Beef Spare Ribs

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Beef Spare Ribs Dog Treats

One of our best sellers, made in Australia, using all-natural, Australian beef (veal) spare ribs. These treats are dried, not cooked, meaning the bones are safer and therefore will not shard as a cooked bone will. They are entertaining and the perfect size for small to medium dogs.

These ribs are a softer bone and are beneficial for maintaining your dog’s dental health. By strengthening their teeth, gums, and removing tartar. High in protein and without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they are a healthy treat for your best friend.

Fantastic quality and 100% Australian Beef and processed here in Queensland.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

For dental dog treats, you can’t go past the Beef Spare Ribs. There is still plenty of meat on the bone so that while they’re chewing, they’re also benefiting from plenty of vital nutrients, such as protein and iron. All naturally found in Australian beef (but you won’t find any additives!). For instance, the tough bone will dislodge any leftover food and will remove plaque and tartar. This will reduce any chances of decay and keep their teeth and gum health in top condition! In addition, it will keep that dog breath at bay.

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100% Beef (Veal) spare ribs

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian beef.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Most pieces range from 12 – 20cm but can be longer. weight is generally 10g – 30g though generally around 15g on average but can have larger batches.

Approximately 50 – 70 to a kilo in the average batch.

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Crude protein min 58%

Crude fat min 10%

Crude fibre max 2.26%

Ash (for digestion) 20 g

Moisture max 8.8%.

212 reviews for Beef Spare Ribs

  1. Add a review

    Steve McMaster (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome and clean treat – my dogs absolutely love them and have one every morning after breakfast to clean their teeth. Our vet has commented on how great their teeth look so mission accomplished

  2. Add a review

    janetbates (verified owner)

    The very best. The schnauzer gets one a day – so very good keeping the teeth clean. Highly recommended

  3. Add a review

    stirlshirlpfeiffer (verified owner)

    awesome treat. Takoda just loves them

  4. Add a review

    Joanne (verified owner)

    Beef Spare Ribs is literally the only treat that my dogs bark at me for… my oldest dog will sit next to the area where these are kept and wont move until i give her one… These are the best treat I have ever bought my dogs… they absolutely love them!!!!!

  5. Add a review

    Jenny (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these treats. I have \also given them to my daughters dog and you can see that she feels very special when she gets them.

    They are always such good quality and definitely on the favourites list.

  6. Add a review

    Sonya McMiillan (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these beef ribs -they love ripping the dried meat from the bones and chewing the ribs down to almost nothing. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a good dog treat. They are not quick to be finished and the dogs are very happy at the end of the chew. We have two small dogs including a pug cross.

  7. Add a review

    Jordon (verified owner)

    Used to love these, and the dog certainly loves them. But recently (last 6 months or so) packets have begun smelling _REALLY_ bad (even fresh, unopened, new ones). I’ve thrown a few packets thinking they were a bad batch, but now every packet I open is rank is a horrible pungent smell that requires me to scrub my hands after handling the bones in order to get the smell off them.

    Need to find something else now 🙁

    • Add a review


      Hi Jordon, thank you for your feedback. There can certainly be variations of breed and what feed these animals are given from farm to farm and this in turn will affect the look and the smell and the oil content which, as a natural product is out of our control. Beef spare ribs is one of our top 5 products with literally tonnes and tonnes of them sold every year. We only use human grade product from certified suppliers and the entire chain is fully food safe and HACCP certified so I can assure you the product is just fine. We dont add any additives or fillers or sprays to hide the smell of these nutrient dense products. Ultimately many of these products we sell can smell and it can vary. Sometimes it can be quite strong. Our cats favorite product is chicken hearts and they stink from the natural fatty oils 🙁

  8. Add a review

    Jenny (verified owner)

    My dear dog Jack who’s 15 in September LOVES these. He finds it difficult to chew some things but has no problem with the ribs. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you👍

  9. Add a review

    Karen Dunn (verified owner)

    Our Kelpie boys love these spare ribs – a great chew! knowing they are getting all the benefits, long lasting, satisfying, teeth cleaning & a good health kick to go!
    We rate this product 5 stars ..
    Excellent product thankyou ..

  10. Add a review

    Emily (verified owner)

    Got the small beef ribs as usual shark cartilage sold out. Wouldn’t touch them. Jack Russell breed.

  11. Add a review

    Ansie (verified owner)

    My Rottweiler loves the beef ribs. One rib a day help keep his teeth clean. Great value and great customer service.

  12. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    Beef rib bones great our 13 year old
    toy poodle enjoys one every day.
    Quality service and delivery excellent.

  13. Add a review

    Sue Murray (verified owner)

    Great quality product our 13 year old
    toy poodle loves them. Great for keeping
    teeth clean he has one every day.
    Service and delivery was excellent.

  14. Add a review

    Shelties (verified owner)

    Great product! Nice snacking size!

  15. Add a review

    Alpha (verified owner)

    Great product. Our dog loves the ribs. We ordered the 1kg packet. Will be buying more in the future.
    Delivery was great too.

  16. Add a review

    Maxine Carter (verified owner)

    Beef Spare Ribs. What a wonderful product, works a treat. Or little dog loves them and cleans his teeth beautifully. Quick delivery and great service

  17. Add a review

    mal gooch (verified owner)

    our dog wont go with out her beef ribs , kangaroo ribs and chicken breasts . she loves them.

  18. Add a review

    Eunice Eades (verified owner)

    My 9 yr old Pom loves the beef spare ribs.Chloe has had several teeth removed so I soak them in hot water first….My daughter Michelle Monk who owns Dogs in Motion Canine Rehab introduced m e to them and sells them at her business.Chloe is on Prednisolone for life which causes weight gain so these are wonderful being totally additives. Very happy to have found them

  19. Add a review

    Dianne (verified owner)

    Great product and my dogs really the spare ribs

  20. Add a review

    Josh (verified owner)

    My dogs love these and a packet lasts a long time. Great values for money

  21. Add a review

    Chantel (verified owner)

    My Havanese love these and great for teeth cleaning

  22. Add a review

    Darry G Wilson (verified owner)

    We have purchased Beef Spare Ribs a number of times and always found them to be of excellent quality and
    good value for money. Will always purchase this product for our dog.

    Thank you for an excellent product.

  23. Add a review

    Joanne (verified owner)

    My dog love these, she literally barks for me to get her one!

  24. Add a review

    Gavin (verified owner)

    Beef Spare Ribs = my Jack Russell absolutely loves these. Nutritious and practical as effective teeth cleaners.

  25. Add a review

    Cathie Boag (verified owner)

    I have 2 mini foxies and they love these .. keeps them happy after dinner for a little while and when they are left on there own !!!!!

  26. Add a review

    Sarah (verified owner)

    5* product. Our puppers love them. 100% satisfaction from purchaser and consumers! Cant recommend you guys enough 🙂

  27. Add a review

    Nicole (verified owner)

    My heeler really enjoys these. They don’t last all that long, just a couple of minutes, but they help satisfy his urge to chew.

  28. Add a review

    Steve (verified owner)

    My dog loves them. I like the fact that they are not full of rubbish like salt and sugar. Have been purchasing for a couple of years, will purchase indefinitely

  29. Add a review

    David (verified owner)

    We have two small dogs who will eat anything that even looks edible. Consequently, they’re a bit on the fat side. Giving them a rib keeps them occupied for much longer than other treats – and our vet says that they’re good for the dogs.

  30. Add a review

    Mary (verified owner)

    A nice crunchy treat for my two medium-size dogs. Because the ribs are separated in the pack (as opposed to the rib racks), I can give the fast chomper in the family two ribs to work on, while my slower girl works her way steadily through one rib.

  31. Add a review

    Lynette Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent my kids love them. Excellent service. I will always purchase them.

  32. Add a review

    Margaret F (verified owner)

    Hadn’t used this product for ages as it had been unavailable at one time.. Concerned about dogs teeth so October 2021 checked site again, but decided on Kangaroo riblets instead as these recommended for small dogs . Expecting individual rib bones, these were very ‘meaty’, mostly unsegmented rib cages, some as large as an open fingered hand. I ended up binning them as too difficult to use. One dog is a Chihuahua . In January 2022, I ordered some of the beef ribs instead and like Lynn M. immediately noticed a very strong smell when I unsealed the packaging. My dogs each readily chewed on a bone with no ill effect but the smell was worrying so I only kept a few out and put the bulk of the order in the freezer which is something I’d never done in the past.. I’ve probably only given the dogs one of the rib bones a week since they arrived about a month ago, because of the niggling worry about the smell, but this is now definitely nowhere near as strong, the dogs have never shown any ill effect, and their teeth have certainly improved despite the infrequent use. .I notice my order arrived just a few weeks after Lynns … could there be a connection????.

    • Add a review


      Hi Margaret. The Roo riblets are cut up whole rib cagaes. I recommend the kangaroo spare ribs for a smaller chew as they are single ribs. The Beef spare ribs, like all of our natural products can vary in smell and look based on the he breed, age, fat content, size and feed the animal had. Some batches can smell much stronger than others and its not an indication of the product being off, just the smell of nature after the water content has been removed and the dense nutrients and oils that are left.

  33. Add a review

    lakiita_ (verified owner)

    Love this product and tell EVERYONE about them – great for keeping teeth clean without smelly bones in the house/ yard and so much healthier than rawhide.

  34. Add a review

    Lynn Michelmore (verified owner)

    Have been using these for quite some time & have always been impressed with the nice beefy aroma & how much the dogs love them. Unfortunately the last 2kg I bought before Christmas will be the last. When I opened the packet it smelt like something had died it was awful even the dogs were turned off & wouldn’t touch them. Having been a farm girl all my life I have a fairly strong stomach but this almost made me dry reach. I did send an inquiry & a message but received no reply.. You have just lost a customer..

    • Add a review


      Hi Lynn, I believe customer service did reply, I apologise for any delays due to our xmas and NY closures and catching up. I really cant explain why your spare ribs have issues. These are dried in batches generally around half a tonne or more and we would expect to see issues within the whole batch but this is the only negative feedback we have received I believe. We have checked our stock and its all within range of expectations. Smell and look can certainly vary a bit based on the breed, age and feed of the animal and can sometimes be very strong. removing the water accounts for 60-80% of the raw product leaving a very condensed set of nutrients often dominated by the natural fat content. We have given a full refund but are unable to give further feedback since you threw the product away. I am sorry for your very unusual negative experience.

  35. Add a review

    Carol (verified owner)

    I have a dog that cant have raw bones and these ribs are the best. They are great for cleaning their teeth and as a treat. Would recommend them to everyone!

  36. Add a review

    Jade Mckavanagh (verified owner)

    Our dogs usually love these treats, although in the last few batches there has been a pungent smell and significantly higher amounts of fat. our dogs got sick from eating them.

    • Add a review


      Hi Jade, the breed and age and feed of the animal can vary and this will effect the outcome. We did have one recent batch which was stronger though that’s come and past. Its normally quite consistent but with a shortage of beef on the market and many abattoirs not collecting due to covid and staff shortages we are sourcing from more abattoirs which perhaps is seeing a wider variation of breeds and ages. Unfortunately though as a natural product using the left overs of human grade there is little we can do about such variations. Beef spare ribs is one of out top 3 selling products and we go through tonnes, you are more than welcome to return products for a credit if they do not agree with your dog, even if you have used 1-2.

  37. Add a review

    Anne Mason (verified owner)

    My dogs love these ribs all are rescued dogs and have had most of their teeth removed the ribs have helped to harden the gums so much that they can chew and eat so much better I highly recommended and will continue to buy these. Also super fast delivery

  38. Add a review

    Leanne White (verified owner)

    My 6 month old Cavoodle LOVES these bones. We are onto our 2nd 1kg bag. She has at least 1 per day. It’s a lovely time when we sit down together and I hold the bone for a while to help her get started on it and then she’s obsessed with it for the next hour.

    The only thing I’d say against them is that the first bag purchased seemed to have more meat on the bones than the second one.

  39. Add a review

    Linda Brown (verified owner)

    My two Shelties love beef ribs.
    Not a crumb left 😋

  40. Add a review

    Emma (verified owner)

    My two toys (Moodle and Maltese X) love these. They get very excited when the packet comes out of the cupboard – lots of jumping and barking. For me, I get 30-45 minutes of silence while they work away at the bones, which is perfect for zoom meetings. Not an everyday snack as I find these make their poops hard and white, probably because they are x small dogs. Alternate days seems to be ok. Have repurchased.

  41. Add a review

    Margaret Watherston (verified owner)

    I have purchased these indivibual ribs a number of times for my two 16kg Basset Fauve. There is an advertising slogan …they keep coming back for more… great teeth cleaners and my dogs love them.

  42. Add a review

    Matt (verified owner)

    It’s the only store-bought treat I buy for my boys, 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Been buying from Clear Dog for years. Very happy with the quality of the ribs

  43. Add a review

    Tess Tsindos (verified owner)

    These are my dog’s favourite treats. He loves them and they keep his teeth clean.

  44. Add a review

    Renee (verified owner)

    These are my dogs favourite. He begs for them multiple times a day!

  45. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these ribs and a must to have 1 every night for her dinner. They are a fabulous treat and s great size. The only issue is that in transit sometimes the ribs pierce the bag. It has happened twice now.

  46. Add a review

    Kylie T (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality ! Being purchasing for over a year and quality is always there .My small and large dog who both have sensitive stomaches thoroughly enjoy them with no issues.. Great for teeth cleaning too !

  47. Add a review

    Marella (verified owner)

    Every night at 8pm our little diabetic boy knows he gets 3 of these to chew on and help clean his teeth. If we forget he comes and reminds us. He is a very fussy eater, even most treats do not temp him. Keeping his teeth clean was a drama before we found these as he is excellent rat hunter and killer, but not a chewer. ( he is first and only dog I have owned that has not ruined at least one pair of shoes).
    He loves these and 3 amuse him and his resue dog sister for 24 hours, but the fresh ones at 8pm are their favourite.
    My vet is happy with his 8 year old teeth, and though expensive, ribs are much cheaper than vet fees for poor oral hygiene ( had to pay $700 for 12 year old cat to have his teeth cleaned under anaesthesia)

  48. Add a review


    Sorry to hear this. The beef rib bones are a softer bone and are a top 3 product and we have never heard a report of a tooth chipping.

  49. Add a review

    EELS (verified owner)

    Every order I make has to include 400g of these babies. Only 400g because I like to order other stuff too you get quite a lot of ribs in a 400g pack, really good value and quality for the price you pay! Frenchie gets so excited when she sees them 🙂 It’s so cute seeing her chew on these, having her paws on the bones, tearing some of the dry meat off. They last about 10 minutes. I find them to be a really good size and I much prefer these over kangaroo ribs (those are too though for my frenchie).

  50. Add a review

    Ruben W (verified owner)

    These are our Whippet Heidi’s favourite thing. Loves them, though watch out for the shards when walking around barefoot!

  51. Add a review

    Mel (verified owner)

    great treat for the sniffers, nice to know its natural and good for them as well as their teeth.
    keeps them occupied (for a little while) when home alone. they absolutely love them!

  52. Add a review

    Mike (verified owner)

    Banjo loves his spare rib treats. I’m very happy with Clear dog treats and will continue to purchase these.

  53. Add a review

    Joanne (verified owner)

    My dog’s favourite treat, she loves them!!!! Thank you Cleardog. . ..

  54. Add a review

    Heidi (verified owner)

    I was introduced to this brand and this product by the trainer at our puppy school to ‘keep the dogs busy’ whilst the humans were talking.

    I have re-purchased this multiple times (and will continue to do so) as my Whippet puppy absolutely loves them, although he demolishes them much quicker than he used to. I give them to him when I left for the office in the morning, so he has something to keep him happy when I leave.

    When I visit other people who have dogs I always bring these as treats for their dogs and I have only seen happy smiley dog faces when they are eating them!

    I am very happy with the product and would recommend the spare ribs as a tasty treat for your puppy or dog!

  55. Add a review

    Yossi (verified owner)

    Our dog, a Cavoodle, generally only eats smaller treats, and these ribs are perfect. She finishes most of it in 10-15 mins, then goes back to chew what’s left of the bone during the day

  56. Add a review

    Star Johnson (verified owner)

    My two dogs love these treats

  57. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    Great for helping clean teeth – loves these and the Beef Liver and the Beef Puff cubes.
    All round great products and great service

  58. Add a review

    Hey Dog (verified owner)

    great addition to the treats section in the pantry BUT must be kept airtight !! My dog waits each night for his “”go-to-bed”treat and won’t settle till he gets it (After all he is a male!!!!)

  59. Add a review

    hchie. (verified owner)

    My American Bulldog absolutely loves these. She drools as soon as she sees me get it out of the packet. 🤣.

  60. Add a review

    Kylie (verified owner)

    Generous size , fantastic quality. Our spoilt pooches loved them !

  61. Add a review

    Jaimee (verified owner)

    My greyhounds love these. A great snack that they can’t demolish instantly

  62. Add a review

    Leanne (verified owner)

    My boy loves the spare ribs…I love that they clean his teeth as well as the nutrition of eating the bone as he won’t eat fresh bones any more in his old age… Quick delivery always…. Happy customer 👍

  63. Add a review

    Olivia (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with these ribs
    Puppies are kept busy enjoying them every time

  64. Add a review

    Barb (verified owner)

    My Boston’s love these. Great for cleaning their teeth

  65. Add a review

    Gilly Manning (verified owner)

    My rottie and rottie ridgeback love them although to be fair they live all your products

  66. Add a review

    Adelle Pearson (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats. They have been the best find and they are very good for their teeth.

  67. Add a review


    Very happy with the Beef ribs – I used to purchase another brand and was delighted when I found these available from Clear dog treats. Ordering and delivery is great. My dog loves them.

  68. Add a review

    Katie (verified owner)

    My dogs love them to bits!!!

  69. Add a review

    Wendy Greaves (verified owner)

    Our 2 dog absolutely love these best things ever

  70. Add a review

    Joy Greig (verified owner)

    My 14 year old friend has a lovely smile, no doubt that your beef spare ribs keeps her teeth sparkling. She loves them so much.
    Good price, good service and an Australian product too.

  71. Add a review

    Rachel (verified owner)

    My little man (toy poodle) absolutely loves these! We rotate between the kangaroo bones, and the bees bones. Loves them! Definitely worth the money!

  72. Add a review

    Samuel Sinnamon

    If your dog is a determined chewer, might be worth avoiding these – mine had it for 5 minutes and managed to eat the entire (30cm long) rib! After he vomited up a sharp chunk of bone we went straight to the vet and 400 dollars later, we will not be having any more beef spare ribs!

  73. Add a review

    Anne White (verified owner)

    My pup and dog’s absolute favourite, great high value treat

  74. Add a review

    ROSEMARY DEAN (verified owner)

    My 3 Fur Babies love these, we go through them quickly.

  75. Add a review

    Dale Sambrook (verified owner)

    My dogs luv em. What more can I say. ?‍??‍?

  76. Add a review

    Susan (verified owner)

    My dog lives these and gets one each day. It helps keep her teeth in good order and contribute to her overall excellent health.

  77. Add a review

    Melanie (verified owner)

    Great for the dogs when j leave the house.. Great for their teeth also

  78. Add a review

    Giovanna (verified owner)

    My dog loves your products, i always have to make sure i have it in stock , spare ribs are her favourite!!

  79. Add a review

    Kara Shanahan (verified owner)

    You wouldn’t think a Maltese X could get through one of these, but she does and she loves them. I bought the 400G first which went fast with a follow up order on the 1KG

    Very happy, thank you Clear Dog Treats.

  80. Add a review

    Shirley (verified owner)

    My two small dogs are obsessed by these treats

  81. Add a review

    Melissa Sykes (verified owner)

    My toy poodles love this product – my boy dog chews through the bone – it just disappears. My little girl dog knaws away at the meat. Win/win

  82. Add a review

    Rick (verified owner)

    My previous source of beef ribs stopped producing them and Bob the beagle wasn’t happy as it was his bed time snack.. very happy to have found another supplier.

  83. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    Charlie loves his Beef spare ribs, we will definitely being ordering more.

  84. Add a review

    Allison (verified owner)

    These are my dogs absolutely favourite. He can turn his nose up at quite a few different treats but never to these. Orders arrive very promptly. Highly recommend.

  85. Add a review

    Jase (verified owner)

    My 10kg cavalier loves these beef ribs, If I offer him food or a rib he will chose the rib every-time.

  86. Add a review

    Catherine (verified owner)

    Thank you for supplying these fabulous treats. Our dogs love them, keep them occupied while I need to go out shopping for essentials in the time of Covid-19 and they keep their teeth clean.
    I love the cleardog company, all orders arrive almost before I have the order completed.
    Thank you!

  87. Add a review

    Geoff (verified owner)

    My dog suffers from a “dicky” stomach, and can’t digest raw/cooked beef, but for some reason this particular beef treat does not affect him in the slightest , cleans his teeth and his doggy breath !!,he has one rib every 6 days, I m very pleased with this product, the postage from clear dog was great

  88. Add a review

    Raelene (verified owner)

    my little dog loves this product, they keep her teeth clean and keep her amused for ages. Ilove the convenience of being able to order online and have it delivered every time within the time frame given

  89. Add a review

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    Our fur baby is a fussy eater and really enjoys chewing on the bones. We can no longer buy them from the local supermarket. Thankyou for the alternative, they are bigger with more on them. The service was amazing, fully recommend this item.

  90. Add a review

    Myra-Ann Pickens (verified owner)

    We’d been giving our fur babies a bone every night, as a treat, for several years. And then the company that made them stopped for some reason. We were really concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find anything that our Maltese and Cavoodle would like as much. Neither of our dogs is food driven, so if they don’t like something they just walk away. That what had us concerned, but they love these bones and we love having found a treat that they can enjoy so much.

  91. Add a review

    Jackie (verified owner)

    Excellent night time treat for my Shih Tzu.
    He has one after dinner and lets me know if I don’t get it quite quickly enough!

  92. Add a review

    Maria Bonham (verified owner)

    These are excellent, my little maltese x girls love them. They are so great for their teeth and gums. My girls are very fussy but so enjoy these beef ribs. Highly recommend

  93. Add a review

    Gayle (verified owner)

    My dog loves this product. Very fast delivery good product good price.

  94. Add a review

    Tom (verified owner)

    Our small dog loves them.. We break the bigger ones in half and she gets one in the morning, lunch time, and at night. You could set your clock by her, she will come and stare at you at the same three times each day.

  95. Add a review

    Mel (verified owner)

    Incredible our dogs adore them!
    They are huge, very generous. Excellent quality!!!

  96. Add a review

    Margaret James (verified owner)

    We have very fussy dogs and they both love this product! Just have to touch the packet and they start doing excitement circles!!! ???

  97. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    Our cavoodle Hannah just loves her daily treat beef ribs

  98. Add a review

    Nina Davis (verified owner)

    very good value for money, quality products, postage reasonable and fast

  99. Add a review

    Mel (verified owner)

    My dog loves them & they keep his teeth clean.

  100. Add a review

    Spotty (verified owner)

    The smell of the rib gets my dog running to me every time the packet is opened!

  101. Add a review

    Justin (verified owner)

    Woolworths etc no longer sells these. Fast delivery… our dog Bundy loves them!

  102. Add a review

    Lynette Jervis (verified owner)

    My Rosie loves these beef ribs – she had one every night after dinner. I am very happy to purchase goods from your company. Great service and quick delivery.

  103. Add a review

    Jo (verified owner)

    This is my dogs favourite treat of all!!

  104. Add a review

    Josephine Wells (verified owner)

    My dogs loves these beef ribs.

  105. Add a review

    DinDove (verified owner)

    My spoilt, fussy JR just loves these. Her teeth are much improved and it is a go to when all else is refused.

  106. Add a review

    Darren Buchanan (verified owner)

    My dogs love these ribs. I hope it keeps my vet bills down too.

  107. Add a review

    SydneyMum (verified owner)

    My Westies love these – they would eat it all up! Bought a smaller pack to try out, then the 1 kg pack. However, the ribs in the large pack have a rather strong smell (the smaller pack had no smell whatsoever), a put-off for me but a crowd pleaser for the girls. 🙂

  108. Add a review

    melissastasia (verified owner)

    I cut these in half for my little ones … they are fantastic!

  109. Add a review

    Sharon Walters (verified owner)

    My Westies love these the most. They hear the packet being opened from the other side of the paddock!

  110. Add a review

    Glenda (verified owner)

    My dog loves these and her teeth seem to be cleaner

  111. Add a review

    Brandon (verified owner)

    Milly loves them thanks Guys…?

  112. Add a review

    Vanessa (verified owner)

    My GS dogs demolish these so quickly, they absolutely love them. Its our now go to treat

  113. Add a review

    Carla (verified owner)

    A much enjoyed product from a reliable company. The knowledge we are giving our girl such great quality treats is very reassuring and she just loves these beef spare ribs. Highly recommend them.

  114. Add a review

    James Saffery (verified owner)

    As everyone says, the dogs love them and they’re great for their teeth, along with feeding a raw diet, great company, great product, Thanks! Therese

  115. Add a review


    I have been buying this product from many years. My dogs love them and look forward to them, cleaning their teeth at the same time. Place my order and they ensure they are delivered as promptly as possible. Highly recommend to dog owners.

  116. Add a review

    Anne Mason

    I have been buying beef ribs for quite a while for my three small dogs two of whom are rescue dogs one having been in a cage for three years had most of his teeth removed, My vet recommended beef ribs as they are easy for him to chew on they have also helped to harden his gums making it easier for him, My other two dogs love them I would highly recommend them

  117. Add a review

    Maree (verified owner)

    These are a great treat and even better knowing they help keep Millie’s teeth healthy.

  118. Add a review

    Rosa Frassoni (verified owner)

    The smell of the last batch was terrible! Don’t know why they smell so appalling. In the past when I ordered them, the smell was strong but nowhere near as offensive as the last lot. To boot, my caboodle doesn’t seem to like them. Don’t know whether they’ve changed the way they’re making them, or whether I got a bad batch!

    • Add a review


      Hi Rosa. Thyat does sound unusual. The smell of the product can vary based on the fat content. While water is removed, the fat/oil content can stick around and if higher than normal can make them smell stronger. The age and breed of the animal can effect the fat content so sometimes a batch or part of batch of natural treats can have a stronger smell. We havent had any other feed this back so it might be a local issue. We are more than happy to refund/exchange them, just email me at [email protected] – or post back with a note and order # to our warehouse – address on our contact us page

  119. Add a review

    Ellen (verified owner)

    These are the only product my dog will chew and eat completely without burying which keeps his teeth clean . He loves them

  120. Add a review

    Anne Mason

    My three toy poodles love them, They have one each for breakfast along with some other healthy treats everyday. Their teeth are in perfect condition and the ribs are so much cheaper than buying them locally

  121. Add a review

    Rod Broadhead (verified owner)

    Our puppies ( daschund and toy poodle) love them. They ask for one every day… and their teeth are great! Keeps the vet happy.

  122. Add a review

    Catrina (verified owner)

    Our dog loves the beef spare ribs, they are an excellent product. Clear Dog Treats are always quick to delivery and a great company to deal with.

  123. Add a review

    Kellie Stone (verified owner)

    These are not suitable for poodles, they splint way to easy, will stick with the beef pizzle instead.

    • Add a review


      Hi Kellie, these bones are dehydrated and not cooked so have not calcified. The bone will crunch up but it gives a nice dental aid. Beef Spare ribs are a top 5 products and we have sold literally tonnes of them – hundreds of thousands of serves annually and have never had any feedback to say the bone has caused any harm.

  124. Add a review

    Jan Turner (verified owner)

    Lottie & her family of English cocker spaniels just love these treats. Keep them very happy after being given one, especially if I’m going out.

  125. Add a review

    Michelle White (verified owner)

    I wish these were a slightly thicker rib, as my dogs just crunch these and they are gone..
    We are getting a new puppy in a week, so am saving remainder of product for her, as I think possibly more suitable to a smaller dog.
    Great product just the same.

    • Add a review


      Hi Michelle, we cant change the size of the ribs being a natural product but I would recommend the roo riblets which are a few ribs together which should last slightly longer.

  126. Add a review

    Yvonne (verified owner)

    My dogs loved these treats and take my two dogs take no time at all to eat them (not long lasting in my household). Great value for money.

  127. Add a review

    Brian Dinte (verified owner)

    Purchase this product to assist with teeth and gum health. Works a treat.

  128. Add a review

    Kath Hopkins (verified owner)

    My dogs love them not only good for them but helps with cleaning their teeth

  129. Add a review

    Michele (verified owner)

    My 8kg dog can chomp through one in a matter of minutes so I wouldn’t call these long lasting at all, but they’re still a good value for the price.

  130. Add a review


    We always have some of these in the house. Nice and healthy but she gets through them v quickly – not a long lasting chew. But doesn’t smell and she loves them!

  131. Add a review

    Robyn (verified owner)

    These ribs are great. My poodle even tries to get them out of the packet himself. I am a fan of this company and buy regularly. Products are all Australian and clearly described. I love that.

  132. Add a review

    mousee_11 (verified owner)

    My boys (a small and mid sized Spitz) tried these for the first time this morning after our package came yesterday. They absolutely loved these treats and gobbled them down with enthusiasm. I was a touch disappointed after reading the reviews saying they were great for teeth and boredom when my boys ate them within a minute each. That is the only reason a lowered a star off my rating. however i’m sure if my boys wrote a review they would give it five paws of approval.

  133. Add a review

    MerryPuppins (verified owner)

    Great product! All my Merry Puppins clients have loved them!

  134. Add a review

    simmetra (verified owner)

    As the other reviewers have said, it’s a good quick snack to keep him occupied for a while so that I can prepare his dinner (and ours) or as an after dinner treat.

  135. Add a review

    cee jay (verified owner)

    just the most brilliant treat ever. My dogs are very spoiled and used to the best of treats, They can be fussy at times but these spare ribs are without equal. My dogs just about do back-flips when they see me getting them ready

  136. Add a review

    Kim Walker (verified owner)

    Great product!! Took me awhile before I purchased these bse thought cooked bones and would splinter. Definitely not cooked, totally safe, a favourite w my guys!!

  137. Add a review

    Ina (verified owner)

    My 2 dogs Mac and James loves this! I initially got these from Woolies (chewz) but glad I found these in a larger bulk at Cleardog coz we go through this so fast. Every night at 8pm Mac and James comes to me looking for this – 8pm is chew chew time! They love it!

  138. Add a review

    Virginia Grass (verified owner)

    My puppy, Jax, absolutely adores this bones. He has two after his night meal before his bed time. His friend, Delta, loves them like crazy and they both sit quietly down on their beds and crunch them like crazy, the noise is gorgeous to listen to. Clear Dog treat Company is fantastic and I know the food is pure and safe for my baby boy Jax.

  139. Add a review

    Yvonne (verified owner)

    Have two dogs, one smaller teeth/jaw than the other, so a kolo bag is great as different sizes & thickness suits them both. My Son calls them ” Herion” sticks and his & my dogs go crazy for them!
    Also great service from Clear dog treat company. Thank you.

  140. Add a review

    Bronnie (verified owner)

    Our little maltese/shitzhu cross dogs love these! 🙂

  141. Add a review

    Trish (verified owner)

    Our greyhound loves these. They certainly don’t last long with her but we’ll be buying them again

  142. Add a review

    David (verified owner)

    My caboodle loves Beef Spare Ribs! and it lasts long too!

  143. Add a review

    Charles Rocco (verified owner)

    I provide our dog Beef Spare Ribs Natural Treats to complete her healthy diet. As I prepare all her food myself I don’t purchase ‘treats’ from retail suppliers unless they are primarily unprocessed. That’s why I prefer Clear Dog Treats for products and service. Thanks for contributing to a healthy doggy diet.

  144. Add a review

    Sue (verified owner)

    Great treats for our two small dogs. I give them each one when I leave for work of a morning – good for them & keeps their teeth & gums healthy.
    I’m always impressed by the service from Clear Dog & even received a phone call from them after I had emailed enquiring about an issue with the courier who was late delivering our parcel. Couldn’t ask for more.

  145. Add a review

    susanjm (verified owner)

    My Cavoodle Ruby loves the beef ribs. Crunchy and satisfying.

  146. Add a review

    Marshall (verified owner)

    Our two year old Husky just tap dancers for her ‘chewy sticks’ as we call them. She can’t get enough of these great treats which are good for her teeth and a mess free for her to eat inside. Every one of our orders has a few 1kg bags of these in it – highly recommended!

  147. Add a review

    Ann Grace (verified owner)

    Our Lab and Collie love all the treats from Clear Dog. I love that they are natural and also very well priced. The delivery is so fast as well. I will keep buying from them. Awesome products.

  148. Add a review

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love these. Very good for their teeth to gnaw on too.

  149. Add a review

    Theresa (verified owner)

    Keeps my dog busy chewing for ages, both my dogs love it!!

  150. Add a review

    Sara (verified owner)

    My 2 whippets go crazy for these! Fabulous treat and well priced

  151. Add a review

    Sara (verified owner)

    My boy absolutely loves these. Great for his teeth and keeps him occupied for a few minutes. Love that they are natural also.

  152. Add a review

    Yasmin (verified owner)

    Nicknamed ‘toothbrush’ in this house – Rosie gets one every morning. Should we forget we get stared at until we get the message. Will be a permanent on our list.

  153. Add a review

    Jeanette Dsouza (verified owner)

    My babies absolutely love these treats and I am happy that they are natural and healthy for them.

  154. Add a review

    MzEm (verified owner)

    My dog’s (and my neighbors dogs’) all time favorite treat.
    I keep buying them again and again.

  155. Add a review

    Citizen Smiff (verified owner)

    the girls keep herding me into the scullery! they are very pleased with this treat

  156. Add a review

    Valerie Fullinfaw (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves the Beef Spare Ribs. I have tried various alternatives and this is her favourite by far. I like them too, as they are not fatty and do not smell bad like some of the alternatives. Also as my dog is small (5.8kg), I break these in half and this is the perfect size for her. Keeps her happy and saves me money.

  157. Add a review

    Lynne Morton (verified owner)

    My gorgeous greyhound, Billy, is totally addicted to these treats – and they are good for him and his teeth. The service from Cleardog is amazing.

  158. Add a review

    Robynne Voros (verified owner)

    My shelties love these spare ribs. Leaves no mess and all are happy.

  159. Add a review

    Vicki Coleman (verified owner)

    Greet low fat treat

  160. Add a review

    Kate Harrigan (verified owner)

    Our dog (a small terrier) absolutely loves these treats… we have to resist giving him more than one a day. They keep him busy, are great for his teeth and we love that they are all natural. We just can’t get enough of them. Highly recommend.

  161. Add a review

    mal gooch (verified owner)

    dogs go nuts if they don’t get a couple of ribs for treat when we go shopping . they love them

  162. Add a review

    Trish (verified owner)

    Our love them, have been buying these from a local store for years, unfortunately they no longer stock them.
    Always get a go review about the dog’s teeth from the vet 🙂

  163. Add a review

    Fergus & Millie-Rose (the Shelties) (verified owner)

    Santa bought us a pack of the kangaroo arm bones, the beef spare ribs and the kangaroo riblets, and we love them all! We can chew up the spare ribs and roo riblets into small pieces and eat the whole bone, and the roo arm bones can be gnawed for ages. Our humans like them too because they’re low fat (one of us is getting a bit chubby) and, because the bones aren’t cooked, they don’t worry about us choking. But, apparently it’s a bad thing to bring the bones into the house and we have to eat them outside on the lawn. We’re also not allowed to take each other’s bones, or growl and bark at each other when we have our bones – it’s because of something called “manners”. Anyway, we’re sure that our humans will be buying some more for us because of something called ‘excellent quality and value”.

  164. Add a review

    Karen Rogers (verified owner)

    My toy poodle absolutely loves these ribs. She knows where they are in the cupboard and doesn’t let me forget to give her one every day by standing at the cupboard and literally howling. All the other dogs we know love them too so I order for them also. Best product I have every purchased for their enjoyment.

  165. Add a review

    Toby (verified owner)

    My Italian Greyhound loves the Beef Ribs. He is tiny but they are a great size for him

  166. Add a review

    Laura (verified owner)

    A great product – both of my cavoodles love them. For my smaller one they can last as long as 20 minutes each…..would certainly buy them again!

  167. Add a review


    My dog loves them.

  168. Add a review

    sunflower365 (verified owner)

    My Groodle pup loves these! And so do i ‘cos no messes.

  169. Add a review

    Matthew (verified owner)

    These beef spare ribs are great my jack russel loves them.

  170. Add a review

    Marian (verified owner)

    My Molly and her friend next door love the spare ribs

  171. Add a review

    jacpaulsteph (verified owner)

    We were buying Vitapet Beef Ribs which have been discontinued in Australia. These are the same and are far more economical. A great treat for my fussy Westie who likes to chew treats only inside the house. These leave no mess and manage to keep his teeth tartar free. Also prompt delivery at a very reasonable price.

  172. Add a review

    Sandy Bartle (verified owner)

    My dog, Cully, absolutely adores this bone. She has one in the morning after her walk and follows me around the house until I fetch it for her. Her friend, Jill, also loves them too and they both sit quietly down and crunch them to bits.

  173. Add a review

    Frank (verified owner)

    My Dogs love them. The price is great too.

  174. Add a review

    Susan (verified owner)

    We have the odd couple, a pug (Golly) and her big brother, a red cattle dog (Flynn). They line up each morning at the pantry door for their treats and race off back to bed to munch in peace. Great for their teeth. Prompt delivery, great product.

  175. Add a review


    My dog reckons they are great. The price is very respectable.

  176. Add a review

    Shiloh (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these ribs. I was so happy to find them as raw chicken wings and necks were making them sick.

  177. Add a review

    Louise Flanagan (verified owner)

    My Dogs love these and great bone choose for one of my dogs as he cant eat raw meat off a bone makes him sick poor bugger so he loves these and they keep his teeth nice and white

  178. Add a review

    John (verified owner)

    Fizz loves them!

  179. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    Our eight-month-old dog loves these, which clean his teeth and keep him happy for extended periods of time. They were expensive and hard to get in pet shops and I frequently ran out. I have just purchased a 1kg bag, which works out much cheaper and is superior product. The puppy loves them! Highly recommended.

  180. Add a review

    the_fell_family (verified owner)

    Have purchased this product several times and am always happy with these treats. Our cardigan corgi loves them and has one every night while we are watching tv. They keep her teeth clean which is a bonus. Excellent service, great price and website is very informative. Thank you!

  181. Add a review

    Jeannette (verified owner)

    My girls absolutely adore these. I like the fact that they are entirely natural with no flavour enhancer. A guilt free snack, Thanks.

  182. Add a review

    Wendy Jones (verified owner)

    If my dogs could talk they would say “yum yum yum”

  183. Add a review

    Christine (verified owner)

    I need not have worried, my little dog loved these when it became increasingly harder to buy her favourites.

  184. Add a review

    Alison (verified owner)

    These are really the best thing for small house dogs. They are great for their teeth, they love them and they are clean so your small dog can have bones without a greasy mess.

  185. Add a review


    Service very good.
    Delivery prompt.
    Product… My dog loves the beef spare ribs.

  186. Add a review

    Ronda Skinner (verified owner)

    My two chihuahuas love these ribs. My vet has asked me how do I keep my dogs teeth so clean. These ribs are great for keeping their teeth clean. This company delivers very quickly. Great product.

  187. Add a review

    Kaza (verified owner)

    The dogs cross pug jackrussells love these , and the price is great keep it up ???

  188. Add a review

    Katy Evans (verified owner)

    There is no doubt that you get value for your buck with these treats. My dogs love them. It’s also handy to have different sizes as not all jaws have the same strength. Will definitely be back for my next kg!

  189. Add a review

    shannon (verified owner)

    My dog loves these. I thought they would be long lasting due to the size but he gobbles it up really quickly.

  190. Add a review

    Johanna (verified owner)

    My dogs love it. It is even a great price. I will get more that is for sure.

  191. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    Our dogs adore these treats.

  192. Add a review

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    You know these are good when your dog takes them from you straight away. My girl loves these.

  193. Add a review

    Bruce Cornish (verified owner)

    All of our dogs look forward to their special treats every morning – they can’t wait.

  194. Add a review

    Margaret (verified owner)

    I meant to add…A+ to Cleardog for fantastic service. Top company with which to deal.

  195. Add a review

    Margaret (verified owner)

    Genevieve begs for her spare rib before bed every night. She chomps and chews with intense satisfaction. Her spare rib time is practically the highlight of her day. (Apart from her beach time every day.) It’s a healthy way to end to her day and her either get a clean too.

  196. Add a review

    Helen (verified owner)

    Definitely a favourite treat for our pooch, shes a 30kg pointer so it doesnt take her long to crunch one up. I give them to her after our morning walk or as a chew before bed. Really good value as you get loads in a pack and they are good sized ribs.

  197. Add a review

    marcia devincentis (verified owner)

    these are the favorites of all time – my small dogs love them and never seem to be bored with them.

  198. Add a review

    Wally M (verified owner)

    Excellent snack for our dieting dog – good for teeth and gums – recommend them to everyone

  199. Add a review

    Ljayne (verified owner)

    These are simply brilliant for small dogs. Medium dogs do not mind them either. They are good for my dogs teeth and gums.

  200. Add a review

    Gloria Del Borrello (verified owner)

    I use these as a training tool for my Rottweiler Jack I also get a pack for the Neighbours little yappers they love them

  201. Add a review

    Donna Breen

    Great product for our little 17 year poodle.
    She has pancreatitis and tolerates these ribs as a once a week treat for her teeth.

  202. Add a review

    donna (verified owner)

    My crews favorite .beagles and terrier . love these ribs .beagles are allowed 2 a day and trust me they let me know if they get short changed ,great treat for most dogs

  203. Add a review

    Kerrin (verified owner)

    These are extremely popular at home (and next door). Great for smaller dogs as well.

  204. Add a review

    Paula (verified owner)

    Our dog gets very excited about her clear dog beef rib delivery. Very happy.

  205. Add a review

    Trudy (verified owner)

    My two small dogs love these ribs. Great treat instead of messy fresh bones.

  206. Add a review

    Amanda (verified owner)

    Our 2 small dogs love these

  207. Add a review

    Donna (verified owner)

    My gorgeous girl loves these spare ribs. She has two before her other nighttime treat.

  208. Add a review

    Louise & Peter Connolly (verified owner)

    Our dogs absolutely love the Beef Spare Ribs. They go berserko, happy happy joy joy, tails wag nonstop, when we get them out. Meanwhile their teeth get a good clean too. Kevin & Lotte send their thx.

  209. Add a review

    Jacquie (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these treats just before bedtime. They are a healthy alternative and never get turned down. Hailee and Gretzky say thank you.

  210. Add a review

    Jeanette (verified owner)

    Our dogs love the beef spare ribs. Excellent product, quick delivery, great company to deal with.

  211. Add a review

    Ronda Skinner (verified owner)

    My two dogs love the beef ribs. They are great for cleaning their teeth. I was amazed by the price of them. Great value

  212. Add a review

    Jennifer Davey (verified owner)

    My dog loves these spare ribs,they are boredom busters for her.As well they keep her teeth clean.Clear Dog are a great company to deal with.I put my order in and it here the next day.Coco says thankyou.

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