Set up auto-ship in 3 easy steps


Put Your Dog’s Favourite Treats in Your Cart

On the product page select ‘ Subscribe and save 10%’


Choose The Frequency Of  Your Treat Delivery

All treats in your cart must have the same frequency, however you can also add one off products to trial.

Once a frequency is selected, you can update it in the cart view to apply to all Auto-Ship Products


Make Changes Via Account Dashboard

Have full control of future deliveries in your dashboard. You’ll also get a reminder in the lead up to your delivery!

Frequently asked questions

What is Auto-Shipment?

Our Auto-ship feature allows our retail customers to create an order which automatically repeats at a certain frequency which you set.

This saves you time going through the same process and ensures you do not run out of treats.

You have the flexibility to change the renewal frequency, change the renewal date, put it on hold and to add and remove products. You can also add one off products to your autoship and can cancel anytime.

We prioritise stock for our auto-shipments and hold an inventory dedicated to fulfilling auto-ship orders.

Lets be honest, a loyal customer is worth a lot, so in return for your loyalty we offer a 10% discount on all on-going auto-ship orders. That’s a lot on our already cheap prices!

Please note the discount does not apply to our weekly and monthly specials which already have a 10-15% discount which you will receive, if your auto-ship has any sales products at the time of renewal.

Auto-ship orders do not qualify for loyalty points.

Can I change the contents of my Auto-Shipment?

Yes! Make sure you are logged in and follow the steps below:

Adding products to an active autoship:

  • Go to the product page and click ‘Subscribe and save’.
  • Choose the size and quantity
  • Click the ‘Add to existing auto-ship’ radio
  • Choose to add as a one off with your next shipment or permanently



Removing Products to an active autoship:

  • Click on the ‘My Account’ icon, top right


  • Select the ‘Auto-shipments’ tab button
  • Click ‘x’  on the left of the product you wish to remove.


Can I change the frequency and or the date of my Autoship or even renew it now?

Yes, this can be done from the Auto-shipments tab in the ‘My Account’ area.

  • Go to the Auto-Shipments tab.
  • Click ‘Renew now’ to instantly renew your order.
  • To Change the frequency or the renewal date click ‘Change Interval’
  • Make the desired change and click ‘Update’


Is my price locked in?

No. Auto-ships are simply a convenience trigger to create ongoing orders for you, saving you time and ensuring you dont run out of dog treats with a great discount for your loyalty.

The price you pay is the price of the product at the moment the auto-ship triggers, minus your autoship discount for non sale products.

This means the price may be higher or lower or the same as your previous shipment, depending on if there has been a price rise/fall or an item is on sale.

If an item is on sale you will receive the sale price but no further discount.

Can I cancel or suspend my Auto-Ship order?

Yes, this can be done from the Auto-shipments tab in the ‘My Account’ area.

Make sure you are logged in and click the my account icon in the top right corner next to the cart icon.

Click to cancel your order, or put it on hold (Suspend) to reactivate at a later date.


Please note if your autoship has been cancelled or suspended for longer than 12 months it may be deleted. In this case simply create a new autoship.

I can’t select some items to add to my Auto-Ship

Some product we sell are extremely hard to source, maybe be seasonal, or one off products.

Where we feel its not possible to satisfy auto-shipments on a regular basis due to irregular availability, we will disable the product from our auto-ship feature.

What if an item is out of stock

Another advantage of using Auto-ship is we monitor the stock required for auto-ships and ensure we have inventory to cover them.

For example, if we need 150kg of Beef liver for this months auto-ships, we have automatic out of stock triggers to put the product out of stock on our website if the inventory drops to this level.

We cant guarantee we will have stock, as some products can take longer than expected to source. However you are much more likely to receive your order in full when on an auto-ship.

Auto-ships will trigger regardless of stock levels and we will endevour to ship your order ASAP. If we happen to be out of an item in an auto-ship, we will contact you with options.

When I try to create a new Autoship, the frequency is greyed out

To avoid confusion, we limit an Auto-ship order to contain a single frequency per checkout with the exception of being able to add one off products to the shipment.

So, when you choose your first Aut0-ship product and select a frequency and add it to the cart, this is the frequency that will be selected for any more Auto-Ship products and hence all the other frequencies are greyed out.


How to update the frequency once selected

You can still update the frequency globally in the cart/checkout as can be seen below. This will update all auto-ship products while leaving the one off products unaffected.


I do not get any loyalty points for my autoship

We have increased the discount on auto-ship orders to 10% from 5% on the introduction of our loyalty scheme to cover this.

Store credits cannot be applied to auto-shipments due to the way repeat payments are done, which makes it difficult for subscription customers to redeem credits unless they make separate one off orders.

So instead we increased our subscription discount to give an instant reduction on orders for our loyal repeat customers.

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