Kangaroo Dog Treats

Packed with protein and omega-3, kangaroo dog treats are an excellent low-fat alternative to other types of dog food. From boosting your dog’s immune system to improving their bone density, kangaroo meat offers a range of benefits. It’s great for canines of all shapes and sizes, especially those that require a lean diet for their health.

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Our Product Range

At Clear Dog Treats, we work hard to ensure our range of kangaroo dog treats is as wide as possible. If you aren’t sure where to begin, that’s okay! We’re here to help.

Our kangaroo treats are divided into categories most pet owners will be familiar with – jerky, bones, quick training treats and chewables. The type of treat you need may depend on the size of your dog and their individual dietary requirements.

Kangaroo belly jerky sheets, kangaroo kidney, liver dog treats and puff crumble and cubes are perfect for training puppies. They’re generally quite small, very easy to break apart and can be used to reward your dog for following commands.

For medium-to-large dogs, kangaroo bones, shoulder wings, rib racks and tails help maintain your dog’s strength, vitality and teeth without causing them to put on a lot of unnecessary weight. Kangaroo Teeth Cleansers are an ideal dental solution for smaller dogs.

Benefits of Kangaroo Dog Treats

There are numerous reasons to consider giving kangaroo meat to your dog. Kangaroo dog treats are among the healthiest you can get – they’re only 2-4% fat, high in vitamins and minerals, and dogs love the taste. Additionally, kangaroos aren’t farmed and are only culled in accordance with strict government regulations.

Kangaroo dog treats also offer the following benefits:

  • High in protein for strong bones
  • High in omega-3s, to keep your dog’s coat in good condition
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Helps with dental hygiene by keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

Why Buy From Clear Dog Treats

As a pet owner, obviously you want the best for your beloved pup to ensure they enjoy good health throughout their life. That’s why we at Clear Dog Treats, we work hard to source healthy and organic treats that are preservative, additive and chemical free – we only sell the kind of products we’d be happy giving to our own dogs.

Our kangaroo treats can help your dog live a long, healthy and happy life. Pick out which treats you think your dog would love best from our range today.

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