Kangaroo Tendons – Bulb

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Please also consider Kangaroo Knee Tendons which are cheaper and easier to source.

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100% Natural
No Artificial Colours
No Added Sugar
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Locally Sourced

Kangaroo Tendons Dog Treats

Kangaroo ‘Bulb’ Tendons are long (most are around 15-20cm long) with ‘knobs’ at the end. They are 100% Australian Kangaroo all natural, single ingredient products. Containing no preservatives, no additives and no added sugar.

These are some of the most popular treats we have on offer, due to them being irresistible to dogs!  Depending on your dog’s size and age these treats can generally take between 15 minutes and 1+ hours to chew on. Therefore they are best suited for small to medium dogs. Where a larger dog will find them (although tasty) gone very fast.

Kangaroo Treats are high in omega 3 and Zinc – perfect for a natural shiny looking coat and overall health and wellbeing. Extremely low in fat with only 2% fat and also very high in protein – no wonder they are so popular!

They also do a great deal for your dog’s dental hygiene. They help to aid healthy teeth and gums and some customers even commented on how it minimised their dogs “doggy” breath!

In addition, if your dog has a risk of Pancreatitis or has Pancreatitis these treats will be great for your dog as they are such a lean, low-fat treat, they are sure to love it – without causing any harm to their health.

Try them now to see the difference they can make in your dog.

Alternatively, for something a bit smaller, try out the Kangaroo Knee Tendons. They are small chewy ball-like bits of Knee Tendon Cartilidge that your dog is bound to love! Perfect for Small Dogs.

A similar type of treat are our Roo Tubes. They are very chewy and contain no bone. Great for Small-Medium Dogs.

Larger dogs will enjoy the Kangaroo Jerky Long Strips and Kangaroo Jerky Short. They are nice and strong chews (hard to break up) that your large dog will find extremely tasty and entertaining.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average.

See more Kangaroo Treats here.

100% Kangaroo tendon

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Kangaroo.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

This is a natural product so sizes and weights vary based on the size of the animal. The following is an indication on average only.

Most tendons are within 15-20cm in length but can vary outside this. They weigh 30g on average (but vary wiedly from this), which is about 30-35 in a 1kg bag.

400g stand up resealable pouches or 1kg bulk resealable flat pack.

Low Fat Dog Treats

Long Lasting – Small to Medium Dogs

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 325

Minimum Protein % : 70

Minimum Fat % : 2

133 reviews for Kangaroo Tendons – Bulb

  1. Add a review

    menicholls36 (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, dog goes mad for these. I like that I can use these to supplement her diet with real meat and it keeps her busy chewing for 15 minutes.

  2. Add a review

    Rachel (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these and they have always been great quality except the last batch we purchased was very disappointing. These were just tendons with no meaty bulb on the end of them at all. Nothing like previous bags we’ve purchased with the nice big meaty bulb on the end that we have always received. This bag was pretty disappointing for the price.

    • Add a review


      Hi Rachel, Thank you for the feedback. We do deal with a few different abattoirs, and some might trim them up differently occasionally. We try our hardest to get consistency and somewhere in the middle. We did feed back to the abattoirs to reduce the size of the bulb as they were getting quite big and many prefer less bulb and more tendon. Perhaps they went a little too far. Its a fine balancing act! I can confirm that the current batch look like normal. In ‘the olden days’ which according to my kids is where I am from, they used to just have the tendon and no bulb at all. About 8yrs ago as demand increased and supply become so hard we decided to leave the meaty cartilage part on as it was also quite chewy and of course, increased the weight and gave us more product. There are only 2 tendons to a roo, which if memory serves me right were about 15 grams on average – so about 35 roos to make a kilo which we have now halved from not trimming all of the chewy bulb.

  3. Add a review

    Family of Rescues (verified owner)

    Our fur guys love these. I like the fact that the sizing is so varied. Depending on the time of day or what they have already had in food, l can give them the appropriate size. We alternate these with the beef or pork pizzles.

  4. Add a review

    john carroll (verified owner)

    Very fast postage, our dogs love the kangaroo tendons, great for their teeth, the quality is great, we have bought other brands but they don’t compare to the Clear Dog product.

  5. Add a review

    Jennifer (verified owner)

    My previous Goldens and our current girl, love these. Good exercise for her teeth and jaws. Deliciousness is her prrference

  6. Add a review

    Colleen Schmidt (verified owner)

    My dogs just love these. We didn’t buy any for about 5 months as the price was high everywhere & not necessarily quality product. But when I saw Clear Dog had them in stock again we bought some and my Tibbies went crazy, chewed the meaty bit off immediately and then having little arguments over the long bits that were left. A great occupation treat and very popular once weekly treat for us😇.

  7. Add a review

    Natacha Wilson (verified owner)

    These are a little hard for our toy Cavoodle whose teeth are still growing. So when they are all though. I bought these thinking they were Only single tendons like the picture online was a bit amazed how big they were lucky they last 12 months as I will use them up.

    • Add a review


      Hi Natacha, thanks for the feedback. The size of these can vary on the season and the size of the roos. A good season with plenty of feed means they can get quite large.They are single tendons however they are dried together on racks and some can stick together as they dehydrate but they should be easy to pull apart.

  8. Add a review

    Lynn Speakman (verified owner)

    My Mini Schnauzer adores them. They are great for her teeth and low fat. She gets very excited when I open the tub containing them.

  9. Add a review

    Ann Scott (verified owner)

    Our two Westies love these and even though they’re pretty big they down them so quickly.
    They are great value and definitely their favourite.

  10. Add a review

    Gary Darben (verified owner)

    Our Cavoodle loves them. Goes beserk when we open the packet. Good for her teeth. Size is ok for her.
    Good quality, easy to order and quick delivery.

  11. Add a review

    Lynette (verified owner)

    My 2 Cavaliers favourite treat. Maybe a bag for smaller dogs. Anyway keeps them busy. They look so funny with these in their little mouths. Top quality.

  12. Add a review

    Tracy Elliott (verified owner)

    Good quality, pricing pretty much the same as elsewhere. However? They are all on the large size so if you have a smaller dog (cavalier like we do) not great. Wish they did packets for small dogs so the treat is not too big for them. Ease of ordering and delivery great as usual

  13. Add a review

    Val (verified owner)

    Great for helping with teeth. Normally give this as a Sunday treat

  14. Add a review

    Ray (verified owner)

    These are great for our Border Collie and make him chew hard to devour them, they have really improved his dental health

  15. Add a review

    Shaun (verified owner)

    Great product

  16. Add a review

    Barbara (verified owner)

    I was a little disappointed With the tendons. Whilst my Jack Russell loved them, they had far more dried meat on the bulb than the picture showed .I prefer the tendons that have little or no meat

  17. Add a review

    Jacquii (verified owner)

    My cocker spaniel really loves these, but does chew them pretty quickly, so they don’t last that long. Sometimes they are a little small in size.

  18. Add a review

    Myrianne (verified owner)

    Abby absolutely loves her treats and I’ll keep buying the roo tendons.
    Thank you

  19. Add a review

    john-7336 (verified owner)

    My two cavoodles love the bulbs but leave the stalk. recommend the product.

  20. Add a review

    Zazeh Morfittis (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love these! I really like the quality of the product too!

  21. Add a review

    Robyne (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love the kangaroo tendons, they start the day off with one each for breakfast. They keep their teeth looking clean too..

  22. Add a review

    Jennifer Ritter (verified owner)

    Our dogs absolutely love these but they get through them a bit quickly.

  23. Add a review

    Krystyna (verified owner)

    I have 3 dogs of varying sizes. I bought these on recommendation for the purpose of teeth cleaning
    They all love them so hopefully they are more than just a trat, but also beneficial

  24. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    My two staffy’s love the Kangaroo tendons, one of their favourites. They dont last long but keep their teeth clean and healthy, great treat.

  25. Add a review

    Cal Savage (verified owner)

    Some of these are enormous! They do vary a lot but not as significantly as the knee tendons. They do smell too but that’s what the dogs love and why get a dog if you’re not willing to deal with a bit of stink once in a while!
    A quicker snack for our large greyhound, a good longer lasting snack and teeth cleaner for our smaller one. Great value compared to other companies if you don’t mind some variety.

  26. Add a review

    Trish Parker (verified owner)

    A favourite of my boy. But often disappointed they are never the same. He LOVES them if they are a bit stinky, which is how this order came. BUT I ordered another 2 kgs (NOT cheap!) and they were without any smell, so of course my boy didn’t like them much at all .Such a waste of so much money- I should know better!!

    • Add a review


      Hi Trish, the smell will vary depending on the breed and age and feed. Its a struggle for us as we get just as many complaints if a batch smells stronger as if they dont. Unfortunately it all comes down to nature

  27. Add a review

    Angela Everitt (verified owner)

    Ruby the JRT likes a challenge and ate every scrap of her Kangaroo tendon bulb. I soon learned that a whole treat was a bit much for my pup. I cut them in half and now have the perfect size treat and a happy dog with shiny white teeth. The only natural Australian treats that keep her busy for 5 whole minutes.

  28. Add a review

    Claire (verified owner)

    These are fantastic, I think Zef would live on them if I allowed her. She does chew through them very fast, but I love that they are natural and low in fat, so happy for her to have a second one from time to time 🤗

  29. Add a review

    Alison (verified owner)

    My dog chews through most treats in seconds. These ones take a little bit longer than the average treat. He loves them.

  30. Add a review

    Sue Campbell (verified owner)

    Both our medium sized dogs love these.
    Great healthy snack.

  31. Add a review

    Robyn (verified owner)

    These are great for my terrier cross, medium pooch. She does make short work of them though.

  32. Add a review

    Denise (verified owner)

    The low fat content and preservatives free is a big plus for me as I have a English Bulldog who needs to keep her weight down but a lovely chew to keep her teeth healthy rather than bones

  33. Add a review

    Samantha Taylor (verified owner)

    Theo the Border Terrier loves his Kangaroo tendons so much, that he reminds me each evening it’s time for a chew. His teeth are very clean and his vet is impressed each time he sees those shiny pearly whites. I have never found the Kangaroo tendons to be smelly or messy. I am happy with the quality and most importantly , so is Theo!

  34. Add a review

    Tony Hill (verified owner)

    Disappointed as I felt they were over cooked and not much meat left. Will not be buying them again.

    • Add a review


      Hi Tony, Thanks for your feedback. The Roo tendons are a tendon product so no meat really. I recommend going with the jerky for mostly meat or maybe some of the bone products which also have a little around the bone.

  35. Add a review

    Robyn Liddell (verified owner)

    I bought the 1kg bag of kangaroo tendons. In fact I bought 2 bags. I can’t wait for them to be finished. These are dry and brittle and the top ends are hollow. They crumble when I cut them. I will always be buying kangaroo tendons for my dogs, just not these. I don’t usually write reviews, but these are so bad, I felt I must. I tried to give a zero rating, but the system wouldn’t allow it. Good Luck.

    • Add a review


      Hi Robyn,

      Sorry to hear you have a problem, this doesn’t sound right at all. The bulb at the ends can be smaller depending on the ligament size which attaches to the joint. We haven’t had any other negative feedback on them and they are extremely popular, perhaps something happene3d in drying causing them to lose moisture too quickly and become brittle. You are more than welcome to have these returned and checked and a credit/refund applied.

  36. Add a review

    itclin65 (verified owner)

    The product went over extremity well my pups enjoyed them very much and I will buy them again

  37. Add a review

    Lisa Casemore for @roccothebullmastiff (verified owner)

    My Bullmastiff, Rocco absolutely loves these Kangaroo Tendons & looks forward to one as his treat every afternoon while we watch The Bold & the Beautiful together. He’s very quick to remind me if I forget. They probably should last him longer but he loves them so much that he just gobbles them up!

  38. Add a review

    Jenny (verified owner)

    My 4 year old caboodle absolutely loves these kangaroo tendons. She gets very excited when she sees me getting one out of the packet for a treat.

  39. Add a review

    Katie (verified owner)

    These amazing treats don’t last long in my house!

  40. Add a review

    Gaynor (verified owner)

    These are an excellent treat and so good for cleaning their teeth. I have noticed an improvement with less tartar build up since giving my Bichons kangaroo tendons and they enjoy them.

  41. Add a review

    Karyn (verified owner)

    Len Dog loves the tendons with the bulb. Great product. will be ordering again.

  42. Add a review

    Rozz (verified owner)

    Chiang loves these, they are his special treat.

  43. Add a review

    Peter Bromley (verified owner)

    You product is excellent, keeps our two dogs chewing for 10 minutes they absolutely love them. Its great package the kilo pack and good sizes. Like everyone not always available and I am forced to cut in two until stock arrives.

  44. Add a review

    Amanda (verified owner)

    Don’t last to long with my boys 1 x staffy mastiff and 1 x staffy bully who both chomp likes there no tomorrow, but they love them.
    I think lesser chewers would take more time with these.
    I’m always on the hunt for a treat that’s lasts more than 15mins-lol

  45. Add a review

    Granne (verified owner)

    All our dogs love these. Special treat only.

  46. Add a review

    Lauren (verified owner)

    They stink, my dogs absolutely love them. They are small dogs whom don’t eat many, if any bones so these are a great substitute for a bone I believe. We cut them in half and they still last for a while whilst they gnaw away at them.

  47. Add a review

    Christine Phyall (verified owner)

    My little Toy Poodle who is 5 months old absolutely loves these treats. When he was a bit younger they were a bit messy in the house as they are quite crunchy but now he eats them all up. I love how they are low in fat and good for their teeth. I will be ordering them again especially when they are on special.

  48. Add a review

    Frances Au

    An awesome treat for dogs and they love it.

  49. Add a review

    The PET Academy (verified owner)

    Very popular, we go through them too fast.

  50. Add a review

    Heather Elliott (verified owner)

    I have a Japanese Spitz and she love them, the only thing is some of them are too small.I would like to see two different sizes (Small and Large)
    I bought the 1kg bag but I found it was filled with mostly small tendons which are not suitable for her.

  51. Add a review

    Cilla Arthursen (verified owner)

    I ordered the Kangaroo tendons with a bulb, I asked for large ones and I have to say I’m very happy with what I received. They are the right size for my dog, are not smelly, and my dog loves them. He has one every morning and god help me if I should run out. I have bought from two other places and have been very disappointed and forget the miserable morsels from the pet shop.
    I will be ordering from you again and will continue to do so if I keep receiving the same thing. These have made such a difference to my elder dogs teeth, he was headed to the vet for a teeth clean but now that is not at all necessary. As I say, “very happy” with this purchase.

  52. Add a review

    Valerie Neal (verified owner)

    Great treat for my dog. He absolutely loves munching on these. Easy to order, extremely quick delivery and they are healthy with no additives or chemicals. A friend is also ordering these along with my order.

  53. Add a review

    Raelene (verified owner)

    Both my boys love these as with most of the treats they have tried so far but these are Jax’s favourite by far. Being a staffy x he gets through them rather quickly and will turn his nose up at the other treats when these are on offer. Will now have to have these as a staple in my pantry!

  54. Add a review

    Teegan Tui (verified owner)

    These treats are amazing! My two staffies absolutely love the kangaroo tendons with the bulb. They are an amazing natural chew and would be the staple of my orders every time. Highly recommend.

  55. Add a review

    Bob Ross (verified owner)

    The Company is FAST & EFFICIENT, and my dog has ‘threatened’ to leave home if i STOP getting the Kangaroo Bulbs. SIMPLES i get them regularly and his teeth are awesome…….and just this minute the courier arrived with the next order. 🙂

  56. Add a review

    Monique (verified owner)

    Been buying these for a number of years now, for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is quite large for his breed (13kg). He does something good to chew on, and needs something gentle on his tummy and not too big so he doesn’t gain weight. These are perfect. We also have a female (same breed) and she is only 7kg. She can eat the smaller ones in the packet, but some are too hard for her to chew on with her little mouth.

  57. Add a review

    Raelene (verified owner)

    Both my boys love these roo tendons! Don’t last very long as both power chewers but still longer than I thought they would. One boy now becoming fussy with other treats I try to give him. Have had to order more as i ran out because they enjoyed them so much ??

  58. Add a review

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Our dogs favourites! Delicious ??

  59. Add a review

    Julie (verified owner)

    Anything kangaroo or chicken goes down well with our dog. We chop them in half. Excellent

  60. Add a review

    Maree Wanke (verified owner)

    These treats are great and l like that they are easy to snap in half for the little dog without having to chop them up.

  61. Add a review


    These are a great size to keep my Cavoodles busy for half an hour. They are a happy alternative for the popular but hard to get goat’s pizzles, and don’t cause the digestive problems the kangaroo knuckles caused my dogs (throwing up undigested bone and gristle 24 hours later). I would definitely buy these again. Some people have noted they are very smelly. It is possible those were rancid because the ones I bought did not smell at all.

    • Add a review


      Hi Meryl, the smell of all treats can vary a little depending on the oil/fat quantity which can vary on the breed of animal used, the season and the age of the animal. We dont hide the smell with any additives which is very typical with foods today to make it pleasing to the senses, its just the natural smell after its been dried. The smell doesn’t indicate that its off or rancid. All our meat comes from certified suppliers and is 100% fresh and follow safe food requirements.

  62. Add a review

    “Velco” (verified owner)

    These chews are excellent. I (being me the dog) love them and I cannot wait to get my jaws around them, plus the added bonus is they help keep my teeth clean.

  63. Add a review

    Brian Kelly (verified owner)

    My 2 cavaliers love them and they last longer than most other treats I have tried.

  64. Add a review

    Trish Cox (verified owner)

    My 3 Rotties love these as a treat and so much better than other commercially produced treats.

  65. Add a review

    Bill Alexander (verified owner)

    BUDDY really enjoys them and will not be long before we reorder!!

  66. Add a review

    Noel (verified owner)

    My dogs really like the product and spend a long time chewing happily.

  67. Add a review

    Lee Lee (verified owner)

    I tried EVERYTHING to give my 2 1/2 year old Havanese something SAFE and EFFECTIVE to chew to keep his teeth clean. He wanted no part of Greenies, Dentastix or pigs’ ears. I even brought some high quality dog biscuits over from the US. He wouldn’t touch any of them. He’d bury them in between the cushions of our furniture, but he wouldn’t EAT them. He didn’t even mind when other dogs came over for a play date and took his “buried” treats. In desperation, I tried the kangaroo tendons… I bought a small package so as not to waste money if he wouldn’t chew them. He LOVED them! I give him one every other day and he takes it to a special spot and works on them ’til they’re gone. His teeth look beautiful and he has no doggy breath. Hooray!

  68. Add a review

    William van de Weerd (verified owner)

    Scuba, our schnoodle, loves the kangaroo tendons. A daily lunchtime treat.

  69. Add a review

    Bev (verified owner)

    Our three Lagotti love these tendons as a special afternoon snack. The tendons in the last bag we had were smaller than in previous bags which was a little disappointing as they were devoured so quickly. Still a great, nourishing treat though, and I shall continue to buy them.

  70. Add a review

    Mary (verified owner)

    Ruby looooves them! Thank you.

  71. Add a review

    Nivi (verified owner)

    Excellent product. My dogs just love it and i feel confident giving them this treat because it has no artificial additives and it is good for their teeth.

  72. Add a review


    Great treat to keep them occupied. Takes our two big dogs a bit of time to chomp through these.

  73. Add a review

    Kim (verified owner)

    A favourite w my guys!!! Unfortunately they dont last too long..but will always buy them bse they love the taste, and im sure good for their teeth xx

  74. Add a review

    Illona Muldoon (verified owner)

    My Cavoodle loves these treats!

  75. Add a review

    Naomi (verified owner)

    One of the best prices that I have found online. Don’t last quite as long as some other brands, however are very good and large in size.

  76. Add a review

    simmetra (verified owner)

    My dog likes this better than the kangaroo knee tendons, maybe because it gives him something to hold on to with his paws while he chews.

  77. Add a review

    Cheryl (verified owner)

    Love the “bulk buy” version (1 kg) as my dog gets a few treats a day.The first time I gave it to my dog he took 15/20 mins to devour the tendon. The next time he ate this, it only took him 10 mins. Smart dog! but I wish it lasted a bit longer. I also gave some to my friend’s dog, his dog took 40 mins to devour the whole thing! Talking about peace and quiet!
    Quite “smelly” when I opened the bag for the first time and there’s 1 whole kg of these tendons but the smell is almost un-noticable when I gave it to my dog.

  78. Add a review

    Fay (verified owner)

    Very good quality kangaroo tendon. I’ve bought it some other company and did not have the bulb and looks dirty with hair. These ones from Clear Dos is clean and very consistent with quality and size. Thank you, my three small dogs love them.

  79. Add a review

    Jane B (verified owner)

    Gus adores his roo chews, both these and the knee ones. Great quality, Very happy with my purchase. As is he!

  80. Add a review

    Kellie (verified owner)

    My Louis loves his roo tendons! Soon as he smells it coming out of the bag to him, he starts jumping around & when given to him, takes it into his bed to happily chew away for ages on it! I agree it has a very strong aroma, but the love he has for them is a sacrifice we are willing to make! 1 happy little dog!

  81. Add a review

    WMJack21 (verified owner)

    My two dogs love these treats. I’m very impressed by the ease of ordering and the reliable service offered by Clear Dog. The dogs know when it’s ‘their’ parcel at the front door, and hassle me until I open it and give them one of the treats.

  82. Add a review

    Dietmar (verified owner)

    These treats are great and our dogs love them

  83. Add a review

    Kylie (verified owner)

    Rather smelly but my puppy Loves them

  84. Add a review

    Meri (verified owner)

    I bought theses thinking that they will be great for my dogs teeth and keep my dogs happy for quite a while trying to chew them. They demolish them in a matter of minutes. They seemed extremely dry and easily broken. Maybe I just got an “overdone” batch? Not sure I would buy again until I do a comparison with another company.

  85. Add a review

    Marg Stewart (verified owner)

    Our girls love these tendons & don’t give up till it’s all gone, great for their teeth.

  86. Add a review

    Caroline (verified owner)

    My Dog loves these. The bulb makes the chew last longer.

  87. Add a review

    Lorna Wyatt (verified owner)

    These treats are outstanding for keeping our dogs’ teeth clean as they require some chewing. They love them and they have no additives so good for them too!

  88. Add a review

    Heather (verified owner)

    My 2 border Collies love these tendons, to the point that 1 doesn’t want a pigs ear thank you…. I tried clear dog for the pigs ears, as the ones at the shops are really oily.
    I previously got kangaroo tendons from a speacailist shop…. smaller and I was paying heaps more… these even smell more like Kangaroo…. and yes has a really strong smell

  89. Add a review

    Linda (verified owner)

    My 14 yr old Toy Poodle loves these treats. We have tried another brand but the Clear Dog Treats are far superior in quality.

  90. Add a review

    Teresa D’Astoli (verified owner)

    Great chews, good service …happy dogs ?

  91. Add a review

    Tracey (verified owner)

    Bonnie, our Staff Cross, loved them. They took longer than most things for her to eat so that’s always good. Packaging is great.

  92. Add a review

    Tracey (verified owner)

    Bonnie, our Staffy Cross, loved these! It’s hard to find her something that will keep her chewing for a while. Great packaging.

  93. Add a review

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    Both dogs love these as well as the Roo knee tendons. Long lasting chew for sure and no rubbish. All the treats and chews I have tried are fabulous and the resealable package is great too.

  94. Add a review

    Candace (verified owner)

    My dogs LOVE these. Their favourite for sure!! I have one large dog and one very small (6kg) These are fine for all sizes.

  95. Add a review

    Natalie Sharp (verified owner)

    The best dog treat – natural, good for teeth and have been highly regarded by the 3 dogs in our house for a long time. Clear Dog provides a fresh a well packaged product. I’m impressed always with the quality and evenness of selection in each bag.

  96. Add a review

    Paul (PA) (verified owner)

    Hi! My name is Miss Milou, and I’m a 3-year-old silver standard poodle. Your Clear Dog kanga tendons are just awesome/dreamy. The only problem is that my PA keeps them on a shelf in a high cupboard, so I can’t do self-management. But . . . chewy, tasty, and lotsa fun, … I just love them. X Milou

  97. Add a review

    Cathi Cripps (verified owner)

    i have two Westie’s one has allergies to most meats except roo and fish. They both love the roo tendons and i find it helps keep their teeth clean which means less dental treatment needed.

  98. Add a review

    Jenny Pike (verified owner)

    My dogs love the roo tendons the heeler chews on them for awhile however the big boy who is a wolfhound it doesn’t take him long to get through them but he really enjoys them I will buy these again.

  99. Add a review

    Jan Stringer (verified owner)

    I have tried many different suppliers for roo tendons and have found that Clear Dog are the best. My dogs, Lhasa Apsos, love them. Their teeth are looking great as well.

  100. Add a review

    Geoff (verified owner)

    “Will”, the Jackalier, thinks that these are absolutely marvelous – will be ordering some more when the bag gets down a bit – thanks

  101. Add a review

    Paul Eagle (verified owner)

    Sensational treat. My furkids love them.

  102. Add a review

    Vanessa (verified owner)

    Had to buy 2 bags this time since my shepherd absolutely loves them. Will definitely continue to buy. They don’t last long but I hide them around the house/garden when I’m out to keep her occupied.

  103. Add a review

    Tracey (verified owner)

    Get these all the time dogs love them. The last lot really smelled bad though and had a weird texture

  104. Add a review

    John Cooper (verified owner)

    My Shepherd thinks they are the “bees’ Knees ” so take note all Shepherds “you cant beat these

  105. Add a review

    Sheelagh (verified owner)

    Definitely my dogs favourite and low fat to! The perfect treat!

  106. Add a review

    Kerry (verified owner)

    My girls just love these tendons, they know where they are kept and head there when they know it is time. Will definitely purchase in the future.

  107. Add a review

    Katie (verified owner)

    Awesome quality. My Kelpie loves them. Great size. Will definitely purchase again

  108. Add a review

    Ellen (verified owner)

    We having been buying our spoodle and cavoodle’s dog treats from Clear Dog for the last couple of years. Our dogs absolutely love these kangaroo tendons and get one each morning before I leave for work as a treat. We also get the beef ribs and veal scrolls which they love as well.

  109. Add a review

    Jade (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats. great product

  110. Add a review

    Hayley (verified owner)

    Spot and Banjo have Roo tendons for breakfast every morning and they love them! Great product and great price plus no nasties!

  111. Add a review

    sandy1 (verified owner)

    My guys love these. They don’t last that long with standard poodles but are great teeth cleaners and special treat .

  112. Add a review

    Annette (verified owner)

    My dog really, really likes these. Started out with a different brand and WOW, they smelt so much, I had to throw it outside. Clear Dog tendons have only a slight smell which means he can enjoy them inside. Now he can have one everyday.

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    Our dogs love these treats and all the treats we’ve purchased. The treats are great and healthy options and apparently very tasty! The packaging is great and delivery was very fast.

  114. Add a review

    Robert Fletcher (verified owner)

    Our Cavoodle really enjoys these tendons. When we were at the vets for immunisation shots, the vet commented on how good her teeth were and said another dog she treats has also had good results.

  115. Add a review

    Noemi Selmeczki (verified owner)

    My dog loves this treat, it’s her breakfast treat. She knows where they are and if i forget them she will be looking at the cupboard and cry , so i would remember.

  116. Add a review

    WMJack21 (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats! The company provides a safe, reliable and speedy service which I appreciate.

  117. Add a review

    Louise Flanagan (verified owner)

    My 2 dogs love these great healthy treat

  118. Add a review

    Christine Henry (verified owner)

    My toy poodle just loves these treats. The bulb is the main section she eats and hangs onto the tendon with her feet. These I give to my neighbours dog to finish.

  119. Add a review

    Karen (verified owner)

    My little Maltese love these treats. Being low fat they are perfect as she is prone to pancreatitis and other health issues. The staff at Clear Dog were extremely helpful in recommending appropriate treats for her. And these are a winner. She is a confident little chewer and other treats have proved no match for her. These take her about 10 minutes to chew and her teeth are looking a lot better.

  120. Add a review

    Dian Ritchie (verified owner)

    I hadn’t ordered these before, made a boo boo, got a small quantity, next time getting a kilo. Great bordom buster, healthy……you really do supply top quality treats – couldn’t be happier.

  121. Add a review

    Sass (verified owner)

    Healthy items and lasts well highly recommended value for money

  122. Add a review

    Marion Leggo (verified owner)

    These are my dog’s favourite. They are great to distract him for a short period of time and he chews them up completely.

  123. Add a review

    Dave (verified owner)

    These are a quick treat for our little boy and he loves them!! We love that your products are preservative free!! Thank you.

  124. Add a review

    Katy Evans (verified owner)

    My dogs love these. Much more meatier than other brands I have come across. A great treat.

  125. Add a review

    Beth (verified owner)

    my greyhound loves these. This is the second time I’ve ordered them and decided to go with 1kg since she loves them so much. It’s nice having different sized tendons so she can have a quick treat or a longer chew.

  126. Add a review

    Helen (verified owner)

    Good quality chew, I think I might try the longer tendons next time for my large dog as she goes through these pretty quickly! Try to hide them in the garden so she has to sniff them out, shes always very pleased with herself when she finds one.

  127. Add a review

    David Kruger (verified owner)

    My Moodles love all of the Cleardog dried beef and kangaroo products and especially the kangaroo tendons.

  128. Add a review

    Alex Dawes

    Very impressed. Had been paying huge $$ with another company. Decided to switch to Cleardog and try the curly tendons, not the straight ones. Best decision. They are excellent. Will order in kg lots next order.

  129. Add a review

    Peggy (verified owner)

    My snag Luuuurves these tendons, this brand seemed a lot smaller than the ones we have had in the past, but that in way deterred her from devouring them.

  130. Add a review

    Kelly (verified owner)

    My dogs love these chews. They are just a good size for a snack.

  131. Add a review

    Wendy (verified owner)

    My dogs adore these tendons. I am so impressed with all the products I have tried, everything seems so fresh and clean and the packaging is great.

  132. Add a review

    Michelle (verified owner)

    The little ones are perfect for a quick snack and the bigger ones are great for boredom busters. I reckon these would be great for those people who have dogs that can’t eat bones in the same area. They are small enough to eat fairly quickly and easy to guard without any dog having a fit

  133. Add a review

    Gwendoline (verified owner)

    these treats are the best and a big hit in our home. I particularly love the low fat content and no preservatives, only problem is they are quite hard to get sometimes and there are bags of little ones and ideally you would want to order the longer straight ones but either way, your pooch will love you for this special treat!!

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