Sardine Chunks

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Please note – currently unable to ship to Tasmania due to biosecurity laws!

There are  about 3-4 pieces body chunks and 1 tail and head per fish.


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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Sardine Chunks Dog Treats

Sardines dog treats are made using only Australian fish. Sustainably farmed, and are completely natural. Containing no additives or preservatives – only naturally-occurring nutrients. Our fish pet treats are high in protein and particularly rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can aid in lowering inflammation.

Please note – currently unable to ship to Tasmania due to biosecurity laws!

These are whole sardines cut into small chunks making them an excellent high value quick snack and training treat for all sized dogs.

There are  about 3-4 pieces body chunks and 1 tail and head per fish.

They are not particularly oily and will hold their form, making them easy to handle – easy for you, healthy for them!

Overall these are a fantastic way of giving your dog all the excellent nutrients from fish.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

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100% Sardines

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Fish.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the Fish. The following is an indication on average only.

Sardine chunks dog treats weigh on average around 1-3g each. They are cut into small chunks size about 2x3cm a piece on average but can be a little outside of this. Some pieces can be very small and there will be a small amount of breakage and crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

100g, 400g sizes come in a convenient resealable stand up pouch. 1kg bags come in a resealable flat bag.

Quick Snack Dog Treats

Skin and Coat Dog Treats

Training Dog treats

Protein 62.3g/100g
Total Fats 12.5g/100g
Carbohydrates <0.1g/100g Ash 19.6g/100g Moisture <7g/100g Energy 1540 kJ/100g

3 reviews for Sardine Chunks

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    Michaela Evans (verified owner)

    Our fox terriers and my mum’s fussy Maltese all love these sardine treats. We haven’t had any issues with the moisture or clumping noted by another review. They do feel pretty oily as we get toward the bottom of the bag, but they stay crunchy and don’t even smell too fishy. Very convenient size as a reward or to mix in with kibble. Definitely recommend.

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    chula.halwala (verified owner)

    I usually buy a few different products to give variety to my dogs. Been happy until I bought this product which has begun to have a wetness and is clumping together. Threw away more than 3/4 of the pack as I was scared to give any more. I bought two of these packs so it was an absolute waste of money.

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      Hi Chula, We recently started selling this product from feedback from customers about having small bitesized pieces. This is the first feedback from the pallet, we hope we see more feedback. The ‘wetness’ will be the oil content of the sardine. The water has been removed int he dehydration process and would soon make the product mouldy if it was still present. I am extremely confident the product itself is perfectly fine to use and its just the natural oil content. I can also confirm we have had no other feedback with issues of the ~300kg sold since January. That said, you are more than welcome to have the product returned for a refund or credit if you are concerned or not satisfied.

  3. Add a review (verified owner)

    Great treat for a food sensitive dog. He loves them.

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