Auto-Shipment FAQ

What is Auto-Shipment?

Our automatic shipment feature is a service that allows retail customers to create a cart full of your dog’s favourite treats and set an automatic reordering and shipment frequency. Simply add items to your cart and when you checkout, instead of selecting ‘One-time purchase’ you can select from a variety of reordering frequencies to suit. We then automatically bill and ship your cart at the frequency selected.

Can I change the contents of my Auto-Shipment?
Remove / Add products to the auto-shipment.

Yes, you can remove items by going to ‘My Account’ in the top right corner of the website, select Auto-Shipments from the left side menu and then viewing the desired order. Click the ‘x’ icon next to the left of the product in the list to remove the product. If you only have one item left in the order then you cannot remove it, you have to cancel the auto-shipment and create a new order.

To add a product, simply go to the desired product page and click ‘Add to existing Auto-Ship’

Is my price locked in?

No, this is a simple automatic re-ordering service only. The price you pay is the price of the products on the website when the auto-shipment is triggered each time the order is placed and paid for. Minus your 5% discount of course!

We try to change our pricing as little as possible however we are governed by raw pricing which we have no control over. We will send you an auto-ship reminder 5 days beforehand showing the current price however there is a small chance the price can change.

If it does change within the 5 day period of sending you a reminder email and the auto-ship occurring, as a gesture of goodwill we are happy to refund this difference if you let us know within 7 days of the auto-ship occurring.

Can I cancel, suspend or change the frequency of my Auto-Ship order?

You can choose to suspend, cancel, renew now or change payment details. Click on ‘My Account’ menu on the website, then select ‘Auto-Shipments’ on the left side menu. Select ‘View’ on the desired Auto-ship. Choose the option you wish under ‘Actions’.

To change the frequency please email [email protected] stating the desired frequency. We can set it to 1-6 days, weeks or months. Please also let us know the desired next Auto-Ship date.

I can’t select some items to add to my Auto-Ship

Some items are extremely hard to source and are out of stock often. They, unfortunately, do not lend themselves well to automatic order renewals. Due to this, we have disabled some products from this feature such as Goats Pizzle.

What if an item is out of stock

Your order will still process. Occasionally we might go out of stock of an item but normally its just days away. We will contact you if we expect your order to not ship within 3 days of payment being taken. You can choose to wait, swap it out or have a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot do partial shipments; your order will ship when all items are in stock.

How do I change the payment method?

Click on ‘My Account in the top right corner, then Auto-Shipments on the left side menu. Select ’View’ on the desired Auto-ship. Then select the green ‘Change Payment’ button and follow the steps.

Known Issues:

The subscription software cannot automatically change shipping options after it has been created. For example, if you create and check out a subscription that qualified for free shipping when over $99, then at a later date remove items and it falls below the $99 free ship rate, it cant change the ship method to another type and so it appears you will still get free shipping. Another example is if you pick a particular courier instead of a capped/free rate (such as Auspost for a PO Box), and at a later stage changed the order – the shipping price would remain the same regardless of if the weight increased or decreased. This is a software limitation which we check subscriptions for regularly through a script, and manually change it to the cheapest option.

We recommend cancelling and recreating subscriptions at this time if you want to change shipping options or couriers of an outstanding subscription.

Clear dog treats delivery

FREE delivery over $99*

$9.95 capped delivery under $99*

* except rural SA, WA, NT, TAS.
See shipping page for full details.