Pork Puff Crumble

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Pork Puff Crumble Dog Treats

Pork Puff Crumble dog treats are 100%, Australian Pork. Sourced and manufactured in Australia. The Puff Crumble is a sheet-like version of our Puff Cubes. Where the puff cubes are manually chopped up into smaller bite-sized pieces, the crumble is left as a light sheet making it easy to break up into any sized piece. The ‘Puff’ comes from pork lung.

Because it is so light and easy to break up, these dog treats are a fantastic light treat for training or for a quick snack.

The sheets come in small and large pieces which easily break off to suit the size you want.

These treats won’t be rich on your dog’s tummy either because they are air puffed.

In addition, they make a great training treat too!

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

This crumble is best if you prefer larger pieces that are easy to break up. We also have Lamb Puff Crumble and Beef Puff Crumble.

Otherwise, our puff cubes are a fantastic training treat or even for a quick snack! Our range of Puff Cubes consists of Lamb Puff CubesKangaroo Puff Cubes, and Beef Puff Cubes.

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100% Pork Lung.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Pork.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary. The following is an indication on average only.

Generally flat pieces less than 1cm thick which are very easy to break up by hand.

Available in 70g, 200g and 500g pack sizes in the convenient resealable bag.

Low Fat Dog Treats (Under 10%)

Cat Treats

Quick Snack Dog treats

Training Dog treats

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 300

Minimum Protein 63%,

Minimum fat 9%

2 reviews for Pork Puff Crumble

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    Jenni (verified owner)

    These are a god send for training! Little monster is on a mainly pork based diet due to many upset stomachs so you can’t imagine how happy I was to find an AUSTRALIAN business that produces so many pork treats for dogs! Highly recommend the puff crumble because they’re so easy to break into smaller pieces for training needs. Also they don’t crumble into dust and small useless pieces like many other brands I’ve found and the quantity to price ratio cannot be faulted!

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    Jordan (verified owner)

    A household hit!!!

    Please keep them coming. 🐾

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