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Sheep Ears


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Sheep Ears Dog Treats

Sheep Ears are a great smaller chew for small dogs and puppies. You just cant go wrong with these.

Also good for dogs who tend to want to bury pigs ears, they tend to eat these  straight away instead, perhaps as they are smaller.

100% sheep ears.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Lamb.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

there are about 100 ears to a kilo give or take 20%.

125g is ~14 ears. 250g is ~ 25 ears.

100g and 200g packs come in a convenient stand up resealable pouch.

1kg Bulk size comes in a resealable flat bag.

Long Lasting – Mini to Small Dogs


Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 490

Minimum Protein % : 44

Minimum Fat % : 27

44 reviews for Sheep Ears

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    Alison (verified owner)

    My three girls really love these. They are clean and not greasy, and I have to make sure we don’t run out 🙂

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    Peter Piercy (verified owner)

    Bisi our English Pointer has a routine after breakfast and dinner she stands at the laundry door and will not have anything but a sheep’s ear, basically house rules now so we cannot afford not to have stock.

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    Kathy (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money! Sheep ears are Jasper’s favourite treat and they are so easy on his sensitive tummy.

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    Michelle (verified owner)

    Love the sheep ears great for little dogs and their lower in fat then pigs ears and less greasy.

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    Debbie (verified owner)

    My little pom Ceasar looks forward to his treats every morning. The lambs ear is so much better for him than the pigs ear

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    Bruce Cornish (verified owner)

    These sheep ears are fantastic for cleaning teeth, they can’t be gobbled up quickly and require a decent amount of chewing. Our dogs get several different treats every morning and we always let them finish with a sheep ear.

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    Doris (verified owner)

    Excellent size for small dogs (minature poodle cross), keeps them quiet for quite awhile, excellent chew.

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    Jo-Anne (verified owner)

    Great for small dogs. I particularly like that they are Australian made and no preservatives etc. I can’t give my little man bones to chew (he just buries them) so these are a great alternative for his teeth. He looks for one every night after his dinner.

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    Brad (verified owner)

    The lamb ears are perfect for little dogs and can even be carefully cut to size with kitchen scissors for senior dogs like my Cosi ,also they’re tastier than pig ears mmmmm

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    jane (verified owner)

    great dane x
    she loves them
    easy to carry around for a settle cue

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    Mari (verified owner)

    My dogs love the sheep ears. In fact, my 6 month old Lab puppy has figured out how to open the snack cupboard where the ears are kept. He usually takes one for himself and one for his big sister.
    Quality of these ears are great and the price is even better. Thank you

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    Roxanne Stone (verified owner)

    My girls love them. As soon as it looks like I’m heading to the draw where they are kept, they are right there beside me, drooling. My Foxy cross red cattle dog finishes them in second & my Golden retriever noms away for ages.

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    Susie (verified owner)

    Great value – just the right size for toy poodle tummys. My 2 love them🐾

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    Sharon (verified owner)

    My dogs will do anything for a sheep’s ear.

  15. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Our two miniature dachshunds love these treats. They get one every afternoon and know which cupboard they are kept in. They are great value too.

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    Elizabeth (verified owner)

    My Airdale terrier loves them they are a great healthy snack. Excellent,The service, shipping, and product, highly recommend this product.

  17. Add a review

    Janelle O’Shannessy

    Our three poochies absolutely love these. They are a great, small, low fat option for a treat for them. Having one a day is not going to blow their waistlines or our budget – winning. Great fast delivery.

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    I buy these for my daughters Dobermann puppy and she just loves them.

  19. Add a review

    Chrissy – Drop & Shop Dog Wash (verified owner)

    I buy boxes of these at a time. My guys love them and they are a great little treat to give to dogs after they have been groomed

  20. Add a review

    Barbara Gregory (verified owner)

    Our dog loves his special treat of a lambs ear pushed into his Kong. These are the perfect size, and not greasy. Fabulous product and exceptional service, thank you.

  21. Add a review

    Brooke Roberts (verified owner)

    My english staffy loves these. She has a very sensitive stomach & is allergic to many things. But she doesn’t have any trouble with these!

  22. Add a review

    Jeff (verified owner)

    My Cocker Spanie loves these treats

  23. Add a review

    Marilyn Dawson (verified owner)

    My Flat Coated Retriever Rebel and my Golden Retriever Max just love their sheep ears.

  24. Add a review

    Norma (verified owner)

    Our Ridgeback/Viszla/Border Collie cost loves ALL the treats I buy from you

  25. Add a review

    Gitte Le Garde (verified owner)

    My three dogs love these….I love them as they are non greasy, takes more than 2.2 minutes for them to chew them and are reasonably priced …very good value

  26. Add a review

    Debbie (verified owner)

    Two very happy Staffies… 🙂 now they have their sheep ears. Always a great service, shipping, and product, i highly recommend the Sheep Ears.

  27. Add a review

    Elle (verified owner)

    Callie is still getting used to her sheep ears. She is not particularly thingy about chews so I can’t really comment constructively…& she is not saying anthing :o)

  28. Add a review

    Graham Turner (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love the sheep ears, they can eat them without leaving them lying around half finished for me to stand on with bare feet. They also don’t have a strong smell that some of the other ears have. They both love them, they are a great treat.

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    Sue (verified owner)

    My two small dogs love these sheep ears and they’re suitable for one of the dogs who has a food allergy. These will definitely be a regular purchase from Clear Dog Treats who provide great quality products along with wonderful service.

  30. Add a review

    Nic (verified owner)

    These are a great smaller chew treat that I leave for my dogs when I don’t plan on being out for too long. They love them.

  31. Add a review

    Katrina Hicks (verified owner)

    Our Shar Pei Ripple loves these, we tried them as an alternative to venison ears which are hard to get at the moment. We also bought beef ears too, these are both a low fat healthy treat and they are also great for dental hygiene. Very impressed with speedy service and great prices.

  32. Add a review

    Katherine (verified owner)

    A friend gave us a sample for our 14 weeks old Bull Mastiff, she absolutely loved it so we ordered some. These are now our go to treats. No nasties, great for chewing, keeps her entertained for ages. Highly recommend, we just gave some to our vet so they can see how great they are too!

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    The only treat my staffy x chews straight away rather than digging into a hole to save for later!!!

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    Ann Marie Carolan (verified owner)

    Great product. They are smaller than the venison ears, so our boxer tends to eat them in one go (over the course of an hour), whereas he chews the venison ears and tends to leave bits of them around the house at times. They’d be suitable for dogs of all sizes. Will definitely buy more when our large bag is gone!

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    Kelly (verified owner)

    My Golden Retriever absolutely loves these!!!!

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    Ez (verified owner)

    3 out 4 likes this very much. No odor no fuss excellent lasting treats.

  37. Add a review

    Georgia C (verified owner)

    Bought the bulk pack for my Beagles. I have a male and female who are very different sizes – a lamb ear for her takes as long to eat as a beef ear for him! These are also perfect as a quick, high value snack for my Beagle boy. Given Beagles are prone to weight gain these are a great alternative to larger pigs ears. Highly recommended.

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    lenamarie_68 (verified owner)

    Great for the small dog who has diabetes as she needs a low fat treat so she doesn’t feel she is missing out. The staffy gobbles this is less than a minute. They don’t smell and are non greasy.

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    Cherylynn (verified owner)

    Dasha (a Dashalier) has a very sensitive stomach (irritable bowel) These treats are perfect – and she tolerates them well So impressed with the drying process used – non greasy and clean. At night she runs to be waiting for her ear – think her best moment of the day. I buy the 1kg pack – good value for money.

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    Janelle (verified owner)

    Our fur kids get one of these each when they go into their pen for the night…a bit like brushing their teeth before bed 🙂

  41. Add a review

    Meg (verified owner)

    My golden retriever’s one of favourites treat. the clear dog is the cheapest I could find. surprisingly this sheep ear last longer than kangaroo tendons!! so it gives more dental benefits than tendons… and Yes…much cheaper!!

  42. Add a review

    Anne Lewis (verified owner)

    These are a perfect size for all my dogs (2 big and 2 little) and are not fatty like pigs ears. Will buy these again,

  43. Add a review

    Kah (verified owner)

    Perfect treat; gentle on stomach, clean, no fat, easy to carry around, able to have every night because it’s small, option of hiding two or three before leaving him home alone, compared to beef ears that are huge and not so easy on the digestive system. I only but all Australian. A must for all dogs!

  44. Add a review

    Arabella (verified owner)

    These have become a favourite in the household. They tend to last longer than the kangaroo tendons I usually give my boy. I’ve already ordered more!

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