costs.
  • We do not use additives to artificially colour or enhance the smell to make them more appealing to humans.

All of our raw product comes from fully certified human grade suppliers. Some of our products you buy from the supermarket under own brands like our chicken breast.

Our dehydration partners are all safe food certified and HACCP approved using state of the art commercial dehydration processes which are documented and used consistently on a product by product basis for as consistent results possible when dealing with a natural product.

We can assure you the meat we use in our products follow extensive procedures which are constantly monitored.

What can go wrong?

When you don’t use preservatives you have to be very good at what you do. Moisture levels have to be extremely low, but not so low that the product turns to dust. If the moisture level is too high, then this rapidly reduces the shelf life of the product by way of mould. This is very visible so if you do not see mould its likely not the issue.

Its rare for this to happen, but occasionally it does. humidity levels in our subtropical climate will cause variations of our dehydration times, and variations on the sizes of the pro0duct can. It only takes one piece in a bag to be slightly off and the issue can spread in the bag.

Oil/fat levels of the product which is breed/feed/age dependant will certainly cause the smell and look of the product to vary. It can have a slightly ‘wet’ feel which is the natural oils of the meat.

My dog has been sick, has runny stools after eating the treats

These are nutrient dense high protein single ingredient meat products. Some treats, often organ and bone meat products can be quite rich and our dogs bellies can struggle with them at the beginning, or if they have consumed a little too much in one sitting.

Even if your dog has had them before, the variations in oil and fat content can causes this when other times it doesnt.

The first thing to do is stop feeding the treat and wait for the symptoms to disappear. Their can be other factors at play. Dogs can be scavengers and eat things they shouldn’t without our knowledge. The first thing that’s blamed is the food that we know we have given them. Other things such as pancreatitis can cause upsets with high fat products.

Assuming your dog is fine, we suggest reintroducing the treat but in much smaller quantities and build it up over a few weeks. This allows their digestion system to get used to it. If this fails it can simply be this treat is not for them. Is it happening with other treats? If so again they could be highly sensitive to these nutrient dense products. You can persist with very small serves, try other proteins and move to jerky treats which tend to see less reaction than the organ meats.

It is extremely rare for us to have a product issue. Our raw products come from human grade facilities and follow safe food and HACCP certified processes. However if you really are not happy, you are welcome to return the product for a full refund. Please contact customer service.

The treats are bigger/smaller than last time

Bone products, tendons, knees, ears, tails, etc will all vary in size based on the size of the animal. Animal size can depend on the breed and the time of season.

Kangaroo for example have small and large breeds and depending on the time of the season and how wet its been and natural feed available will depend on the size of the roo.

These are natural products which we have limited ability to control the size of. We try to work within limits but variations will occur based on the above.

Occasionally we get smaller than average ears, other times bigger than average ears. Its pretty consistent though and we hope over time it evens out. Like you, we pay per piece so really have no advantage either way as we, like you, pay the abattoir the same price whatever the size.

You are welcome to return a product if its been unopened if you feel the sizing will not suit your dog.

The bone products are crunching up and have pointed edges. They are a danger to my dog!

Our bone products are not cooked. they are dehydrated at low temperatures to remove the water.

Cooked bones are done so at high temperatures which causes the bone to calcify. Its the calcification of the bone which causes them to go brittle and break into nuggets that can cause an increased risk of chocking or causing a blockage through the digestive tract.

The above fact is often forgotten and you often see people online saying how dangerous any bone products are for your dog.

Dehydrated dog treats will crunch up into pieces rather than into solid hard nuggets. Yes they can certainly have pointed edges and this in turn makes them great dental aids. At the end of the day, it is bone and bone crunches up.

CLEAR Dog Treats are one of the longest serving natural dog treat companies in Australia. We have literally sold millions and millions of serves of bone products. We have never had a customer feedback that one has caused death or serious injury to their dog. The vast amount of feedback is concern they might cause harm.

Other than this, occasionally they might cause gums to bleed. We consider this quite the same as us brushing our teeth or flossing or having a proper clean at the dentist. Often it causes a gums to bleed when they are being cleaned.

Occasionally, a bone piece can get stuck between teeth at the roof of the mouth. This occasionally happens with any treat. the high roof arch can mean similar sized food items get lodged. its generally a discomfort which is immediately solved by removing by hand. This is a good reason to monitor your dog when eating or soon after.

Nothing is 100% safe. chocking one of the leading causes of unintentional death in humans yest we do not just eat soup. We can only tell you from our real world experience over over a decade selling these treats in large volumes that we do not see casualties, just concern. Dogs seem to handle them very well. We simply would not sell products which we were receiving genuine feedback were causing harm.

There are ants in my box on delivery

Nature loves natural!

We have a very strong pest management plan in place which assures we have an ant free warehouse. Occasionally you may see this occur with the courier but its unusual as its often on the move and in a vehicle.

The vast majority of cases occur at the customer premises when left in accordance to authority to leave instructions such as on the floor at the front door.

Our bags are double the thickness of generic ones and have nylon added for extra strength however some treats are hard and have edges like bones and we do not guarantee small holes and tears will not occur.

We do not offer refunds due to ants occurring at the customer property which is beyond our control. We highly recommend using pest management in areas your orders are left when purchasing natural treats like ours.

If ants do get into the bags we recommend opening the box outside and giving the bags a light smack with the palm of your hand which will remove the majority on the outside. Then place the sealed bags in to the freezer for a few hours. Remove and shake the dead ants to the bottom. Remove the treats and empty the bag into the bin. replace the treats and leave the bag open while the treats thaw before resealing.

Ants are not poisonous to your dog. They are just another source of protein and vitamins so if any are accidentally consumed it will not cause any harm.


What are the white dots on my product, is it mould?

Not using preservatives or additives in our treats means we have to reduce the water content of the raw product (which is around 60-80%), down to very low levels.

The challenge for us is to do so without making the treat so dry that it turns to dust, while not leaving enough moisture which will cause the treat to rapidly drop its shelf life from 12+ months to days or weeks by way of mould growing.

So we work within a very thin band of acceptance which can see us use multiple phases consisting of different times and temperatures to achieve a good result. While we lock in these consistent steps, they may need to be varied depending on the external temperatures and humidity.

We use specialised moisture tools to test batches are within the desired levels.

Meat and bone products contain a natural level of sodium which is diluted into the water of the raw product. When the water evaporates away, eventually the moisture levels become so low the salt can crystalise and look like little white dots. It is randomly seen on batches, and can be seen more on bone products which hold more sodium, or less fatty cuts which hold less oils.

It is totally safe to consume. A moist finger or damp cloth can dissolve them.

There is mould on a product

First please see above regarding crystalised sodium.

While its uncommon, if we ever have an issue with a product its generally mould.

As we mentioned above, not using preservatives or additives in our treats means we have to reduce the water content of the raw product (which is around 60-80%), down to very low levels.

The challenge for us is to do so without making the treat so dry that it turns to dust, while not leaving enough moisture which will cause the treat to rapidly drop its shelf life from 12+ months to days or weeks by way of mould growing.

So we work within a very thin band of acceptance which can see us use multiple phases consisting of different times and temperatures to achieve a good result. While we lock in these consistent steps, they may need to be varied depending on the external temperatures and humidity.

We use specialised moisture tools to test batches are within the desired levels. however, treat size can vary. as can fat/oil and water content. It only takes one piece in a bag which has a little moisture left in it for mould to grow and spread.

We work extremely hard to ensure this is unusual, however it may happen and we ask for your consideration while trying to provide these natural treats with no preservatives.

We do not add Glycerine to allow for a higher water content and make it smell sweeter. We do not add fillers to dilute the smells and improve moisture levels.

We will always replace or refund products that have quality issues. Please see our refund policy

There are holes in the bag, is the product ok to use?

Absolutely. Though if there are large tears you may want to decant them into another storage bag.

The dog treats are dehydrated and have a long shelf life. Exposure to humidity and direct sunlight can slowly reduce the shelf life but they are absolutely fine in the short term.

Over time we have increased the thickness of our bag and included nylon for strength, however the nature of the product being dried means hard pointed edges, especially with bone products and so they can scratch and cause small tears and perforations during shipment.




Refunds Policy

Refunds, Credits and return Policy

We have a peace of mind refund policy where you can return any product for any reason for a full refund or credit, under reasonable conditions set out below.

Please check our frequently asked questions above before initiating a refund request as often it solves the concern.

You must contact us within 30 days of dispatch for courier issues. After this we cannot always offer refunds or replacements if the package is lost due to insurance expiring.

If we have made a mistake with your order please contact support. We will arrange for the item(s) to be returned to us at our cost and then we can replace, refund or credit.

If you have changed your mind or incorrectly ordered, you can return the item to us unopened for a full refund or credit.

If you are unhappy with the product for any reason we will refund, replace or credit the product, however on request we must be able to see evidence of any issues if its applicable, such as photos, and have the item(s) returned to us when asked. We can arrange and pay for the returns of products when there is a quality issue.

Its unusual to have a quality issue. Please remember these are not commercial treats, and use no fillers or preservatives to mask or dilute smells or the look of the product. The vast majority of returns to us on quality concerns such as smell and look turn out to be within the scope of the natural product and were not faulty. However our peace of mind policy means we are happy to refund you regardless. We are extremely confident of our products and the return rate to the thousands of orders we ship each month means its a viable policy to have while giving you confidence.

Please note, we cannot offer refunds if you have discarded of the offending product or used it up, or a reasonably amount of it up before contacting us for a refund.

common examples:

A refund is requested as the treats smelt rancid so they were throw straigt in the bin which was picked up yesterday.
– its extremely unusual for products returned to us due to the smell to be outside the expected variation the natural treat has.

The treat made by dog sick, I want a refund but only have 300g of the 1kg bag left.
– while of course we hope you give the treat a go, it is expected if you are unhappy with a product that you do so within a few serves of the treat.
– these treats are high highly concentrated protiens and nutrients. Some dogs may struggling if not used to them and need smaller serves and build up to it. Even if the treat has been had before, different breeds, feeds and fat content may result in issues not seen previously.


Please return to:
CLEAR Dog Treats
Unit 5
14-16 Cairns Street
QLD 4129

Order numbers can be found on the invoice and order confirmation email as well as via your account if registered.

when agreed refunds, credits, replacements will be issues within 5 working days of receipt.

Account and Login Issues

I have lost my password or it doesn’t work

If you have lost your password, please click on the ‘forgot my login details’ link on the login page.

Enter your email in the next page and a email will be sent to you with details on how to reset your password.

Please note if no account exists under the email address given then it will say the email address is invalid and you will not receive an email to reset your password.

Often people believe they have an account but they have in fact been checking out anonymously as a guest user.

To create an account please click the ‘my account’ icon and enter your details under the ‘Register ‘title on the right side of the screen.

Can I have the invoice of the order?

You can view all of your past orders in your account dashboard where you can download the invoice. Go to ‘My Account’, log in if required and click on the orders button:

How can I update my personal details such as my address, email, credit card used etc?

You can view and update all of your details in your account dashboard. Go to ‘My Account’, log in if required and click on the Profile button:

General - Other

Do you provide sponsorship and give aways for events and clubs?

We have hundreds and hundreds or sponsorship requests every year.

In order to support as many as possible, we can provide a $100 raffle pack which you can use for raffles or break up for individual prizes. We have a quarterly limit to how many we can provide.

Please confirm the following information. Once we have verified you are a dog club, shelter, group etc in the industry and we have packs available we will be in contact:

Organisation name, website and event the pack is to be used for

Contact name, email, phone number

Shipping address and any leave instructions:

Date needed by:

Send these details via our contact us page.

How to leave a product review?

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